Dream places on Lake Garda

Do you ever think back to some past trip, feeling a strong nostalgia for some magical place where you left your heart? This happens a lot here, because the dream places on Lake Garda are so many.

I am sure that each of us has an unforgettable memory of those moments where time was frozen. Moments in which, without a camera or a smartphone, we would be able to take a picture only with the blink of an eye.

Probably, it depends on some special place, not only for its beauty, but also for the person with whom you admired it. What’s the saying? Happiness is real only if shared.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t leave by yourself for an unforgettable trip, exploring places that could remain jealously guarded in a secret treasure chest of your mind.

Lake Garda is the biggest of Italy, with a surface of 370 km square. On its perimeter, you can find fairy-tale villages, from the most colorful to the most medieval; but not only. 

Among fortresses, waterfalls, paths and panoramic views, the lake becomes a chest full of treasures to discover. You can do it together with someone important, for a special occasion, or, to give yourself a moment, that you will remember forever.

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda I will look for the most characteristic ones, showing you by categories what you really shouldn’t miss.

So, let’s leave together for this wonderful tour! And, since your eyes can’t take pictures, remember to take with you anything that can capture those magical moments.


1. Panoramic terraces
1.1. San Zeno terrace
1.2. Terrazza del Brivido, Tremosine 
1.3. Cima Comer terrace, Gargnano 
1.4. Isola del Garda terrace 
2. Romantic historical centres 
2.1. Sirmione 
2.2. Limone 
2.3. Bardolino 
2.4. Malcesine  
3. Dreamy cycling paths 
3.1. Ciclopedonale di Limone  
3.2. Ciclovia del Mincio 
3.3. (Sentiero) Ciclopedonale del Ponale, Riva 
4. Dreamy panoramic paths 
4.1. Sentiero Busatte Tempesta, Torbole (no estate) 
4.2. Monte Pizzocolo, Toscolano Maderno (tutte stagioni) 
4.3. Punta Telegrafo, Brenzone VR (tutte stagioni) 
5. Dreamy villages
5.1. Punta San Vigilio 
5.2. Tremosine 
5.3. Gardone 
5.4. Borghetto 
6. Dreamy panoramic views 
6.1. Monte e Santuario di Montecastello, Tignale 
6.2 Punta Larici, Riva  
6.3. Rocca di Manerba 
6.4. Rocca di Garda 



Dream places on Lake Garda

1.1. Terrazza di San Zeno 

The reference to the word “terrace” of this exquisite mountain village, could be actually extended to all this area. In fact, the whole San Zeno is overlooking the lake. This means you can glimpse it everywhere you turn.

However, there are two most scenic spots in this area. Piazzale Risorgimento, in front of the imposing Church of San Zeno Vescovo, offers a spectacular side view of the lake.

But the real dream place on Lake Garda here is the Belvedere. You will find it immediately on the left, driving uphill on the Lenotti road, after several hairpin bends. You will soon find a parking space.

If you feel a bit off by the path full of curves, I assure you that by looking out from this small and intimate terrace will make you forget it immediately.

The immense purity of the air here has no comparisons: the beneficial influx of the lake blends with the typical mountain freshness. Don’t you feel lighter already?

I hope I have explained well why San Zeno terrace is one of the places to visit on Lake Garda. If not, keep on reading.

In front of you will stand out the undefinable shades of a deep blue. If by accident, you’ll come here on a windy day, you’ll enjoy also some clouds at low altitude.

Would you like to stay in this paradise until sundown, don’t you? If you are lucky, you’ll catch the warm colours of the sun behind the mountains on the other side: I suggest you try it!

Dream places on Lake Garda
Credits: s_marelli

1.2. Terrazza del Brivido 

It doesn’t happen every day to be at 350 m high, directly overhanging waters. For this reason, you should definitely consider the idea to reach this point, Pieve di Tremosine, even if only for few minutes.

