Cycling routes on Lake Garda

In this article I will tell you as much as possible about the cycling routes that you can find on Lake Garda. There are countless, for every training level and for every taste! Although they are not always connected to each other, many find it quite fun to experience Lake Garda by bike! The landscapes, the villages, the alternation of fresh and warm air on your face… Many reasons to go on a bike ride! Let’s be honest; everyone knows cycling is healthy and that it a great “slow” way to better notice details of an area. Are you not taking your own bicycle on holiday? No problem, in almost every village there are several bicycle-rental companies.

So, which cycling route to choose? It depends… If you just want to enjoy a quiet afternoon you can try the Mincio bike path or those riding along the lake, which are flatter. To increase a bit the difficulty, you can explore the morainic hills to the south or you can go into the Trentino valleys in the north. You can also visit the villages of the lake or reach the four major cities that are located near lake Garda; Verona, Mantua, Brescia and Trento.

This article is for those who want to know more about the things to see by bike on Lake Garda. Read on and find the route that suits you best!

Cycling routes in the southern part of Lake Garda

1A. Ring Tour: Eastern path: Borghetto sul Mincio – Peschiera passando da Castelnuovo del Garda

1B. Ring Tour: Western path: Borghetto sul Mincio – Peschiera passando da Volta Mantovana e Castellaro Lagusello

Cycling routes in the northern part of Lake Garda

Cycling routes on Lake Garda: THE LOWER LAKE

Before we talk about the most difficult routes, I will give you advice on the routes accessible to everyone, both inexperienced one or children. The lower lake is full of cycle paths that you can discover. I will try to give you an overview of at least the main routes.

1.The Mincio cycling route: Peschiera – Borghetto – Mantova

Length of 41,3 km – Altitude difference of 62 metri

Cycle paths on Lake Garda
Credits: M. Piavoli

The first cycling route in the Lake Garda area that I want to tell you about lies between Peschiera del Garda and the city of Mantua. It may not be located directly on the lake, but it is one of the most beautiful and finest trails for two reasons: The trail follows the natural course of the river Mincio, which is located in the protected nature reserve “Parco del Mincio”. The second reason is that the path always remains flat, so you will not find any steep slopes or descents; ideal for families with young children. In total it is nearly 40 kilometers long, but no one forces you to cycle to the end. On the contrary, many people just go up to Borghetto sul Mincio, which is only 14 km away from the beginning of the trail.

Interesting to know: the Mincio cycle path is part of EuroVelo 7, which is also called “Ciclovia del Sole.” It is a famous cycling itinerary, which crosses all Europe from North to Sicily.

The first points of interest by following this route are Ponti sul Mincio and Monzambano, the first around 5 km away from Peschiera del Garda and the second around 10 km. Both towns have are characterized by a beautiful and well conservated medieval castle, in my opinion very underestimated. Both look out on the town from a majestic hill like you would see them in movies. It is possibile to visit the castle of Ponti sul Mincio but I suggest you check the opening times the day before.

Are you curious to find out more about other places to visit near Lake Garda along this cycling trail? Read more in the next few lines.

A little further on you find Borghetto sul Mincio, this village is listed as one of the “Borghi più Belli d’Italia” (Most Beautiful Villages in Italy). It is about 14 kilometers from Peschiera and can be reached by bike in less than two hours if you want to take it easy. As you can imagine, Borghetto is very picturesque, but it is also fair to say that it is a very small village, which you can visit in a short time. Borghetto is known for the Ponte Visconteo and the water mills below some houses and restaurants. From the main street of Borghetto you will undoubtedly notice a beautiful castle on a hill and if time allows, I suggest following it.

The road leading to it will take you to Valeggio sul Mincio. This village is very popular for its typical dish, namely the “love knot” that we know in the area as Tortellini di Valeggio. In Valeggio there is also the botanical garden; Parco Giardino Sigurtà, which has won in 2015, the second prize in the competition “Most beautiful park in Europe”. Sigurtà has also won several prizes for its flowerings and especially for the flowering season of the tulips. Some useful information if you decide to visit this park. It is allowed to take your own bike inside, no pets can enter the park and if you want to safe time and money it is possible to buy your tickets here.

