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Maybe it is the first time, maybe it is the umpteenth time. Maybe you already know how to move or maybe you have no idea where to start. It does not matter what kind of visitor you are… Our suggestion is to choose carefully the destination that matches better your interests and needs. Here are some ideas to help you get the right inspiration on things to do and places to visit on Lake Garda.

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Lake Garda ferry service

Lake Garda ferry service

The whole of Lake Garda by ferry? It seems easy, but it's actually good to give some clarity about this right away! The Lake Garda Ferry Service runned by Navigarda is the same as that of public transport on land! There are timetables and connections. This means that you can...
What to do and see on Lake Garda

What to do and see on Lake Garda

It seems like you are considering spending your holidays at the well-known lake Garda, the biggest and the most diverse lake in Italy. Read the next lines if you are wondering about what to do and see on Lake Garda. Maybe it is the first time, maybe it is the...
Cycling routes on Lake Garda

Cycling routes on Lake Garda

In this article I will tell you as much as possible about the cycling routes that you can find on Lake Garda. There are countless, for every training level and for every taste! Although they are not always connected to each other, many find it quite fun to experience Lake...
15 places to visit on Lake Garda

15 places to visit on Lake Garda

Have you decided to give yourself some days off? And as a destination, have you chosen Lake Garda? Good, best choice! In this article I have listed 15 places to visit on Lake Garda. You will surely have realized that the lake is very big. To be precise, with a...
Dream places on Lake Garda

Dream places on Lake Garda

Do you ever think back to some past trip, feeling a strong nostalgia for some magical place where you left your heart? This happens a lot here, because the dream places on Lake Garda are so many. I am sure that each of us has an unforgettable memory of those...
Group activities on Lake Garda

Group activities on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake with an area of about 370 km² and it is surrounded by 3 regions. Along its shores, it holds lively towns overlooking the water, pleasant slopes with vineyards and olive groves until you get to perched and isolated villages. In addition to its...

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