Peschiera boat walls tour 15 April 2022

With the beginning of spring, the lake and the villages around the lake start to populated again by visitors, bringing back liveliness and movement.

The Easter Holidays usually marks the beginning of working season. As most of the experiences and activities on Lake Garda start in this time of the year.

On Friday 15 April we have received a fantastic group coming from Rome for a visit inside the fortress of Peschiera del Garda.
Peschiera, being an architectural, artistic and cultural jewel, UNESCO world heritage, was a must-see during their 3 days of visit in north Italy.  

Peschiera boat walls tour 15 april 2022

Organisation of the visit

The coordinator has contacted us some weeks before the visit, when the group was still deciding where to stop during their stay on Lake Garda.
The history, the architectural heritage and the beauty of the city have been decisive for their choice.

Once the destination was decided it was time to find the best way to visit Peschiera in order to appreciate all of its hidden corners.
As the fortress is completely surrounded by water, the best way to see it was from the water. And so we proposed the boat walls tour.

This type of tour makes it possibile to admire Peschiera from a different and unique point of view. By boat it is possible to see points that are not reachable in other ways and so it is more likely to see the full majesty of the Venetian Fortress.

For this reason, along with the guided visit on foot, this is a tour that we always suggest to the visitor in order to have a complete visit of Peschiera.
By contacting us by e-mail it is possible to organise the boat tour by telling us the time, date and number of participants.  
For this tour we have booked a boat only for the group for a specific time and we have provided all the technical details.

Peschiera boat walls tour 15 april 2022
Credits: Stefano Marelli

The walls tour

On Friday afternoon, the 15 visitors from Rome have reached Peschiera and its UNESCO Fortress. We have welcomed them in from of our office and we all took a picture aiming to capture the moment.

After a brief introduction on the history of Peschiera and its important role during the different historical periods the group had reached the dock.

The departure is from San Mark Square, the boat tour starts from the “Canale di Mezzo” and goes in the direction of the “Ponte dei Voltoni”.

During the 25 minutes tour the group had the possibility to admire the pentagonal Fortress with its ramparts by coasting the wall until the “Fossa Reale”.

After the tour, we said goodbye hoping to have gave them something to talk about and to remember. 
With this experience our aim was to transmit and share the history and the value of this city.

Hearing the participants saying that they were not expecting such a beautiful city is very rewarding and shows that we succeeded in the intent.


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