If you will decide to continue the cycling route along the Mincio river up to Mantua you will have to continue for another 22 km. In the heart of the Po Valley, the altitude difference will be practically absent. If you have the opportunity to go there, the beauty of this city will repay your efforts. The city is in fact a UNESCO heritage site for its artistic wealth, and the best Italian city for environmental quality according to the 2017 report by “Legambiente”. After this beautiful day spent on your bike, you can also enjoy a fabulous sunset on one of the three lakes surrounding the city.

Some practical information

Reaching the beginning of this cycling path from Peschiera is very easy: just exit Porta Brescia and cross the bridge. Go up the hill on your left and at the small roundabout you will find a small dirt path along the moat of the Venetian fortress of Peschiera. No worries, the path is dirt only for approx. 200 meters, the actual beginning of this cycling route is located at the point where the waters of Lake Garda meet those of the Mincio river. From here it will be paved, and it will follow the right side of the river up to the Salionze dam, just before Monzambano. Here you will have to cross the waters of the river and continue on the left side up to Borghetto and further to Mantua.

You have several options to return to Peschiera. If you decide to continue to Mantua and don’t want to do the same route on the way back, you can take the train to reach Peschiera (with change in Verona) in less than two hours. Want to play it easy? There are various companies available to pick you up with your bike. A valid alternative could be to stop in Borghetto and continue for a ring tour, passing through Castelnuovo (see route 2) or Castellaro Lagusello (see route 3)

1A. Ring tour: Borghetto sul Mincio – Castelnuovo – Peschiera

Have you arrived in Borghetto and you want to go back to Peschiera by taking another trail? Immerse yourself in the hinterland and vineyards and enjoy the colours and shapes of the Veronese countryside.

From Valeggio take Viale Papa Giovanni XXVIII, north of the city, and continue along Via Santa Lucia. This is not a dedicated bike path, but the road is small and very quiet. After 4 km from the start, you will reach Mount Mamaor, a low hill that you will see on the right. At the junction of Santa Lucia turn left and reach the intersection between Via Castelnuovo and Casa Busetta, this section has a bit of curves and minor intersections, try to keep the route and do not get lost! At this point, you will be only 5 kilometers away from Castelnuovo, and other 10 to reach Peschiera. Cross the center of Castelnuovo and get to via Oregolo, then continue eastwards and reach lake Garda again.

1B. Ring Tour: Borghetto sul Mincio – Volta Mantovana – Castellaro Lagusello – Peschiera

From Borghetto keep the south along the Mincio for 7.5 km. Then move away from the river to reach Volta Mantovana and go up through Castellaro Lagusello. Like the previous route, it is not specific for bicycles, but you can easily avoid the state roads by taking advantage of the many quieter secondary roads. Both villages are beautiful and very characteristic. In Volta Mantovana you can visit the hanging gardens of Palazzo Gonzaga-Guerrieri, designed by one of the most powerful families in Italy. In Castellaro-Lagusello you will admire the characteristic heart-shaped lake, clearly visible from the raised castle. At this point, I suggest you to head towards Monzambano and then take the Mincio cycling route to Lake Garda again.

Do you want to discover other places to visit on Lake Garda? By bike you can get to many. I’m going to tell you about one of the lake’s most popular cycling routes, so be prepared to take notes.

2. Cycling route on south-east lake Garda: Peschiera – Lazise – Bardolino – Garda

Length of 18,3 km – Flat trail

Cycle paths on Lake Garda
Credits: Marco Ghirello

This cycling and walking route is really suitable for everyone and it is mostly directly on the lake between the towns of Peschiera and Garda. Totally flat and with a fantastic view, it allows a total relaxation. Be ready to enjoy the sound of the waves against the shores and the greenery around you.