Don’t worry, when you will look out from here, if you are careful, you won’t lose any objects but only your breath. Yes, because since you reached the most charming point of the whole north of the lake, you may spontaneously hold your breath for some seconds.

Fear, like limits, are just an illusion. So be brave and challenge yourself in this dream place on lake Garda.

It is simple to get there: when you reach Pieve, part of Tremosine village, follow the signs for Hotel Paradiso. Once there, you can park your car.

Keep on, to better understand how to access this place to visit on Lake Garda.

The terrace is part of the restaurant-hotel, but generally is freely accessible. Only in high season, it could be required the consummation, but I don’t think you would mind take a coffee with this beautiful panorama.

Getting up there will probably let you speechless.

Dream places on Lake Garda
Credits: Salmen Bejaoui

1.3. Cima Comer terrace 

For those who love adventure and trekking, Cima Comer terrace will be one of your most beautiful conquers. It has a view of 360 degrees among the lake, the mountains and the sky, right above Gargnano.

The rocky wall on which the balcony was built adds an extra peculiarity to this hidden gem. You probably haven’t heard so much about it, but the landscape that the top offers is priceless.

For a second you could feel the king or the queen of the valley. Immersed in a deep silence, where only the wind and the animals can speak, nobody will reach you.

You can park the car when you’ll see the hut in Briano, which you will reach on foot. Then, the various mountain paths start.

In which direction to continue to reach this place to visit on Lake Garda? Read below!

Walking in the direction of Comer and Denervo (the other mountain) you will find yourself at an altitude of 1252 meters. Keeping to the left the other paths, you will arrive at your destination.

Along the itinerary, you could come across the mountain fauna, characterized principally by goats and cows. Among the leafy mountains, nearly at the end of the path, there will be a breathtaking scenery.

You can believe me when I tell you that from this dream place on Lake Garda you are able to define almost the whole outline. And it is not an easy task!

Isola del Garda
credits: Stefano Palermo – stefano.pale (IG)

1.4. Isola del Garda terrace

The last dream terrace is on this majestic and fairy-tale place.

Located in San Felice del Benaco area, Isola del Garda opens its doors to visitors who want to be transported into a dreamy world. Art, history and nature will be the undisputed protagonists of this journey.

Reachable only by boat, the island is the family Cavazza home. During the warm season they open to the public their precious jewel. The villa hosts important historical figures and exploring it you can retrace their steps.

The best part of the whole island is the terrace facing the lake panorama. You can visit it thanks to the payed tours.

Let’s get in details to explore the last dream terrace, that makes the island one of the places to visit on Garda Lake.

A golden ceiling, in an elegant Venetian neo-Gothic style, surmounts the majestic white and circular columns. Nestled in lush vegetation with refined essences, beyond the tufts of palm trees, the breeze of the lake will inebriate your mind.

You would never want to wake up, do you? But it’s time to come back to reality.


Let’s now discover which romantic villages welcome the beautiful lake: for you and your sweet half it will literally be a dream day!

Dream places on Lake Garda
Credits: Niels Keekstra

2.1. Sirmione 

The enchanting Sirmione, the real pearl of Lake Garda, will welcome you in its fairy-tale atmosphere, between flowers and colors. 

Once you reach the top of the peninsula, in front of you the wonderful Scaliger Castle will stand out. It is one of the most beautiful of the whole lake. Next to it, on the left, you will find the colorful marina, which you can also admire by going up to the ancient drawbridge.

If you will visit the place during the touristic season, I have a little tip for you. A stand, right before the entrance of the picturesque world of Catullo, sells the best lemonades of the area.

“Odi et amo” prayed the well-known Latin poet. If you love someone, you’re in the right place to dedicate this passionate love poem, perhaps among the stone glimpses of the homonymous Roman Caves.

Sirmione has something special; something that not every place of Lake Garda has and it is not only beneficial for the heart…

Looking down from the Grotte di Catullo, you can instead find a small paradise, an authentic dream place on Lake Garda. There, the blue of the lake becomes transparent, revealing the white rocky slabs of Jamaica beach, an enchanted place hidden among thick olive groves.

