What to do at the Cavour water park

The Caribbean just a few steps from the lake

A few kilometres from the lake, surrounded by hills and vineyards, there is a small oasis of relaxation and fun: the Cavour water park.

Palm trees, crystal clear water and fine white sand …

Many will seem to have taken the wrong road and ended up in the Caribbean but no, it’s all true.

Nothing like hours of air travel, but just about ten minutes by car from Peschiera del Garda to reach this paradise. If, on the other hand, you are coming from further away, the park can be easily reached from both the A4 motorway and the A22 Modena-Brenner motorway.

The only difficult thing? It will only be deciding what to do at the Cavour water park: sun or bath?

On these summer days the Cavour Park is undoubtedly one of the places to visit on Lake Garda when the heat begins!

What to do at the Cavour water park

45 Years of Parco Cavour: The history

Before finding out what to do at the Cavour water park, you should know that this year the park celebrates 45 years of opening!

Let us therefore briefly retrace these years to discover the history of the Park.

The story of a family and a place that was initially created to be simply a summer home for holidays. Starting from a dream, it has become a bigger project, a place for everyone’s well-being and recreation.

The current Parco Cavour is the result of the ideas and work of Mr. Bighelli and his family. That he wanted to create a Caribbean environment in these lands.

They started from a bare plot of land in the hills of Valeggio and started planting trees and flowers. A first swimming pool and then their home transformed into a restaurant bar, up to what you can see today: a small paradise of water in nature.

Commitment and passion are what has been guiding the family for all these years.

Leading them to create what is now one of the most loved water parks and one of the places to visit near Lake Garda.

From the very beginning, the park has always been represented by the mascot Camillo. A cute hippo to symbolize relaxation and tranquility.

What to do at the Cavour water park

What to do at the Cavour water park

I would say that I have intrigued you enough, now we can really find out what to do at the Cavour water park!

The two main pools are the Palm Beach and Paradise Island. Fine white sand from Egypt and more than 700 palm trees create a tropical atmosphere of a certain effect.

The warm wind that always blows in this area near the lake completes and cradles rest and relaxation during tanning or bathing.

For fun it is necessary to move further towards the Water Lagoon with its slides and the Tibetan bridge. The more daring can experience the thrill of speed on the kamikaze slide and enter the Rain Forest.

But the attractions don’t end there, at Robinson’s Beach you can experience a true castaway experience. Or return to the ice age on the Iceberg multi-track slide.

Games and slides for all ages make it the ideal place to visit near Lake Garda for the whole family.

Particular attention is also given to the little ones, with shows and entertainment during the hours of the day in the company of Camillo.

Really spoiled for choice among all the things to do at the Cavour water park!

Countless additional services complete the park and allow you to spend the whole day. Football fields, indoor bar-restaurant for meals or a refreshing drink and if by chance you have forgotten something? Sunglasses, swimwear, newspaper, you will undoubtedly find it all at the well-stocked bazaar.

What to do at the Cavour water park

Special events

The surprises don’t end there with the things to do at the Cavour water park.

For private events, Cocobay has been created, a private beach area for unique parties and events.

Have you ever dreamed of a birthday in Hawaii? Or a hen party in the Caribbean?

Well, at Cavour water park this is possible!

Make your dream come true and book the beach for your next party.

You will have at your disposal a part of the beach with limited access for your guests, with suspended beds and relaxation areas.

Plus, a private whirlpool with hot water!

You just have to see with your own eyes this little corner of paradise in the hills of Valeggio sul Mincio.

Buy your discounted ticket, grab a swimsuit and dive into the summer!

What to do at the Cavour water park

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