To do this bike path near Lake Garda there is practically no need for directions. If you start from the center of Peschiera you just have to go through Porta Verona, cross the two canals and follow lungolago Garibaldi. After less then 1 km, you can start enjoying the calmth and the absence of cars. Continue along the lakeside for about 7 km, up to Fossalta, a district of the municipality of Lazise. At this point, the beaches begin, so you will have to say goodbye to the water for just a few km and move on the Gardesana Road until you reach Lazise.

Be aware that this road has only part of it, dedicated to cyclists but fortunately it will not be far until your reach the center of Lazise. Is it highseason? Than it could be wise to avoid peak times (opening hours of the surrounding parks) or to only take the path between Lazise and Garda.

Once you arrive in Lazise, ​​it is very likely that this town will conquer your heart. Not only will you be greeted by a majestic Scaligeri castle, the center is almost totally surrounded by imposing medieval walls. Inside the historic center you will find the beautiful checkered square Vittorio Emanuele and the Old Port; Porto Vecchio. It is not surprising that it is one of the most photographed places in Lazise, as you will find yourself in front of typical fishermen boats, one more colourfull than the other.

Continuing you will find other places to visit on Lake Garda that you cannot miss. If you haven’t done so yet, take a pen and mark them all!

Another 5 km to the north lies Bardolino. You actually have two options to reach it by bike. You can follow the cycle and pedestrian path along the lake or take a parallel road in the hills with a beautiful view on Lake Garda.

If you decide to go into the hills, you must follow the signs to Colà, part of the municipality of Lazise. Most likely it is a name you have already heard, because Colà is known for its Parco Termale del Garda: Villa dei Cedri. In the hills of Colà you will find one of the nicest cycling routes in the south of Lake Garda. Once at the start, all you have to do is follow the path along vineyards and olive groves. A perfect opportunity to make a pit stop somewhere for a tasting and buy real local products.

The cycle route continues to Calmasino, municipality of Bardolino, where I suggest you stop at the church. As soon as you arrive you will understand why… Infact, the church is set on a hill and has a therefor a beautiful view of the area. You can then cycle on to Bardolino by following an easy descent towards Cisano and then along the lake, those that prefer staying in the hills can cycle along “via Costabella di Cisano” on a lower hill leading to Bardolino. Once in the center you can cycle another 5 km to Garda directly along Lake Garda.

Continue reading to discover the places to visit on Lake Garda in a “slow” way.

If this is not enough and you want to enjoy yet another view from above, you can cycle to the Hermitage of San Giorgio, reachable by making a difference of about 200 m height. The road to get there is unpaved, so consider that it will be slightly more tiring. For this reason it would be better to have a mountainbike, this way you could also explore the surrounding trails, and maybe reach Rocca di Garda for a fantastic panoramic view.

After 20 km from the start (or 27 if you made the tour to Rocca di Garda) you will arrive in Garda. Definitely one of the places that you cannot miss during your visit of Lake Garda, a beautiful village with a quaint marina. I recommend going to the panoramic gazebo and then take a break in one of the many lakeside bars, to fully appreciate the atmosphere of the place.

3. Cycling route south-west lake Garda: Peschiera del Garda – Sirmione – Desenzano del Garda

Length of 18,1 km – Flat trail

From Peschiera del Garda you can also go towards the western side of Lake Garda, here you will also find an easy cycling route. In this case, the path does not go directly along the lakeside because there are beaches where bicycles are not allowed and because there are many private areas directly on the water. As a result, you will have to follow the bike path in direction Sirmione and Desenzano, along the main road SS11. The advantage of this path is that it is completely paved and flat. The disadvantage is that it often continues on the other side of the street, and you have to therefore cross it a number of times.

This cycle path starts from Via Milano in Peschiera, near Camping Bella Italia and continues along Via Bell’Italia. In just 11 km you will find yourself in front of the majestic Scaliger Castle which welcomes you to Sirmione. This small strip of land that extends into the lake and separates the Veronese coast from the Brescia coast is undoubtedly worth a visit. I advise you to park your bikes fopr a pitstopand enter its historic centre. Sirmione is a small village on a peninsula and has beautiful little corners and alleys with a view on the lake.

