Five most breathtaking viewpoints around Lake Garda


How about embarking on a holiday around Lake Garda, exploring scenic trails and making stops to revel in the enchanting beauty of this place? If, like me, you adore new experiences and love to soak in unforgettable vistas, this article will undoubtedly ignite your wanderlust! I have handpicked the five most breathtaking viewpoints around Lake Garda, each offering evocative scenery that will leave you utterly mesmerized. These are like small corners of paradise from which you can truly appreciate the splendor of this water jewel nestled amidst the mountains.

There are countless places to visit on Lake Garda and it is difficult to choose.

Scattered along the lake’s shores, numerous villages present picturesque views akin to postcards, majestic castles, and charming historic centers that seem like they belong in a painting. Mentioning just a few names like Sirmione, Lazise, Malcesine, and Limone cannot fully capture the beauty of the countless other places that deserve equal recognition.

However, if you venture just a bit away from the lake’s shoreline and ascend to slightly higher altitudes, you’ll discover the most breathtaking viewpoints of Lake Garda in peaceful serenity. This is precisely why this article exists – to recommend some must-visit vantage points, away from the bustling summer traffic and tourist crowds. Whether you’re planning a solo holiday, a family trip with children, or traveling with a group, there’s no need to worry, as these viewpoints may be secluded but remain easily accessible to all.


1. Bastione Riva
2. Campo di Brenzone
3. Madonna del Pign
4. Pieve di Tremosine
5. Eremo di Bardolino

Cinque punti panoramici piú belli del Lago di Garda

The five most breathtaking viewpoints around Lake Garda: 1. RIVA BASTION

Starting from the northernmost point of the lake lies Riva del Garda, a charming little gem nestled amidst the lake and mountains. Its strategic location makes it a popular destination not only for capturing the breathtaking vistas of the lake but also for its vibrant atmosphere. The town boasts a quaint old district and offers an abundance of water and land sports activities.

One of the first must-see viewpoints on the list of the lake’s most beautiful spots is easily accessible without requiring any athletic abilities. Reaching Riva’s Bastion merely takes a three-minute ascent on a panoramic elevator.

This iconic sixteenth-century tower, built by the Venetians, was positioned at an elevated area to surveil the borders of the Gardesan territories of the Serenissima. Even today, the panorama it provides seems to stretch endlessly towards the horizon. And though Bastion Riva is not the only fortress of its time constructed in such a prime elevated and scenic location, it remains an unforgettable symbol of the town.

What makes it a must-visit location on Lake Garda?

Undoubtedly, it’s the unique journey to get there. As the famous saying goes, “It’s not just about the destination, but the journey itself,” and here it holds true. The remarkable feature is an all-glass elevator that inclines, carrying passengers up a height difference of approximately 13 meters. During the ascent, everyone can marvel at the splendid beauty of Lake Garda in all its glory. Unless you have a fear of heights, this will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience!

In my opinion, the best time to go is when the sky starts to display the enchanting orange hues of sunset. Once you reach the top, there awaits an elegant restaurant where you can indulge in a romantic dinner with a captivating view overlooking the lake!

Credits: Andrea Dalla Bona – @a_dalla_bona (IG)


Moving on to the second most exquisite viewpoint of Lake Garda: Campo di Brenzone. Getting to this spot requires a short walk, but tranquility is guaranteed! Campo has been nearly deserted for quite some time now, with just a couple of families remaining. Indeed, hardly anyone permanently resides here anymore. The primary reason is its location, which, while offering an unparalleled panorama, also makes accessibility a challenge.

To visit this place and enjoy the view of Lake Garda, you can only reach the small hamlet of Brenzone municipality on foot, following a mule track that connects Castelletto and Prada. The path meanders through olive trees with a gentle slope, making it an accessible walk for people of all ages.

Upon reaching the medieval village of Campo, you will be greeted by a picturesque settlement of small stone houses, uninhabited and clustered around the church. As you gaze out, the majestic Lake Garda unfolds before you in all its splendor. If you choose to visit this viewpoint during the spring or autumn season, chances are you won’t encounter anyone else. However, during certain periods of the year, the village springs back to life. In the summer, the Campo Foundation arranges events and group hikes that attract a considerable number of participants.

Additionally, each year during the Christmas season, a festival of handmade nativity scenes called “Natale a Campo” takes place, becoming a must-see event for locals and visitors from nearby areas. Many people come to Campo to marvel at the numerous nativity scenes meticulously crafted inside homes and scattered among the streets and ruins of the village.

The breathtaking panorama and the enchanting ambiance of this Lake Garda destination offer a distinctive and immersive experience unlike any other.

Cinque punti panoramici piú belli del Lago di Garda


Have you stumbled upon this article in search of the perfect scenic spot for a memorable proposal or an unmatched surprise? Among the five most stunning viewpoints of Lake Garda, this location is undoubtedly the right choice. It offers a delightful detour from the path leading to the famous and frequently photographed Rocca di Garda.

If you happen to be a photographer or an enthusiast of photography, this place to visit on Lake Garda is tailor-made for you! You can easily reach the viewpoint by car. Alternatively, if you prefer to hike, you can take Via San Bernardo from the center and then turn onto Via degli Alpini. Following the signs for Rocca di Garda, after a short distance, you’ll spot the detour to Madonna del Pign.

While the more daring and sporty individuals may continue on to reach the summit, I assure you that stopping at this point is equally rewarding, and the view is just as impressive as an hour’s climb upward. This is not to take anything away from Rocca, of course, but if you’re there for a special moment, it’s best not to arrive out of breath. The sheer emotion of the moment will leave you speechless!

