Gardaland SEALIFE Aquarium for €9

Discounted tickets for Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium. Here, you can purchase tickets at the discounted price of only €9.00!

Discover SeaLife Aquarium at a special price!

Dreaming of exploring the wonders of the marine world at an affordable price? You’re in the right place! Discover in this article how to purchase discounted tickets for Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium.

With over 5000 marine creatures divided into 40 fully themed tanks, your visit to SeaLife will be a true journey. Explore the waters of Lake Garda, the sea, and reach the farthest oceans. Through large windows, an extensive ocean tunnel, and transparent domes, you will dive into a blue so deep it will leave you speechless.

Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is also a perfect place to unleash the creativity of the little ones! There are numerous interactive activities dedicated exclusively to children. And if you find yourself hungry at the end of the journey, you can replenish your energy at Captain’s Cove, the amazing restaurant.

1. Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium and the environment
2. What to do at Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium: the itinerary
3. Where it is and how to get to Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium
4. Discounted ticket prices, opening hours, and other information about SeaLife Aquarium

Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium and the environment

The SeaLife Aquarium actively cares for the environment. Your visit to the aquarium will be a unique experience that will enrich you. I am sure you will understand how important it is to respect the aquatic environment.

Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is part of the Sea Life Trust charity organization, which is committed to ocean conservation. Among the environmental initiatives, it’s interesting to note that Sea Life organizes several beach cleaning events on Lake Garda every year.

Numerous marine species can be found at Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium. You will be enchanted by the beauty and colors that surround you!

One of these species – seahorses – unfortunately, is at risk of extinction. For this reason, those you will find at the aquarium are not purchased or captured from the sea. They are born, raised, and reproduce right at SeaLife. So, if one day they were to disappear from the ocean, the aquarium could reintroduce the creatures back into their habitat, ensuring the survival of the species. Even the corals and jellyfish you will see during your visit reproduce within Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium.

SeaLife Aquarium biglietti scontati
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What to do at the SeaLife Aquarium: the itinerary

Let’s embark together on this magical journey. At the entrance of the aquarium, you will immediately encounter the Piranha area, then continue through the waters of the mountains and Lake Garda. Next, you will find the setting dedicated to the Delta del Po, followed by the mysterious Alien Species. Leaving behind the port area, one of the highlights of the aquarium awaits: the fascinating Ocean Tunnel.

A photo in the tunnel is a must! When you realize that you are swimming alongside the creatures that will glide beside (and above) you, you will move on to the Ring Tank. After the Tank and the Wreck, you have the opportunity to participate in a show featuring two adorable Sea Lions. You will see the two cubs, recently arrived at the aquarium, playing with the handlers! Continuing, you will then reach the magnificent and colorful Coral Reef.

I challenge you! Try to find Dory and Nemo, the protagonists of the famous Disney movie, among the many little fish swimming in the tank.

Next, in order, you will find the Ocean View, Interactive Tanks with the Clownfish Cave, and the Interactive Ocean. After that, the Magical Seahorse Kingdom awaits you. The visit to this paradise concludes with the Tropical Lagoon and the fascinating Jellyfish.

SeaLife Aquarium biglietti scontati
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Where it is and how to get to Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium

As you can gather from its name, Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is very close to one of Italy’s most beloved theme parks: Gardaland! If you’ve already been there, the way to get to the aquarium is the same. Otherwise, let me explain it to you right away! Gardaland is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in Castelnuovo. It is easily accessible by:

  • By car. The nearest exit from the A4 is Peschiera, while from the A22, it’s Affi. From here, just follow the signs to the park. You can park in the guarded parking lot of Gardaland for €7.00 (if you book it online on the Gardaland website, it costs €6.00).
  • By train. If you get off at Peschiera del Garda station, you will find the free shuttle that takes you to the park. The first one is 30 minutes before the park opens, and the last one is 30 minutes after closing.
  • By bus. If you stay in Peschiera del Garda, you can take ATV BUS 483 towards Malcesine (operational in summer). If you stay between Garda, Bardolino, and Lazise, you will find the ATV 483 line towards San Benedetto (summer line) or the ATV BUS 164 towards Verona.

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Discounted tickets prices, opening hours, and other information about Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium

  • On our website or at our offices, you can find tickets for Gardaland SeaLife Aquarium at a discounted price of only €9.00 (instead of €16.00).
  • Children under one meter in height enter for free.
  • Tickets are open-dated, giving you the freedom to decide when to use them.
  • Parking is not included in the ticket price. As explained above, it costs €7.00 on-site or €6.00 if booked online on the Gardaland website.
  • I recommend checking the aquarium’s opening hours on their website in the “Useful Information” – “Opening Calendar” section, as they vary depending on the period.
  • Strollers are not allowed inside the aquarium; you will be asked to leave them at the entrance.
  • Pets are not allowed.

The SeaLife Aquarium at Gardaland is the perfect place to visit in case of rain on Lake Garda! Come to our office for more information!

Sea Life Gardaland Aquarium
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GardaLanding: la prima agenzia turistica sul Lago di Garda

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