It does not matter which street you follow. They will all lead you to the amazing Grotte di Catullo on the very edge. Depending on the season and the time available to you, you can choose whether to relax on the wonderful Jamaica beach, unique in its kind thanks to its white flat stones. Or to visit the archaeological park of the Grotte di Catullo for a more cultural visit.

If after your visit in Sirmione, you wish to continue with your bike, I suggest you read the next lines about Desenzano del Garda. One of the bigger towns to visit on lake Garda.

From Sirmione to Desenzano the route is almost entirely along a cycle/pedestrian road with a lake view. Another ten flat and paved kilometers and you’ve arrived.

Good to know: From Desenzano and Sirmione there are several ferries (often with a change) that you can take, with your bike, back to Peschiera del Garda. On the Navigarda schedule you can recognize these ferries by the bicycle symbol.

4. The islands: Promontorio di San Fermo – Manerba

Length of 9 km – Altitude difference of 110 meters

Cycle paths on Lake Garda

After talking about the Veronese side of Lake Garda, I will now show you some cycle paths on the Bresciano-side of Lake Garda.

A nice route connects the two promontory points and the two most beautiful islands of the lake. The larger island is called Isola del Garda and is located in front of the Punta San Fermo, the starting point. The second smaller island is called Isola di San Biagio, also known as Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island) and is clearly visible from Punta Belvedere. If you have time, I recommend visiting both.

From Punta San Fermo (which would need a separate article because of its beauty) and in which you can also find a small church, you have to go inland and then at the road fork, turn left (heading south). This street is called Via San Fermo and you follow it until you reach a main street (just after some sports fields): Via Umberto Zerneri: turn left again and follow the cycle path that runs along this street until the second roundabout. You will find the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine on your right, where you can stop to admire the beautiful decorations inside.

The beauty of these places to visit on Lake Garda will make you forget all your efforts. Do not stop and discover more!

Return to the roundabout and take the SP39 south. After less than 3 km you turn left in Via degli Alpini, this road will lead you towards the Rocca di Manerba. This route is about 13-14 km round trip and has only a small elevation change. Once in Manerba you can decide for a more challenging route and continue to the parking lot of the Rocca and, if you wish, reach the top. As you can expect, the effort will be rewarded with a beautiful view. From Rocca di Manerba you can see the whole of Lake Garda, both the opening to the north as the entire southern part. On clear days it is truly breathtaking!

Before continuing your way to Punta Belvedere for another nice view, I recommend taking the secondary road Via Pisenze for a stop at the beach and guaranteed relaxation.

Bike tour recommended by Fabio of Bike Experience

Discover the Adige Valley between villages, forts and nature. This route starts from Rivoli Veronese and follow the Ciclovia del Sole northwards towards Trento, crossing small villages along the Adige river, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and vineyards. It continues through the Land of the Forts and crosses the suggestive Chiusa di Ceraino to the centre of Volargne, the main place of production of the “Red Marble of Verona”. Then return to Rivoli following part of the route of the “Cammino del Bardolino” .
It is a Bike Tour of about 45 km, suitable for those who own an ebike, or for those who do gravel and cycling. Being mainly flat, it can be approached easily even by families with small children who can travel in the rear trolley or who are at least 10 years old and can ride with an ebike.

Cycling routes in the northern part of Lake Garda

The upper part of lake Garda is extremely characteristic and even here, you can find several cycling routes and beautiful paths to visit. In fact, this is the area of the Prealps, which embraces the lake from both sides. On the Brescian side, the sheer mountains barely leave space for a road, offering a wonderful view of the waters below. On the Veronese side, Monte Baldo dominates all the villages below, creating a very special image also during the winterseason when it is covered with snow.

1. Floating path in Limone sul Garda

Length of 2,5 km (each way) – Flat trail

ciclabile sospesa limone
credits: Massimo Franceschini – mafra1176 (IG)

One of the most famous cycling routes on lake Garda of the moment is the floating or hanging Limone sul Garda bike path, inaugurated in 2018.

