Hiking group 28 – 1 march

Lake Garda is a very appreciated destination. A point of interest for many schools, groups and associations.
Infact, it is a perfect place to experience a variety of educational paths, thanks to its historical and artistic heritage.
Every year, the interest in discovering the Italian territory in a cultural way is getting more and more substantial.

On the 28th of March we have had the pleasure in taking with us, a class of an international German school from Denmark.
For their school trip of five days, their teacher decided to visit Lake Garda and its surroundings.

Hiking group 28 – 1 march

The organization of the visit

We started the organization of this visit in October 2021 with the optimism that the pandemic conditions and restrictions could give the possibility to actually do it.

With the help of Alessia, the teacher, Ulrike, defined the potential activities to do. The group was coming by train, so the vocal point was to plan things that were easy to combinate with public transport. Without giving up on the best sights the lake has to offer.

After some exchange of emails, a planning of activities was set up:

Hiking group 28 – 1 march

Then, the 28th of March came around

The guided visit

Our optimism was repaid with a beautiful climate and not so many covid restrictions… YESS! The firts of the three activities we planned was the guided visit of Peschiera. We awaited the pupils on the morning of the 28th of march to start with the guided tour of the historical center of Peschiera. A real journey throughout the different centuries that left significant testimonies around this town.

An opportunity to discover the Venetian Fortress, UNESCO Heritage Site with the help of our guide Ann. Thanks to anecdotes and curious fact about Peschiera she was able to keep attention and make the group very involved.

Let’s go on a Hike!

On request of the students a hike at the “Rocca del Garda” was set for the day after. In the morning the students reached the town of Garda by bus, where Katja, a hiking guide, was waiting for them.
In about one hour the group reached the summit. And well, everybody was stunned by the breathtaking view.

During the hike Katja explained the history of this magnificent rock. Not only history was the theme of this journey. Katja also explained the characteristics of the flora and fauna of the territory.

In the afternoon the group have visited some other villages on the lake and, of course, they have taken lots of pictures in remembrance of the trip. Since they were already in this area, they went for a visit of Busto Arstizio school, that is the corresponded of their school in Italy.

City trips

In the last two days of their travel, the group visited Verona and Venezia and made a footage of the trip. The idea of their teacher was to do a video presentation of these two cities by filming the most salient and iconic points.

Five days full of experiences during which the group had the possibility to discover some of the most beautiful spots around Lake Garda.

It was a pleasure to meet a group of interested and curious students. And it has been a beautiful meeting between cultures and a mutual sharing.
After their return to Denmark we have received a message from the teacher, Ulrike, and we are happy to share it:

Good evening,

we enjoyed both trips very much. We got just the right amount of information, and it was conveyed in a way that appealed to our students, informative but also easy-going, with humour.

Moreover, I would like to thank you for your help and advice during the entire process!

We enjoyed our stay in Peschiera very much 🙂 I don’t know if I will visit again with a class of students as I’m approaching retirement, but I would love to come back as a private tourist. 

Kind regards,

Ulrike Sønderbek


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