Furthermore, to relax in sweet company, Sirmione thermal baths are the ideal spot. The smell of the beneficial sulfur, which enriches the waters, spreads all around, inviting you to enter and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

And if by chance you will stay there for the sunset, going to the outdoor pool directly on the lake, the show will be unique.

Don’t you yet believe that in Sirmione love is the protagonist? Well, I tell one last secret… Once reached the romantic panoramic view, there is a sign that kindly invites you to exchange a kiss!

It could be the perfect occasion for an unexpected love declaration!

Dream places on Lake Garda
Credits: photos_enry e enrico_colesso

2.2. Limone 

A jewel nestled between the rocks above: you are in Limone, one of the few places that extends entirely on the lake shore. Among the color explosion that awaits you, you will notice yellow in particular.

Yes, because as the name suggests, the town is rich in lemon plantations, which cultivation was formerly an important source of economic wealth.

The Limonaia del Castèl is the activity structure, extended on several levels. Even if, you can already admire the green fronds dotted with yellow polka dots from the alleys of the center, I strongly recommend a visit!

If you also consider exploring hidden romantic destinations, I suggest you continue reading for more facts about this place to visit on Lake Garda!

In the tour of this lovely village, the Old Harbor is certainly a romantic destination. In Limone, everything is smaller: from the many streets, up to this marina.

Here, characteristic wooden boats aremoored. As in a painting, if you look around, you will see flowers and vines on the walls of the surrounding cottages.

Another wonderful romantic spot of this dream place on Lake Garda is definitely the Sopino Waterfall. Slightly outside the center, but reachable on foot with an uphill path.

Compared to the waterfalls of other parks, the jump of the fresh water is remarkable, also becoming an ideal backdrop for an incredible shot!

Briefly, if you decide to visit the picturesque Limone, I recommend you choosing something colorful, to feel the protagonist of the magic that surrounds it!

Dream places on Lake Garda
Credits: Tommy_Rau

2.3. Bardolino 

What can be more romantic that a stroll at the lake shore?

The lakefront of Bardolino is probably the king of the lake shore paths, but you’ll notice it once you’ll arrive there.

Indeed, other than the traditional wooden benches, along the way you can literally lay on huge greyish stones, that alternate with leafy flourish.

Curiosity: Parco Giardino Sigurtà, absolutely a place to visit on Garda Lake, is the one engaged periodically to enrich the ground near the stroll.

Further to this enchanting peculiarity, the harbor is also crucial. Here you could try to count the various colored boats parked. Remember that on the lake it is possible to do short trips by ferry!

The stroll at a certain point stops, giving the possibility to get through the harbor going on a modern bridge. Hold on here and take a beautiful picture! Moreover, it may happen to see two majestic swans forming a heart with their long necks.

The historic centre of Bardolino is fascinating. Here you can find shops and places of any kind and sit peacefully enjoying an exquisite ice cream.

Don’t forget the little beaches: if you come in summer, you can bathe in the cool regenerating waters. And in winter? You can play the traditional “salto del sasso”: probably if you live on the lake you already know what I’m talking about.

Try to place a pebble in your hand, parallel to the water, the aim is to bounce it off the surface as many times as possible. Sometimes it really doesn’t take much to have fun!

Credits: Leonhard_Niederwimmer

2.4. Malcesine 

The Castello Scaligero of Malcesine also has its own beauty, standing sheer above the lake, on which it reflects its imposing image. If you choose to visit it, you will also enjoy fascinating panoramic views.

Around the castle, the cobbled streets of the historic centre bring you back to the ancient middle-ages.

To discover further reasons why Malcesine is one of the places to visit on Lake Garda, keep on reading below…

Moving from the center, in 15 minutes you’ll find yourself on the peaks of Monte Baldo, at Tratto Spino. How? Thanks to the innovative rotating cable car, that making a 360 degrees turn on itself transporting you to where the mountain meets the sky.