This is only the first part of the cycle/pedestrian path that will connect the towns of Limone sul Garda and Riva del Garda. It is a path made of wood and iron attached directly to the rocks runs right above the water of the lake. This path is only 2.5 km long and can be traveled by bike or on foot.

But why is the Limone floating walkway so well-known and loved? On one hand, we cannot deny that it has been hugely advertised and, on the other hand, it is one of the most unique and innovative cycle paths. The emotions that come up in everyone as soon as you pass over it are a mix of admiration and adrenaline. When you cycle on this path, you have the impression of flying above the lake! What also makes this trail popular is the fact that the other side of the lake is not so far away, and you have a fantastic view over it and can start guessing which villages you see in front of you.

Keep reading for the complete guide of the places to visit on Lake Garda by bike! But first, let’s see how to reach this path.

The floating path on Lake Garda is more accessible if you are in the north of the lake, but if you organize yourself well in advance you can also reach this path coming from the south. If you will arrive by car, I suggest you park in Limone, where you’ll find a large car park just 3 km from the cycle path. Many people who are on the other side of the lake reach Limone by ferry, often from Malcesine. In the summer there is about one ferry each hour and some ferries also take bicycles.

Once in the centre, to find the floating walkway you will only have to go up the alleys and lemon groves towards Capo Reamol, here you will find the starting point.

As previously reported, this route is currently only 2.5 km long and goes until the border with Trentino. The connection with Riva del Garda is expected to be completed in the coming years, but until then you will have to take the same road back again.

Good to know: keep in mind that in high season it is very busy with pedestrians, which makes it more difficult to visit it by bike. However, if you want to go by bike, but you will reach Limone by car or ferry, you have the option of renting one in the rental shops in Limone.

Ciclabile Brenzone
credits: Francesco Trentini – allmost.it

2. Cycling route along the lake: Brenzone and Malcesine

Length of ca. 20 km – Flat trail

This lakefront cycling route crosses several picturesque villages part of Brenzone and Malcesine while cycling in complete relaxation. 20km winding along the Veronese side of the lake, the trail is flat and linear. During your cycling journey, you will be accompanied by the reflection of the mountains of the opposite bank on the water and by the typical breeze of the north of the lake (hopefully in your favor).

The cycle path is suitable for everyone: sporty, less experienced or families, it is ideal for a day spend in a “slow” way. Also, perfect if you are looking for the best beach to have a swim in the lake. In this area the waters of the lake are always crystal clear and fresh, small pebble beach’s set right next to the trail. By cycling along the lake, you will be able to see them and decide which one fits you best.

Starting south from Pai, the castle of Malcesine will be the visible reference that will mark your route. You will cross Castelletto di Brenzone, Marniga, Porto di Brenzone, Assenza di Brenzone and Cassone. Up to the beautiful destination: Malcesine!

Impossible not to deeply love the village at first sight. It is full of narrow streets with small artists’ studios and colorful shops. I also recommend that you visit the castle, you can climb its high towers and admire the lake from there, like the nobles did a few hundred years ago.

Some practical information

If you reach the starting point by car there are several car parks along the Gardesana road in Pai or Castelletto di Brenzone. Alternatively, you can reach Pai with an ATV Bus (Line 484 and 483). Along the cycle path there are several bars and kiosks where you can stop for an Italian aperitivo or a meal, most are usually open from spring to the beginning of autumn. The track after Malcesine continues uninterrupted along the lakeside up to Navene.

3. Cycling route: Torbole sul Garda and Riva del Garda

Length of 3,5 km – flat trail

Ciclabile Torbole - Riva

For those who love cycling while admiring the landscape, this panoramic cycle path that connects Torbole to Riva del Garda is perfect. The cycle path is about 3.5 km long and is an itinerary also suitable for families because it is completely flat and on paved ground.

The beginning of the cycle path is from the small port of Torbole. Don’t forget to take some photography’s here before you get on your saddle!

The track is a succession of bridges and unmissable views. A perfect route for a ride in nature! The track crosses well-kept and luxuriant green gardens without ever deviating too much from the waters of the lake. The cycle path reaches the center of Riva del Garda where I suggest you stop for a visit or alternatively continue along other itineraries.

