Places to stay at Lake Garda

Are you looking for the best places to stay at Lake Garda? We did not want to just give you a random list. Instead, we preferred creating one to highlight those places in the best areas and with the best services and hosts. Whether you are traveling on your own, as a couple or family; In this list you will find the accommodation you were not searching for but has everything you wanted!
From the prettiest resorts on lake garda to cozy B&B’s. From typical Agriturismi to comfortable and independent apartments. It could seem complicated sometimes to decide where to spend your vacation on lake Garda, but we assure you that the nice thing about our area is the fact that there is something for any kind of need or interest! We hope you’ll enjoy searching for your ideal place to stay on lake garda and that our list will help you make the best choice!
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Agriturismo Lago di Garda

Discover the beauty of Lake Garda with a distinctive stay in a carefully selected agritourism. Immerse yourself among vineyards and olive groves; these authentic rural gems provide a perfect blend of tradition and modern comfort. Experience the authenticity of life and indulge your palate with local delicacies during a typical agritourism lunch on Lake Garda. Whether you choose one with a pool or one charmingly located at the foot of the mountain, you will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience on the shores of this splendid lake.

List of Agriturismi


places to stay lake garda - apartments

Discover the beauty of Lake Garda by staying in one of our carefully selected apartments and vacation homes. Whether you desire a panoramic view of the lake or a retreat in the heart of the historic center, each option provides the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. Immerse yourself in local life, explore picturesque alleys, and savor typical cuisine, creating an authentic experience on Lake Garda. All within the comfort and intimacy of a privately rented apartment.

List of Apartments

Bed & Breakfast

Plaza Lago di Garda

Experience the warmth and hospitality of Lake Garda with a stay in one of our carefully selected Bed & Breakfasts. Whether you wish to wake up to a delightful lake view or prefer the intimacy of a B&B in the heart of a historic village, each option provides a perfect blend of comfort and a family atmosphere. Charm and breathtaking views await you for an unforgettable experience on the shores of this magnificent lake.

List of B&B



Explore the magnificent Lake Garda with our curated selection of hotels promising luxury and comfort. Whether you desire to wake up to a breathtaking lake view or immerse yourself in the refined atmosphere of a hotel in the heart of local history, each option is meticulously designed to provide an unforgettable stay experience. Embrace the charm and elegance along the shores of this Italian jewel, where each structure serves as an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and impeccable service.

List of Hotels


Places to stay lake Garda - Resorts

Discover total relaxation along the shores of Lake Garda with our exclusive collection of resorts. Whether you desire to wake up to a dreamlike panoramic view or prefer the relaxed atmosphere of a resort immersed in nature, each option is meticulously designed to offer you a luxury retreat. Experience an unparalleled stay where comfort and tranquility merge with breathtaking landscapes, providing moments of pure pleasure on the shores of this enchanting Italian lake.

List of Resorts

Anyone, at least once, has fantasized about traveling among remote villages, pebble beaches, emerald waters, and mountain peaks towering into the sky. The uniqueness of Lake Garda as a tourist destination mainly stems from the endless opportunities it offers. Do you love the mountains? You'll find numerous trekking itineraries near hotels or high-altitude apartments. Do you want to indulge in complete relaxation? Just choose from all the splendid resorts overlooking the lake. Do you enjoy wandering to discover hidden places? Bed & breakfasts are tucked away behind every corner! Our advice is to decide where to stay on Lake Garda based on the type of experience you're seeking. And if you need any advice, we'll be happy to help you make the perfect choice for you.

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