How romantic is to get here and have a picnic at high altitude? Or adventuring together among the forest paths? There is no doubt that Malcesine is a dreamy place on Garda Lake: even Goethe, in his stories, celebrates this characteristic village.

Not by chance, in Malcesine there is a beach called Baia Val di Sogno, with crystalline waters, situated in a quieter part of the village.

And did you know that in Malcesine you can also find the River Aril, the shortest of Italy? Visiting the village of Cassone, little district of the town, you could see it yourself!


Cycling without struggling can be possible, if you have an unmissable view and the right people to accompany you. Now we will see where this is possible!

Cyclotrail suspended in the void in Limone 
Credits: Gabryele

3.1. Cyclotrail suspended in the void in Limone 

We have already talked about the beautiful Limone, in particular its romantic atmosphere and the joyful colors which welcome the visitors. But there’s more.

Since 2018, Limone has been home to a stunning cycle-pedestrian promenade suspended in the void. For now, the segment is only 2,5 km long, but the structure could become part of a huge project that connect villages of the lake.

Keep in mind that, to reach by bike this suggestive path, the departure should be from the centre of Limone. Struggling a bit, here you start your adventure!

Without noticing, you will be cycling overhanging on the crystalline waters crashing on the rocky wall, sprinkled with wild vegetation. Looking in the distance, the immensity of the blue will leave you speechless, and you will understand that you are really in a dream place on Lake Garda.

Many say that, on cooler days, you might get goosebumps standing upwind. But I’m sure, above all, you’ll get the chills as soon as you realize what’s happening. In fact, despite the setting in the rock, there will only be a railing separating you from the void.

However, you can always keep the idea of walking down the track as an alternative, to savour more intensely this place to visit on Garda Lake.

If you were really brave, you could even choose to be carried away by the night’s lights, rather than venturing here during the day.

The cyclo-pedestrian path is lighted and well signed, so it’s up to you: in any case, enjoy every single moment of this majestic experience.

Ciclovia del Mincio
Credits: M. Piavoli

3.2. Ciclovia del Mincio 

It is nearly impossible that you haven’t heard about the Ciclovia del Mincio, one of the most beloved cyclo-pedestrian in all Europe.

Whether you decide to cycle it, or walk it, the cyclo-pedestrian is more than a simple path. Starting from Peschiera, in Campo Sportivo area, where the Mincio River channels the waters towards the Po River, a trip to discover the incredible biodiversity awaits you!

Along the banks of the river, in the shade of tall poplars, you will glimpse majestic species of fauna, both aquatic and terrestrial. In fact, along the route not adjacent to the road, but on the opposite side, you can admire the enchanting beauty of the Mincio Nature Park.

Here, from herons to mallard, from tender squirrels to frogs, it will be a game try to count as many creatures as possible!

And the waters of the river would be the mirror where the other side faces. You will be tempted to stop for a few seconds, to savour every glimpse running back as you pedal.

But the road is everything but short. Arriving at the dam of Salionze, the fundamental point of this great reserve, continue to Mantua, passing also through the charming Borghetto. Just before you get to the dam, look for small rainbows among the splashes coming out of the ground!

Please note: the route can be travelled both ways! So you could choose to start in Mantua and go as far as Peschiera, surely one of the places to visit on Garda Lake.

Ponale cyclo-pedestrian path
Credits: Andrea Sonda

3.3. Ponale cyclo-pedestrian path

Another fantastic dreamy place on Garda Lake not to miss is the whole Ponale path. The famous cyclo-pedestrian path connects Riva to the wonderful Ledro Valley.

Despite the duration of about three hours on foot or one hour by bike per direction, I assure you that the effort will be repaid. The breathtaking panorama that you will see on the way will be a very valuable reward.

