The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda unmasked!

Lake Garda, nestled in the suggestive mountains of northern Italy, is one of the most precious jewels of Italy. With its breathtaking beauty, crystal clear waters and picturesque towns overlooking its shores, the lake attracts visitors from all over the world. In addition to offering breathtaking views and outdoor activities, Lake Garda is also famous for its beautiful beaches, which offer moments of pure relaxation and fun.

There are many beaches on Lake Garda, most with gravel but there are more than one even with sand… There are beaches with large spaces (even green) and other small ones, hidden by sheer mountains. Thanks to the diversity of the landscape, you can find beaches with services for any type of need.

In this first section of the article I will take you with me to discover the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda, starting from the Brescia shore and doing all the tour of Garda.

To find the best beach for you I have divided them into different categories:

  • The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda
  • The most beautiful equipped beaches of Lake Garda

Discover our list of the most beautiful beaches to visit on Lake Garda based on where you will stay and according to your needs!


In this first section of the article I will take you with me to discover the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda. We’ll divide them into four zones: north, south, east, west. Through my personal information, experiences and curiosity acquired, but especially having visited them in person, I hope to find you the most suitable ones for you.

The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda unmasked!
Credits: stefanie_koelbli


There are also beaches on the Trentino shore of Lake Garda, here the climate is cooler being in the north so the bath you start to do a little later. On the other hand, thanks to the wind that often blows in the area, these beaches are very popular with lovers of water sports such as windsurfing or sailing.  So let’s see which of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda you can find in this area.

1. The lido di Fasano – Gardone

The beach of Fasano recognized the only beach of Garda “Blue Flag” for the clarity of the water, recognized not for nothing as one of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda. It is a beach with free access, equipped with toilets and showers and a convenient free parking nearby. If you are with a group of friends here you can compete in the beautiful field of Beach volleyball or take a drink at the kiosk. Losers pay for drinks, right? Not only that, near the beach there is also a bicycle shop, where you can rent them to explore the hinterland or continue the lakeside promenade.

The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda unmasked!
Lucertole Beach – Credits: Fabian Kühne

2. Lucertole Beach – Tobole

The beach is very large and well maintained, looking around you will hardly believe you are at the lake but rather in some oceanic area with high waves. This beach is the home of surfers, among all the most frequented. If you are looking for the right wave, here you will undoubtedly find it! 

You come here to climb mainly, not to swim. The beach of Lucertole is in fact a historic crag of Garda, a sacred place for climbing lovers. The level of difficulty is for experts, the limestone wall is overhanging the lake with many routes that start from iron rungs flush with the water. 

3. Baia Val di Sogno

Right after the port of Malcesine opens in front of you the spectacular promenade that leads to the Bay of Val di Sogno, one of the most beautiful beaches of the lake. The name takes up the name of the island surrounded by emerald water that rises nearby. Walking to an island? You will not believe but from this beach is possible!  In the periods when the water of the lake lowers you can really get to the magnificent island of Dream which is only 20 meters from the shore.

But from here you will not only see explorers on foot, many come to the bay of Val di Sogno to practice windsurfing. It is in fact often a very windy area, if you want advice if you come here anything typical straw hat summer. I know, even if the atmosphere would make it a perfect accessory for picturesque shots, the risk of losing it at the first breath of wind is high! 

4. Grostol beach– Limone

From the city center the first beach you can reach is Grostol Beach, a landmark to find it: Hotel Astor. You should know that in Limone sul Garda all the beaches have free access so of course this one too. Being surrounded by good vegetation I recommend this beach to families with small children looking for some areas in the shade and tranquility. On the water nothing to say except: crystalline.


Jamaica Beach

1. Jamaica Beach – Sirmione

Which beaches are the most beautiful on Lake Garda? You’ve probably heard of Jamaica Beach in Sirmione. Just following a dirt path surrounded by olive trees from the entrance of the archaeological park down to the water you reach her: Jamaica Beach. Unique and recognizable by the waters of the lake, with its clear and smooth stones that can be glimpsed just below the crystal clear water.

Impossible not to notice it during the classic boat tour of the peninsula.  The beach is surrounded by unspoilt nature and surrounds the most extreme tip of the rocky spur that juts out towards the lake. Ideal place for those who want a natural beach to relax, you can still rent some sunbeds at the beach bar. A curiosity, when the water of the lake is particularly low you can reach the beach with a walk from the Lido delle Bionde

2. Spiaggia D’Oro – Lazise

One of the questions we receive most about the beaches on Lake Garda? “Are there beaches with sand?” One of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda is Spiaggia D’Oro Beach. One of the few along the shores of the lake to be in fine sand. It is located in the area of the south lake and in this beach there is nothing to envy to the sea bathing centers. The beach is of the same name but open to all and offers high level comfort for a pleasant day at the lake. 

