Tour & visits on Lake Garda

As a destination agency GardaLanding can organize customized half or full day thematic excursions, including private transfer and guide.

We know the territory and its rich variety of offers in depth.Depending on which places you want to visit on Lake Garda, we will be able to guide you in choosing the tour route to enjoy an unforgettable experience


The sailing experiences on Lake Garda are ideal in the period between March and November.

By boat you can reach many of the places to visit on Lake Garda and have a glimpse on the shores from the water.

Boat tours on Lake Garda vary in terms of times, routes and capacity of the boats.

By asking at GardaLanding you will get the solution that best suits your needs and interests.

Or, thanks to your 'Garda Lake Travel Planner' you can build a tailor-made excursion for you by choosing the one you prefer.

These are some of our boat tours proposals on Lake Garda.

Around Sirmione Peninsula

Around Sirmione

Boat tour on the lake along the coasts of the Sirmione peninsula, the thin strip of land that separates the two shores of the lake. Sirmione is famous for its thermal waters and during the excursion you will be taken to see the point of the lake from which these gushes. From the boat you can also admire the vast archaeological park with the remains of an ancient Roman villa called "The Grotte di Catullo".

The excursion starts from the dock of the imposing medieval Scaliger castle.

Tour duration: 30 minutes

Boat capacity: 15 - 20 people

Peschiera boat tour

Peschiera Walls tour

Credits: Stefano Valeri

Boat tour through the canals that surround and cross the Unesco fortress to visit Peschiera from a different point of view.

The excursion lasts 25-30 minutes and starts from the San Marco square overlooking the Canale di Mezzo. It is possible to rent an audio guide that will tell you the history of the city and guide you in your visit. Alternatively, on reservation, a guide is also available to board the boat with you and accompany you on a visit on the water to discover the Venetian fortress.

Tour duration: 30 minutes

Boat capacity: 15 people

Gondola tour

Gondola Tour

A unique journey on a typical Venetian wooden boat. For a romantic moment among the canals of Peschiera del Garda to share with your sweetheart or loved ones.

A gondolier will accompany you on a visit to the Renaissance defensive work built by the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Tour duration: 40-60 minutes

Gondola capacity: 4-5 people

Scaliger tour


A boat tour to discover three places to visit on Lake Garda linked to the Della Scala family.

A customizable experience on Lake Garda.

Departure from Peschiera del Garda towards Lazise where we will stop to see the walled town and its castle, from the boat without getting off. The tour continues to Sirmione where there is a descent and a 1-hour break. During which you can independently visit the city and the castle before returning to Peschiera.

Total duration of the excursion: 3 hours.

Boat capacity: 20-25 people


This excursion can be integrated with an additional stop in Lazise or with a guided tour on foot / by boat to the fortress of Peschiera del Garda.

West Coast Lake Tour


On this non-stop sailing boat excursion, you will see some of the most famous places on the west coast of Lake Garda from the water.

Starting from the Sirmione peninsula or from Desenzano, you will sail towards the island of San Biagio, better known as the island of rabbits. Alongside the fortresses of Manerba and Salò, you will continue towards the magnificent Isola del Garda. From the boat you can admire his grand neo-Gothic villa still inhabited by the Cavazza family.

Tour duration: 2 hours

Boat capacity: 20-25 people

East coast lake tour

East Coast boat tour

A boat trip to discover the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda.

Departing from Lazise, ​​Peschiera or Sirmione, you will travel along the Veronese coast where you can admire the magnificent natural landscapes of the morainic amphitheater.

You will skirt the Sirmione peninsula and then head towards the romantic San Vigilio tip and stop for 1 hour nearby Garda. The tour continuing along the Scaliger coast will then take you back to the embarkation point.

Tour duration: 3.5 hours

Boat capacity: 20-25 people

Isola del Garda

Isola del Garda

An unmissable boat tour to the largest island of Lake Garda.

Among the most romantic and suggestive places to visit on Lake Garda

Once you reach the Isola del Garda, you can visit the splendid neo-Gothic villa of the Cavazza Counts and its gardens on a guided tour. An aperitif will follow on the most beautiful panoramic terrace of Lake Garda before returning.