Starting from the old town of Riva and following the signs for the D01 trail, make sure of the good weather. Now you cannot hesitate to leave for this wonderful tour!

Not only will you be directly overlooking the lake, with fabulous landscapes, but you will also explore some small gallery carved into the rock. Unmissable will be the moments when you will be right on the surface of the water.

The green of the trees, the blue of the sky with candid clouds and the green of the water: the armocromia of these glimpses will be unique.

Usually, because of the clearness of the sun and for the warmth  that is not yet sultry, spring is the best season to organize the trip. The way is accessible both by bike and on foot, but the path presents some segments uphill.

If you manage to reach your destination, the spectacle of Lake Ledro will be there to welcome you. You will finally be able to stop and relax on the huge lawn on the shore of the lake and immerse yourself in the cool mountain waters.


Here we are on the section for the temerarious ones: the panoramic paths around Garda Lake! Starting from the simplest to the most difficult one, I will list the top 3 of the best excursions in the area.

Are you ready? Then, backpack and follow me to discover these high-altitude places to visit on Lake Garda!

Dream places on Lake Garda

4.1. Busatte – Tempesta Path

You don’t need to be an expert on steep hikes on mountain peaks. This dreamy place on Garda Lake is adapt for everyone and connects Nago to Torbole. From Busatte to Tempesta is accessible simply with trekking shoes.

The departure is located in Parco delle Busatte, from which begins the first part of the path. But the most beautiful part is yet to come.

Passed the Marocche, glacial rocks, you will find steep green steel stairs, set in the rock, overhanging the lake. If you want to feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins, you’re in the right place.

Other than stop for a fantastic photo, as a postcard background, cross this segment slowly. You don’t know when it will happen again, so enjoy entirely the moment.

For example, count one by one the steps: in total they should be around 400!

After ascending for some time, the descent towards Tempesta will begin. In all, the route lasts about an hour and a half, one way only; to confirm the low difficulty.

It is always important to stock up on bottles of water, considering that it is better to avoid the hottest days. Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to venture here, so start planning your agenda!

Monte Pizzocolo

4.2. Monte Pizzoccolo path

To reach the top of Mount Pizzocolo, in Toscolano Maderno, there are a myriad of paths.

If you reach the village of Passo Spino by car, the route becomes much shorter and easier.

However, among the various excursions, the one that starts from Gardone is the most significant, considering the difficulty fairly contained. Scroll down to know how to reach this place to visit on Garda Lake.

After passing the Trattoria Colomber by car, keep to the right and you will come to a fork in the road, where you turn left. Here you can park.

Then begins the footpath is immersed in thick, fairytale-like woods, which that leads to Monte Pirello. Climbed to the top, you can go down the slope, which will take you up to one of the dreamiest places on Lake Garda!

The true beauty of the panorama that, at 1580 metres, after a two-hour walk, will greet you, opening out into infinity, is inexplicable and reductive in words.

You should know that, also in winter you can reach the peak. I suggest you imagine the lake from above, on a snowy peak, with the light of the sun that warms you. What are you waiting for?

The sun will shine not only over the Pianura Padana, allowing you to see the outline of the lake; also the peaks of Brenta and Adamello.

Reach the highest point of the mountain, and tell me if it doesn’t feel like you’re about to fly!

Rifugio Gaetano Barana

4.3. Punta Telegrafo path 

Absolutely not in winter is the path from Punta Veleno to Punta Telegrafo. You will find on the peak the cozy Rifugio Gaetano Barana, after about three hours of walking.

Recommended only to experts, this itinerary will surprise you as the going gets tougher, inviting you not to give up.

Park 4 km before the parking of the ski lifts, and once found the path 654, begin your adventure!

The path is characterized by a wild and peculiar environment, among barren meadows and blue views of sky and lake. For this and many other reasons, Cima Telegrafo is one of the places to visit on Lake Garda.

When you reach the summit, you will find the famous steel crucifix that signs your succeeded in the venture. You will be above the clouds, immersed in a surreal scenery but vivid at the same time!