From this vantage point, the Gulf of Garda stretches out before your eyes. You can savor the view of the lakeside promenade extending all the way to Punta San Vigilio and beyond to the north.

As you arrive, a statue of Madonna with her gaze fixed upon the azure waters of the lake warmly welcomes you. Aside from the breathtaking view, this viewpoint, one of the most beautiful in Lake Garda, exudes a unique atmosphere. Many locals come here seeking courage to make important decisions or to regain their confidence.

The statue was placed on the slopes of the fortress at the end of the Second World War by the people of Garda as a token of gratitude for protecting the town from bombing. Since then, it has stood watch, safeguarding the community from above. You cannot miss it, especially if you visit Garda in the evening, as the statue of Madonna is clearly visible and easily recognizable even from the lakeside promenade.

Who would have thought that not far from one of the most frequented scenic spots of Lake Garda, there exists an equally beautiful panoramic gem? Most importantly, it offers serenity and seclusion, away from the bustling flow of tourists and visitors!

Credits: Stefano Marelli – @s_marelli (IG)

4. Five most breathtaking viewpoints around Lake Garda: PIEVE DI TREMOSINE

Scattered along the lake’s shores, numerous villages present picturesque views akin to postcards, majestic castles, and charming historic centers that seem like they belong in a painting. Mentioning just a few names like Sirmione, Lazise, Malcesine, and Limone cannot fully capture the beauty of the countless other places that deserve equal recognition.

Whoever claimed that viewpoints are only for sweet and romantic moments? Some scenic spots also offer their visitors an adrenaline-pumping experience. Among these, the fantastic Strada della Forra is a well-known destination for passionate motorcyclists.

This extraordinary road, known as “the eighth wonder of the world,” carves a winding path through the heart of the mountain, overlooking the lake and following the course of the Brasa stream. It connects the small village of Pieve di Tremosine to the lakeside promenade, providing a unique and thrilling detour along the Western Gardesana road. You might think I’m once again suggesting a detour, but there’s a good reason for it. It’s by venturing off the beaten path and main streets that you discover the most breathtaking panoramic spots around Lake Garda.

The road can be traversed by both motorbike and car, offering a journey to be savored slowly while respecting traffic signals along the route. It’s a route meant to be enjoyed, taking in the surroundings. Interestingly, this very road was famously featured in the movie “Quantum of Solace,” where James Bond raced along it at full throttle

Once you reach Pieve di Tremosine, the view in front of you will be a paradise for your eyes! In the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the small village consists of a few stone houses perched on the cliff overlooking the lake. Through the narrow streets you discover small corners and unparalleled views of the water. In this regard, a plaque reads: “Pieve, who from your balconies looks opens his heart to the magical Garda”.

But with the arrival of social Pieve di Tremosine has become a very popular destination especially for its Terrace of the Thrill. A place undoubtedly suggestive and “unstable”. A cantilevered balcony on the lake that owes its name to the sensation it causes to visitors when they look towards the cliff. Pieve di Tremosine between its road to reach it and the terrace definitely deserves to be in my list of the five most beautiful viewpoints of the lake.

Dear reader, are you curious to discover what other place of incomparable beauty to visit on Lake Garda? Read on!

Five most breathtaking viewpoints around Lake Garda


I was discussing the idea of discovering tranquil viewpoints, away from the bustling tourist crowds that flock to the lake’s shores during the warmer months. The Eremo of St. George perfectly exemplifies such a peaceful and serene spot, situated on the mountain bearing the same name, overlooking the eastern coast of the Lake.

Reaching the Hermitage is convenient as you can drive up to a small parking lot and then continue on foot for about 15 minutes, with a slight uphill trek. The short walk takes you along a dirt road, surrounded by olive trees, and it’s a small effort that rewards you with an unparalleled viewpoint. As you ascend, not only do you get breathtaking views of the lake, but it also provides a moment of contemplation in preparation for your arrival at the Eremo.

This viewpoint, counted among the lake’s most beautiful, dates back to 1663 and is still inhabited by the Camaldolese monks’ community. The monks warmly welcome all visitors, whether believers or non-believers. Throughout the day, they conduct Masses and religious services, and they are available to offer hospitality and prayer experiences to those interested. However, many visitors come to this place simply to rediscover and experience a little bit of wholesome simplicity and tranquility.

Precisely for this reason the Eremo of Bardolino is a place to visit on Lake Garda.

You’ll discover a place that allows you to connect with nature and tranquility, away from the bustling noise of the town center and the busy beaches of the Lake. This captivating spot sits atop Monte San Giorgio, offering stunning views overlooking the blue waters of the lake. Once you arrive at the monastery, you can choose to explore one of the numerous paths that meander through the woods or make a stop at the Antica Farmacia, a small shop offering products made by the Camaldolesi monks and their community.

Their guiding principle, “ora et labora,” reflects the characteristic of the Benedictine spirit. Here, you can find an array of products derived from olive trees, as well as a rich selection of items from other monasteries, including jams, honey, various kinds of chocolate, herbal teas, and essential oils. This concludes my list of the five most stunning viewpoints of Lake Garda, my personal favorites that I highly recommend to all visitors seeking a unique perspective of the lake.

People often inquire about the best time to visit these places. Undoubtedly, the spring season is ideal for enjoying beautiful sunny days without enduring excessive heat. Additionally, many establishments and activities reopen during spring, including guided tours around the lake, available from April onwards. However, don’t worry if your visit is scheduled for another time of the year, as the Lake boasts a mesmerizing atmosphere and picturesque sunsets throughout all seasons.

Throughout every season, these destinations to explore around Lake Garda undergo natural changes, displaying fresh hues and perspectives. This constant transformation ensures that visitors are treated to diverse and distinctive landscapes, making each visit a truly unique experience!


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