Tour duration: 2.5 hours

Boat capacity: 20-25 people

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Tour and visits on Lake Garda


In the Garda area it is possible to make group day trips by bus.

All tours guarantee a companion for the entire duration of the service and also include free time during the day.

By asking for advice, a GardaLanding expert will certainly be able to show you the most suitable bus tour from Lake Garda for you.

The excursions are scheduled on fixed days with a frequency of 1 or 2 every week.

There are numerous pick-up points from the main campsites and accommodation facilities along the Gardesana road.

Verona bus tour

Bus tour Verona

A one-day bus excursion to fall in love with the charm of Verona, a UNESCO city.

Departing in the morning from Lake Garda, a local guide will lead you to discover its treasures, retracing the history of the city.

In the afternoon you will have free time to visit the historic center on your own.

Venice bus tour


Credits: canmandawe

We depart from Lake Garda on a private bus to discover the fascinating city of Venice. The tour also includes a transfer by vaporetto to St. Mark's Square. The tour leader will show you the main monuments and points of interest. In your free time you can get lost in the canals and alleys of the city, taste typical delicacies, book a gondola ride or a cruise in the lagoon.

Garda Lake tour

Garda Lake Tour

Credits: Iuliia Boiun

This experience will allow you to visit the entire lake, stopping in the main places to visit on Lake Garda

The tour of the lake by bus with a guide will accompany you to discover the nature, history and culture of Lake Garda. There will be 4 stops in 4 different cities and a transfer by boat to admire the view from the water.

Dolomites bus tour

Tour Dolomiti

Credits: Ricardo Frantz

If you are a mountain lover don’t miss this tour.

A bus route that leads from Lake Garda to the famous Dolomite peaks.

You will reach an altitude of about 2,240 meters to the Pordoi Pass. You will admire a varied and luxuriant nature rich in uncontaminated landscapes and imposing peaks. During the excursion you will receive information on the geographical and cultural history of this area.

The tour includes a visit to the city of Ortisei and the panoramic Passo Sella.

Milan bus tour

Tour Milano

Credits: Ouael Ben Salah

Milan, the capital of fashion and shopping. This guided bus tour will take you from Lake Garda to discover the city of Milan. A guide will tell you the history and many anecdotes of the city. It will be an excellent opportunity to see the famous Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. You will also have free time to walk through the prestigious shopping streets.

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Credits: Patrick Hendry


Bicycle excursions are one of the favourite ways to reach the many places to visit on Lake Garda

Along the lake or in the hinterland, panoramic or surrounded by greenery, there are many cycle paths that you can follow in the Garda area.

We will advise you on the most suitable itineraries and provide you with all the information and equipment necessary to undertake the excursion independently according to your level.

By relying on our 'Garda Lake Travel Planner' you can otherwise book a bike tour on the lake accompanied by one of our expert cycle guides.

The most popular bike experiences on Lake Garda are:

Suspended cycle path in Limone

Autorizzato il nuovo lotto della Ciclovia del Garda

It is the new stretch of cycle path of the 'Garda By Bike' project under construction.

The track starts outside the city centre of Limone sul Garda, on the Brescia side of the lake. It develops along a walkway overhanging the lake which offers a panoramic view of the eastern shore. You can rent bicycles on site or ferry them from the other shore through the Navigarda shipping lines.

Length: 3.5 km (one way)

Difficulty level: easy

Mincio cycle path

Ciclabile Peschiera Mantova

Credits: M. Pavioli

Far from road traffic and immersed in nature, the cycle path begins immediately outside the fortress of Peschiera del Garda. It flanks and follows the course of the river crossing the green and luxuriant natural park of the Mincio.

The excursion is suitable for everyone and in particular for families and groups. In 40 minutes, you can reach Valeggio sul Mincio and visit the wonderful Parco Giardino Sigurtà by bike. To complete the excursion, visit Borghetto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Length: 15 km (one way)

Difficulty level: easy

Our proposal: Bike Tour Valle del Mincio

Relying on GardaLanding you can take this Bike Tour with our expert cycle-guide who will accompany you throughout the journey.