Not far from the refuge, you will find also the Santa Rosa Church, intimate and totally painted with the same color. A vivid spot in all the yellow green surrounding lawn and the grey of the rugged rocks.

The Rifugio Gaetano Barana will also allow you to stay there for a night, and believe me when I say it is worth it. As well as some warm typical food, with which you can refresh yourself, do you know how well you can see the stars in the mountains?


Some of the most beautiful Italian villages are located on the shores of the marvelous Garda Lake. Therefore, it’s a must to reserve a special section only for them!

Punta San Vigilio 
Credits: Paolo Tralli – @paolotrl

5.1. Punta San Vigilio 

Punta San Vigilio gives the name also to the village set amidst lush nature; without doubts one of the places to visit on Garda Lake.

Between Garda and Torri del Benaco, this little peninsula peeps out, where negative thoughts vanish and only infinite serenity exists.

The small semicircular harbor welcomes visitors with a transparent water that come by lake, while arriving from the mainland a steep cobbled descent awaits.

The village can be crossed freely. As you walk through it, you will come across ornamental windows that overlook orchards and imperious gates that hint at sophisticated private areas.

You will be overthrown into a poem of bygone days, with the shimmering of the waves gently touching the steps below a large archway, overlooking the horizon.

Numerous historical figures have passed through here, such as Napoleone and Winston Churchill. Come and visit this place on Garda Lake.

The park Baia delle Sirene, on theother side of the peninsula, is fee-paying, but definitely worth a stop. Crossing lush olive groves, you will come to a small beach, where nature reigns supreme and where you can relax and let yourself be lulled.

The rest of the agglomeration is private access; consisting of a hotel inn, a restaurant, another park with swimming pool and the wonderful villa.

Instead, near the little harbor, you will find a tavern, where you can stop for an aperitivo and admire a beautiful sunset.

And if you want to organize an elegant dinner or a lunch with a view? No problem: the locanda also welcomes outside guests!

Credits: stevaleri (instagram), stefano valeri photography (facebook)

5.2. Tremosine 

We’ve met Tremosine describing the adrenalinic Terrazza del Brivido, situated in the town of Pieve. Despite Pieve is more relevant, you must know that Tremosine is actually constituted of 18 little towns!

Enjoying an environmental, cultural and gastronomic variety, Tremosine has been awarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; a totally deserved recognition.

The village of Pieve with its stone houses and the glimpse of the round staircase will be a jump to the ancient Arias. Here you could admire traditional vault, apparently identical but with single peculiarities that make them all different.

The famous Campione will welcome you with a beautiful beach, a hidden waterfall and a myriad of sailing boats. In fact, the village is very important for the organization of water sports events; including windsurfing.

Not by chance, the photos taken in this dream place on Lake Garda are all characterized by small colored spots on the water surface!

I will continue revealing just a few more secrets of this fantastic country, then I invite you to discover everything else personally! On the other hand, Tremosine is also a place to visit on Lake Garda.

At Voltino you could enjoy a marvelous panorama on Garda Lake, but the biggest show is another one. I’m talking about the film scenery of Forra road.

Literally, because here they shot film and advertising scenes, since the location is so unique. Do you want to be blown away?

Thanks to the Torrente Brasa, in fact, a gorge has been dug into the rock, with overhangs and tunnels that creep inside. It’s one of the easiest way to get to Tremosine by car.

One last due mention goes to the Bondo Valley, today a paradise nature reserve. Betweenan excursion in history and a picnic surrounded by nature, you see in the rainy seasons, among the green meadows, even a water mirror.

Vittoriale degli italiani
Credits: Maria Bosetti – Maria.santiago18 (IG)

5.3. Gardone Riviera 

Welcome to the paradise of Gabriele D’Annunzio! Don’t be surprised if the poet decided to live in Gardone Riviera, in the famous Vittoriale degli Italiani.