Curious to find out which cycle paths start from Riva del Garda? Keep reading !

4. The Ponale trail: Riva del Garda – Lago di Ledro

Length of ca. 10 km – Altitude difference 598 m

Credits: Anna Maria Jagielska – anna.j81 (IG)

The path of the Ponale follows an old road now unused and dedicated entirely to bikes and pedestrians. It is a rock-cut path on the mountains and offers spectacular views of the northern lake. This makes it one of the most beautiful cycling routes on Lake Garda.

If you decide to reach this area, Riva del Garda is definitely one of the places to visit on Lake Garda. Find out why!

The town of Riva del Garda belongs to the Trentino part of the lake. It is located in a large plateau surrounded by mountains, an important characteristic of this region. The town is a mixture of Trentino style with a mediterranean atmosphere like the other lake villages: the small streets of the old town are all to explore, and the paths to its sides offer some of the best panoramic views.

To start this path, you must reach the western area of Riva del Garda. You will find the start of the track after following the main road, Via Giacomo Cis, which from the port and the hydroelectric plant follows the western lakefront towards the south. After about 350 meters you will find a fork with a tunnel. The first section of the Sentiero del Ponale is the road that will go up to the right (So do not enter the tunnel) after about another 350 meters you will find the Panoramic Terrace of the Ponale.

Good to know

This route is a bit more demanding than the previous ones: it is about 9.5 km long and has a difference in altitude of 665 meters. So, I only recommend it if you’re a little more trained. Alternatively, you can take an electric bike (you could also rent it), which will allow you to get to your destination without too much difficulty.

I also highly recommeend you to check a few days before leaving if the Ponale Trail is completely open. Sometimes it happens that there are maintenance works and therefore it is necessary to close it for a few weeks.

Although the route will continue to rise, it is easy to do as you only must follow the path. If you are a little thirsty at this point, know that you will find a fountain with drinking water about 650 meters from the viewpoint. After about 800 meters and a difference in altitude of about 70 meters, the path begins to face the lake in almost all parts. The path not only offers an amazing view, but will also lead you under carved rocks, simply beautiful! The stretch then continues for another 1,5 km where it will begin to climb more and more at the height of the Ristorante Ponale Alto Belvedere in which it will lead you inland.

At this point you can go towards Lake Ledro or you could consider reaching the hidden Ponale waterfall. From the restaurant mentioned above it is less than 100 meters!

Back at the restaurant, the route will continue to climb but it will become quieter. Continue along the narrow valley surrounded by greenery, where you will soon find yourself facing the Lake Ledro. Once you reach this beautiful lake, you not only have the possibility to enjoy its thriving landscape, you also can combine your visit with a cultural stop at the Museo delle Palafitte; Museum of Pile Dwellings. This museum has some reconstruction of stilthouses and is located directly on the lake.

5. From lake to lake: Gargnano – Lago di Valvestino

Lago di Valvestino
Credits: Janericloebe

This bike path requires good training, especially for the first part. In fact, you have to go up via Angelo Feltrinelli, which is behind the center of Gargnano. In this short but intense climb you will be rewarded with a fantastic view over the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. Once at the top you will find a T-junction, turn left, and take the Strada Provinciale 9. From here you can take a rest, as the road does not have much difference in height.

After about 6 km you will reach Lake Valvestino, which extends for another 5 km.A lake characterized by steep banks reminding us of a Norwegian fjord. Valvestino is an artificial lake, formed after the construction of the Ponte Cola dam on the Toscolano stream in 1962. It is still used today to produce hydroelectric energy. On clear days the intense blue of the waters offer a breathtaking contrast with the dense woods and the surrounding valley.

At this point, some might ask themselves if there was something else in this area before becoming a lake… Well, absolutely! During each shoal or when the levels drop due to work on the dam, traces of the old customs house of Lignago emerge. An obligatory passage for the transport of goods to and from the lake. Are you also starting to hear the footsteps of the smugglers who at night tried to get around the customs crossing the woods and avoiding crevasses and cliffs?

