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What better occasion to introduce ourselves than in front of a wonderful sunset on Lake Garda? I don’t know if you have already been in Peschiera at our office… If it is so, maybe you would recognize some of us.

Our job is more likely seen as only a front office job, but there’s more.

You will always be our top priority. That’s why what we have in common is our goal! To welcome you with a smile, to be your main reference for your holiday, where to ask anything you will need. You can always count on us!

Furthermore, you could discover the unique experiences to enjoy around the beautiful Lake Garda and book them in advance.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. We generally speak English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish (plus, some of us begun to learn Russian).
We definitely complement each other and help each other, to make you feel like home. Even on holiday.

Anyway, keep reading to know us better. As we said before, our job implies also many back office tasks, managed by our team in an interconnected way.

Let’s start with Sebin and Denise: without them, #GardaLanding wouldn’t’ be here!

Sebin handles the commercial area and bureaucracy: he manages all the sponsor relationship, arranging every single activity we offer. A real Tourism Director! However, we assure you that he is always stretching our humor.

Denise is the Infopoint Manager, coordinating us in order to always give our best. She makes sure you will not leave the office without having a smile on your face. Firstly, she has an incredible passion for this job, taking care of it with much precision. Secondly, Denise is a perfect Digital Strategist, just in case you’re wondering who the creator of this web site is.

Tiziana is a member of the team since many years. Front Office Manager, but also Social Media Manager. She always finds the best solution for every problem, never missing to be professional, kind and patient. Therefore, she is also the author of many texts and translations of our blog!

Then, meet Claudia: we call her our “sunshine”, because of her contagious smile that welcomes you at the front office. Every week, many people come to explore with her the Venetian Fortress of Peschiera. In fact, she is the one who manages the Peschiera Walking Tour, a guided visit to discover the beautiful history of our Arilica.

If you have already tried to contact us for some group tours, you have certainly talked with our efficient Group Planner, Alessia. She will organize everything for your trip, plus taking care of the back and front office. Her strengths? Accuracy and problem solving. Furthermore, she is such a genuine person.

We shall conclude with the two new entries of the team, Alice and Linda! They are trying to learn as more as possible in a very little time, thanks to their colleagues.

You can find them at the front office, where both will warm you with their sweetness. Their secret is being complementary in the back office. In fact, Alice adores writing down texts for the blog and the website; then Linda loves to translate them.

As you may have learned, each one of us is important and unique to build the team.

Therefore, what else to say? We are waiting for you at our office, in Peschiera del Garda! We are at Piazzale Betteloni, 15. Open every day, all day.
We will always try to help you for anything you may need for an unforgettable holiday.


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