Peace and tranquility reign in this village, rewarded also with the prestigious Bandiera Arancione. Despite its small size, you will be surprised by the care for details, which makes it definitely a dream place on Lake Garda

 The gentle breeze of the lake will accompany you while walking along the lakeshore of the village, where a surprise awaits you. Especially literature lovers, who might enjoy sitting on the various benches along the lake for a pleasing reading: are you eager to meet D’Annunzio?

Yes, you got it right! You have the opportunity to sit next to him as well! A statue representing the poet is indeed located on a bench, peacefully immersed in some readings.

If you wish to find out everything about his life and philosophy that inspired him to write his masterpieces… His house is now open for rvisitors!

Gardone, a place to visit on Garda Lake, is not just about D’Annunzio. There’s much more!

The romantic Botanic Garden of the Heller Foundation is the perfect place to rediscover the peace of the senses, thanks to the fascinating references to the East.

A shot between the blue railings of the Imbarcadero is also a must, especially thanks to the gaze that falls over the pier, towards the infinity. I suggest you stay in the surroundings for lunch or dinner, to enjoy the colorful little cafes that face the delicate shores.

And if you wish to organize some private event, Torre San Marco,  that can be admired also from the outside in all its glory, is a fabulous location.

Credits: Maris Bogdan

5.4. Borghetto 

Among the most beautiful Italian villages there’s one particularly special, although it doesn’t face directly the lake. I’m talking about Borghetto, nearby Valeggio sul Mincio.

By reaching Borghetto your heart will be filled with joy. You will always remember the ancient and majestic beauty of this place… it just comes naturally!

I’ve already explained how to simply reach Borghetto also by bike, following the Mincio cycle pedestrian path starting in Peschiera.

Otherwise, if you arrive by car, the majestic Visconteo bridge will welcome you, which is the symbol of the village. It is also possible to climb on foot, in order to enjoy the incredible view from here! You will feel part of a painter’s piece of art, who expressed all his love for this enchanted place with a palette of vibrant colors.

In this place to visit on Lake Garda awaits you something truly unique…

Did you know that also Mincio River has little waterfalls? Due to the morphology of Borghetto, that has some differences in altitude, the light blue waters of the river form small jumping waves. I suggest you cross the flowered wooden bridge to enjoy the show!

Some houses of the village, together with its gardens, are located on the shores. They contribute to make the whole landscape even more characteristic.

Between the alleys, appears the peculiar Angolo degli innamorati, where you could make a promise with your sweetheart by closing a lock on the rusty net. As a backdrop, the wheels of the Old Mills are still in operation and they will add more magic!

Even though the view itself will remind you this, when you’re there don’t forget to take a picture from the balcony. It is a truly scenic point, which allows you to enjoy a wonderful view over the Ponte Visconteo.

It doesn’t matter how many times you come to Borghetto. The emotions will be the same time after time!


Our journey is coming to an end, there are only few dream places on Garda Lake left, the ones with a stunning panorama!

santuario di montecastello
credits: Stefano Palermo – stefano.pale (IG)

6.1. Montecastello Sanctuary

I don’t think you know the original name of the Sanctuary of Montecastello, in Tignale. It is said that right here, in 1200, a huge star miraculously appeared to end the battle that was being fought on the local soil.

And for this reason, the sanctuary was originally known as Sanctuary of Madonna della Stella. Magical, right?

But we are not just talking about an important religious place and pilgrimage. The majestic church, a ray of light surrounded by greenery, stands on the rock 700 meters high, overlooking the lake.

Arriving here by car and not by foot, you will immediately feel a scent of immense freedom.

There are not so many places to visit on Lake Garda that allow you to enjoy this magical feeling, immersed in such a sacred atmosphere.

Going up on the two imposing flights of stairs, you will see both the blue of the sky as well as the blue of the lake.

At the point where the two flights meet, the dark silhouettes of the mountains will emerge on the other side. Among these, there is Mount Baldo!