For non guests of the camping  is only accessible by the lakeside promenade that starts from the large Parking Marra outside the walls of Lazise. To take the path once parked instead of heading to Porta Lion, one of the entrances to the town, turn left. After reaching the Spiaggia D’Oro you will cross La Quercia Beach, also with the name of the campsite behind. Equally beautiful and sandy, here you have the opportunity to rent kayaks, pedal boats and sup.

3. Punta Staffalo beach– Sirmione

Punta Staffalo beach is a free pebble beach, near the center of Sirmione. It is located just before Jamaica Beach. It is a beach where relaxation reigns and the setting is heavenly. It is easily reached on foot directly from the center of Sirmione. A peculiarity of this beach? The crystal clear water that catapults us into a Caribbean beach!

4. Bergamini beach– Peschiera

Continuing near the port opens the small beach Bergamini, gravel. Here there is peace and quiet, the ideal place to relax in the sun or to take a fresh bath. The beach Bergamini retains its charm even out of season and is an ideal place for short walks. Near the beach is the old Mulino Beach, a bar restaurant very popular where you can have lunch, dinner or stop for a short snack. The Old Mill Beach organizes fun cooking classes for beginners and amateurs. If you want to start a more active activity, you can rent a stand up paddle for a few hours.


1. La cavalla beach– Garda

The most popular and well-known beach in Garda is Spiaggia la Cavalla. The beach is very popular with families who have the opportunity to rent deck chairs and sunbeds but also lie down freely where they prefer. If you are walking to the center of Garda is easy to reach, just follow the lakeside Regina Adelaide and continue on the promenade Rivalunga. Keep in mind that the beach is free and not too big so in high season it is often crowded.

2. Punta Cornicello e Lido Cisano beach– Bardolino

Punta Cornicello beach is the fastest and easiest to reach from the center of Bardolino, following the lakefront Francesco Lenotti. The beach is pebbled with some rocks. It is surrounded by a wooded area that gives a pleasant shade on hot days. Lie down pampered by the sparkling air of the lake and the intense scent of olive trees and oleanders has no equal. The beach is easy to reach by car and there is a free parking place nearby.

Not far from the beach there is a good restaurant for lunch or for a snack. While for the little ones, near the beach, there is a beautiful play area.

3. Beaches di Pai

From Torri a magnificent lakeside walk continues to the hamlet of Pai and beyond. On this lakefront will open almost regularly and continues small bays on your left that have no name. I like to call them balconies on Lake Garda, because of their semicircular shape overlooking the clear waters, among the most beautiful of the lake. If you are looking for an uncrowded beach on Lake Garda, here you will undoubtedly find it!

The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda unmasked!
Credits: francescamori


1. Pisenze beach– Manerba

To fully enjoy the unspoilt nature of the Rocca Natural Park and the crystal clear waters of the lake I recommend the beach of Pisenze.  The beach is in the middle of the lake park, between the Rocca di Manerba and the Punta di Belvedere. Here navigation is forbidden and is a true natural oasis where peace reigns. Although it seems like a lost place in the unspoilt nature the beach is easily accessible by car, has parking nearby and a small kiosk.

If you’re wondering, this is one of the most popular Sup and windsurfing schools on the lake. If you didn’t know, maybe the information comes in handy!

2. White bay – Manerba

Looking for a Caribbean atmosphere and a dream location? The white beach, which as you can imagine takes its name from the color of its fine sand, is the right place. The bay is surrounded by vegetation and is partly free access, partly equipped. In addition to the possibility of renting deck chairs and umbrellas on the beach you can experience different water sports and diving. Once you arrive you will almost forget to be at the lake with crystal clear water, the beach and the kiosk open until night. To complete the Caribbean atmosphere in the evening you will find a discobar for dancing nights in the fine sand in the moonlight.

3. Casina e Lido Copelia beach in Padenghe sul Garda

For families or those looking for more tranquility the place what I recommend is the Casina Beach. The beach has a large green and shaded parking, easily accessible from the A4 motorway. If you have the camper you will be pleased to know that you can leave it here parked without problems and walk to the lake in a few minutes.

The beach is free and with stones. It is very large so, even in the periods of greater affluence, a quiet place you always find! In high season the beach restaurant Casina is open every day for a dinner with excellent lake fish.

Not far from the previous beach there is the Lido Copelia, known mainly for its kiosk. The different tables and umbrellas all colorful bar are in fact a meeting point for many kids for snacks and aperitifs. In addition, the bright colors make them a decidedly instagrammable place! A much loved feature of the entire lakefront of Padenghe are the many wooden piers distributed along the beach. Being free and easy to access for all are perfect to try your hand at amazing dives in the waters of the lake!

The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda unmasked!
Baia delle Sirene – Credits: Marco Ghirello – ghire (IG)



1. Pra de la Fam beach in Tignale

The name does not promise anything good in fact in dialect means: beach of hunger. Do not worry, however, it comes from the past times in which the sailors often remained stuck in the place for days remaining without food because of the adverse winds that did not allow him to sail.