The Valle del Mincio Bike Tour (Peschiera-Borghetto- Sigurtà Park and back) includes cycle guide, bike and helmet rental, insurance and discounted admission ticket to the Parco Giardino Sigurtà. 4 hours duration approximately.

Peschiera-Mantova cycle path

The Mincio cycle path after Valeggio continues for another 30 km to Mantua. Here the river widens to form the three lakes that surround the city and in which the majestic Castle of San Giorgio reflects.

This beautiful Renaissance city was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2008 and elected Capital of Italian culture in 2016.

Length: 45 km

Difficulty: medium

Graspo del Moro cycle path

Pedalling through the vineyards is a unique experience on Lake Garda.

The mtb route winds through the vineyards where the precious local wine is produced: “il Moro del Castel”. Starting from Castelnuovo, the bike tour passes through Sandrà, runs along the lake in Ronchi and reaches Monte San Lorenzo in Cavalcaselle. Along the way it is possible to choose different itineraries according to your preferences.

Length: 37 km

Difficulty: medium

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Discover the many places to visit on Lake Garda with an expert

Over the years, we established a strong link with the administrations of the Garda area and in some municipalities, we personally manage guided tours.

We collaborate with tourist guides specialized in various fields: historical, artistic, naturalistic, distributed throughout the Garda area and for the cities of Mantua, Verona and Brescia.

Lake Garda is now a consolidated stop and loved by many schools and associations, leisure groups or work groups. This is because it is the ideal place to follow interesting and educational paths thanks to the cultural, artistic and enogastronomic proposals of the area.

Strengthened by our experience, we are able to develop educational experiences for students of all ages in collaboration with teachers.

Visits are organized for foreign groups to encourage an encounter with the territory and the discovery of Italian culture. For all groups of enthusiasts and associations we can build a real path linked to the place, time or theme of interest.

Among the various guided tours on Lake Garda, the most popular are:

Peschiera Walking tour

Peschiera Walking Tour

A journey through the history of Peschiera del Garda and its central role in the history of Italy. A 45-60-minute guided walking tour to discover the Venetian fortress of Peschiera and the major points of interest in the historic center. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017, the fortress is part of the defensive works carried out by the Serenissima Republic of Venice between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Lazise Walking tour


A walk of about 75 - 90 minutes to discover the history of the walled city of Lazise. A guide will accompany you to the major places of interest of the First Independent Municipality of Italy. An exclusive guided tour to get to know the most loved medieval village on Lake Garda.

To find out more about the surrounding area, here are some places to visit near Lake Garda not to be missed

Ponti sul Mincio

Forte Ardietti - Ponti sul Mincio

Excursion to discover the history of the city of Ponti sul Mincio.

The route includes a guided tour of the Scaliger Castle and continues towards the imposing Austrian Ardietti fort.

Forte Ardietti is one of the 16 entrenched camps built by the Habsburg military genius to enhance and defend the fortress of Peschiera del Garda.

Duration: 120 minutes

Tower of San Martino and Solferino

Torre di San Martino

Journey into the history of the independence battles that took place in the territory of Solferino. The guide will accompany you on a visit to the tower of San Martino della Battaglia, a monument built to honor the memory of Vittorio Emanuele II in 1880.

The excursion also includes access to the fortress and the museum of Solferino showing many relics and war videos that tell the heroism and feelings of the patriots of the Risorgimento.

Duration: 180 minutes

Verona citysightseeing


Visit the romantic city of Verona aboard an open bus thanks to the Verona citysightseeing service.

With a single day ticket, you can get on and off as often as you wish to visit the main places in the city. The service includes a multilingual audio guide.

Venice with Venetiana

Venezia - Venetiana

Cross the Venice lagoon on board an eco-boat visiting the city and its islands.

The Venetiana service takes advantage of the hop-on hop-off formula, giving you the opportunity to personalize your visit. An audio guide will accompany your trip with many exclusive routes.

Mantua on a cruise

5 Cose da vedere a Mantova

Discover Mantua and its territory by crossing the lakes that surround it.

With the Naviandes cruise you will admire the city from the water, among water lilies and lotus flowers, along the calm waters of the Mincio river.

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