A dream overview, right? Remember that from here you can also see the Scaliger Castle of Malcesine!

But I recommend you also visit the inside of the building; you will find a small ancient temple, and many frescoes made by painters, followers of the inimitable Giotto.

Punta Larici

6.2. Punta Larici 

Start from Pregasina, at Riva del Garda. Walking through the woods that dominate the peaks, you will reach the entrance to paradise, out of the blue. You’re at Punta Larici!

Immediately your instinct will lead you to run with your eyes towards the horizon left and right, having at your feet the lake. But, as Leopardi searched for the infinity, it would be impossible to define it.

Come here in autumn, when the haze starts to cover the lake. If you have the chance, ask someone to get a picture of you, I assure you that the result will be surprising.

Have you in mind the famous painting of Caspar D. Friedrich “The Wanderer on the Sea of Fog”? Now you will be the protagonist of it!

A signboard will show you the altitude at which you are: you will be well 907 meters above the lake level.

The rocks that descend steeply blending with the water, the wild vegetation and the silence that reigns here… you will feel regenerated on your return. These places are really good for the heart.

A dream place on Garda Lake, for the ones who love travelling with their mind and with the fantasy. A must if you want to enrich your experience, or as an opportunity to escape the ordinary.

rocca di Manerba
credits: Stefano Palermo – stefano.pale (IG)

6.3. Rocca di Manerba 

We are now in front of Manerba fortress, an open-air museum on the top of the lake. Probably, the breathtaking view that stands out from here might be one of the first photos you saw while googling “Lake Garda”.

Can any other panoramic point be better than a rock? The last destinations that I will show you will be the majestic ones of Garda and Manerba, places to visit on Lake Garda without any hesitation.

Once you get to the top, among the ruins that look up to the sky, you will be able to see every single gradation of the water, starting from a light blue. From the side view, however, you can admire the verdant Po Valley that extends towards the horizon.

It is very easy to reach: there is a car park just 5 minutes walking below the summit. I advise you to check the weather before going if you want to really appreciate this amazing place.

Going down below, you can immerse yourself in the dense Nature Reserve, walk up to Punta Sasso, or get to the beach with a crystal-clear water.

Punta Sasso is another vantage point, where a high precipice awaits you for some adrenaline shots.

The archaeological site located above the fortress has roots still in the distant Neolithic. But, in addition to the outdoor archaeological park, a real museum is located nearby the top.

Illuminated by the sun that warms the huge windows, you can learn more about the natural and historical wealth of the place. It’s going to be hard not to be impressed.

Rocca di Garda
Credits: Andrea Aiello

6.4. Rocca di Garda 

The other “majesty”, beautiful dream place on Garda Lake  is the Garda fortress, diametrically opposite to the Manerba fortress. Compared to this, it is slightly less known, but not less suggestive!

With numerous paths that climb, once reached the peak, you will be uncertain where to turn your head to watch the enchanting view.

The start is situated at San Bernardo church, slightly outside of the city center of Garda.

From there both Bardolino and the enchanting San Vigilio, of which I’ve told you before, can be seen. On the other side, the east shore of the lake until seeing the beautiful Sirmione.

Given the fact that to get there you need to walk a little, I suggest you bring a snack. Stop in the shelter of the lush vegetation with an exceptional background. An ideal place to recover your energies!

The lake might be dotted with numerous points, which are fishing boats and ferries that sail for other shores.

Roman ruins, together with the remains of medieval fortresses, testify that even in the past, people crossing the area stopped here.

It will be as you were in a secret place, where from the above, among the trees, you can observe everything that happens around you. Cars, bikes, bus, everyone will be in a hurry; whereas you, for a few seconds, will be suspended in time.

Here we are at the end of this fantastic journey! I hope I have transmitted the iconic magic that surrounds the lake and its incomparable beauty. It is almost melancholy to greet us, but if you are keen to discover many other places to visit on Lake Garda, run through the other sections!

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