The most beautiful way to reach the beach is through the panoramic path that overlooks the lake. If you do not want to walk, in the summer months there is also a shuttle bus service. The beach is set in a beautiful beach, with crystal clear waters and surrounded by unspoilt nature.

Once there you will find yourself near the ecomuseum of the lemon house Pra de la Fam, where I highly recommend a visit. In fact, in addition to discovering all the secrets of citrus cultivation, you can also taste the excellent products which are all made with the fruits of the lemon house.

2. Tifù Beach

Pebble beach with free access with area equipped with WC, sailing school surfing and kitesurfing, beach umbrella, beach volleyball, bar, snack bar.

The beach is half divided by the Leonardo da Vinci marina but you can cross it freely passing from one side of the beach to the other. There are several plants with a shaded area that make the beach perfect for the warmer and sultry months. One of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy the fresh breeze of the Peler.


1. Beach Lido i Cappuccini – Peschiera

Walking on the lakeside promenade Mazzini after the long tree-lined avenue you can immediately meet this pebble beach and lawn. Among the most popular and known of Peschiera Spiaggia ai Cappuccini is the favorite destination for tourists and locals. Along the beach some wooden piers stretch out towards the blue waters of the lake, here many brave inhabitants already from the first warm engage in daring dives. The more judicious ones instead let themselves be pampered by the warm rays of the sun for an impeccable tan at the end of summer. 

2. Juliet Beach – Pacengo di Lazise

One of the most beautiful equipped beaches of Lake Garda is definitely the Giulietta Beach. It is located in Pacengo and is a pebble beach, equipped and suitable not only for adults and children but also for 4-legged friends. Juliet Beach prepares, in fact, an entire area dedicated to dogs, a “dog beach”.

It ‘a beach with all the comforts: free parking a few steps from the beach and beach bar and restaurant, for a great lunch or aperitif with friends, enjoying the beautiful sunsets!


1. Punta San Vigilio – San Vigilio

Punta San Vigilio, how not to know it and how not to want to go there seeing it from the lakefront of Garda. This corner of the coast that stretches towards the lake has always been a popular destination and also visited by the most illustrious characters. To reach this little corner of paradise you can continue the lakeside in a northerly direction, better get comfortable shoes because the path is partly unpaved. Alternatively, Punta San Vigilio can be reached by car from the Gardesana road and at its entrance there is a free guarded parking. Be careful though, the places are not many and fill up immediately in the summer!

2. La Motta new – Garda

Imagine a place where the taste of an aperitif blends with the serenity of a beach. We are talking about a charming restaurant bar, complete with sun loungers and umbrellas, which welcomes you a few steps from the heart of Garda. This pearl is located right along the pedestrian promenade that connects the gems of Lake Garda, Garda and Bardolino. And it is not only the dream position that makes it stand out, but also the ease of reaching it. In addition, there is no need to worry about parking: a short distance you will find a large paid parking, ready to welcome your car while you immerse yourself in the unique experience of this place.

3. Baia Stanca Beach Bar – Torri del Benaco

At the end of the village of Torri del Benaco, there is a beach right in a corner that gives you a spectacular view. They also have sunbeds and parasols for rent and a beach bar, that’s all. The most beautiful thing is that it is so close to the village that if you stop here you can safely take a walk to the center of Torri del Benaco, do some shopping or enjoy this fantastic place, without even having to move the car.

The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda unmasked!
Credits: Wolfgang Moroder


1. Beach Rimbalzello – Salò

In this lido you will find everything: white sand, lawn, beach to swim at the lake and swimming pool for those who prefer it. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as eat in the bistro. Inside there are also 3 tennis courts, 5 soccer fields and a diving center.

2. White Bay – Manerba

Looking for a Caribbean atmosphere and a dream location? The white beach that, as you can imagine, takes its name from the color of its fine sand is the right place. The bay is surrounded by vegetation and is partly free access, partly equipped. In addition to the possibility of renting deck chairs and umbrellas on the beach you can experience different water sports and diving. Once you arrive you will almost forget to be at the lake with crystal clear water, the beach and the kiosk open until night. To complete the Caribbean atmosphere in the evening discobar for dancing nights in the fine sand in the moonlight.

3. Coco Beach – Lonato del Garda

The beach symbol of leisure and fun until late at night is the Coco Beach. In fact, in addition to being a beach resort equipped with fine sand beach is also home to the Coco Beach club. In the summer evenings are organized aperitifs with dj-sets, parties, theme nights and disco. At Coco beach you have the opportunity to experience the beach from morning to enjoy the blue waters of the lake until late at night. Although young people often arrive around 18 for happy hour and then do the small hours to the rhythm of music. There is a large parking lot not far from the beach but the trend of the moment is to reach the club by boat.

Credits: Louis Tripp

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