The return will be much easier: the entire climb will be a beautiful descent. Just be careful not to overheat the brakes! Apart from that, enjoy the path and views of the lake visible among the trees.

Another place to visit on Lake Garda not to be missed is definitely Gargnano. Read our article about it!

6. The Val d’Adige: Riva del Garda – Rovereto – Trento

Length 47,5 km – Altitude difference of 223 m

The Val d’Adige: Riva del Garda – Rovereto – Trento

The cycle routes on Lake Garda around Trentino do not end here. I’m about to tell you another one that you can’t miss! The route I am going to talk about also starts in Riva del Garda, but unlike the previous one, it goes to the northeast. Infact, from lake Garda it is not that difficult to reach the beautiful Adige cycling route, a river that crosses the entire valley between Trento and Verona. To reach this path you will first have to go towards Monte Brione and Torbole sul Garda. I am talking about the same lakeside path between Riva and Torbole that we discussed earlier.

Once you arrive at the port of Torbole, turn north taking Via Riccardo Pontalti and turn left at the first opportunity to take Via Europa. After approx. After 1.5 km and an altitude difference of 127 meters you will reach the Forte di Nago, where I recommend taking a moment to turn around to enjoy the beautiful view on the lake and the imposing Monte Brione. Continue along the fairly flat cycling path Mori-Torbole, which is located south of the SS 240 road. You will pass through the nature reserve of Lake Loppio, yet another natural area with a thriving greenery.

After about 12 km you will reach the historic center of Mori and you will have to go to the right of the velodrome, taking via San Biagio. , where you will arrive right on the Adige cycle path, which extends on both sides of the river. At this point you will officially find yourself in Vallagarina, the southern part of the Val d’Adige. This area is characterized by vineyards, which extend at the foot of the mountains and create a beautiful landscape.

Cycling a bit longer you will reach Rovereto, one of the places not to be missed in your visit by bike on Lake Garda.

If you need to get back to Riva you can stop here and return or if you still have time, reach Rovereto which is only 6km away. If you will choose to drive as far as Rovereto, I recommend visiting the castle, an example of a late medieval alpine fortress and now home to the war museum. Another museum to put on your list is definitely the Mart, one of the most famous modern and contemporary art museums in Europe. Behind Rovereto there is the Hermitage of San Colombano, a little unknown place. It is a monastery built on the rock wall, reachable by 102 steps. But it is definitely worth a visit!

From Rovereto you can take the Adige cycle path to Trento, 25 km further north. This option is ideal if you plan to stop there for the night and maybe take some time to visit the city. Among the things to visit in this city I recommend you to visit, Muse which is located in the residential area of ​​Le Albere. The building in which this museum is located was designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano. On each floor you will discover a different period and layer of our planet, which are nevertheless connected as the central part of each floor is open. Many other things to visit in Trento… To know more about them, I invite you to read our article; “5 things to see in Trento”

Bike Tour to discover the Valley of the Lakes and its Castles recommended by Velolake

A route of 45 km and 770m elevation gain suitable for gravel and mtb bikes. Starting from Torbole, the cycle path runs alongside the river Sarca until you reach the city of Arco with its castle. The route continues towards the Roman bridge of Ceniga and along the forest road pineta-marocche. Along the imposing rock walls you reach the village of Pietramurata and then the lake of Cavedine. The tour continues along the spectacular panoramic road to the Castle of Drena. The road goes up in asphalt with a view of the whole Sarca valley, then continues in the woods and through an open air art gallery, to the village of Braila. Return downhill through chestnut and olive groves to Arco and then take the cycle path back to Torbole.

This itinerary can also be modified and simplified to be covered by racing bikes, e-city-trekking and by families. Reducing to 40 km of tour with 360m of altitude gain

We are at the end of our Lake tour.

There are of course more cycle paths to be found on and around Lake Garda, but I think I have described at least the most beautiful ones from south to north. I hope the article has been helpful, and if you need more information or want to know about another cycling route, I or our team of experts are at your disposal! Now all you must do is get your bike ready and visit Lake Garda slowly!


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