Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park for 39€

Discounted tickets: Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park. Visit the Lake Garda Thermal Park in Lazise at a special price of only €39!

Discounted tickets for Villa dei Cedri, the Thermal Park on Lake Garda, in Lazise.

The beautiful Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park is a natural SPA, nestled in greenery. To purchase discounted tickets for the Villa dei Cedri Terme, simply click here on the side. Keep reading, on the other hand, to discover all its secrets!

1. How to reach the Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri?
2. What to do at the Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri?
3. Useful information about Villa dei Cedri and the discounted tickets for the Terme di Colà

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How to reach the Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri?

The Thermal Park on Lake Garda is located a few kilometres away from Lazise, precisely in Colà. You can reach Villa dei Cedri:

  • By car. From the north, take the Brenner Motorway A22 exit “Affi“. From the south, take the A4 Motorway exit “Peschiera“. In both cases, then follow the signs to Lazise and Colà.
  • By train. The nearest train station is Peschiera del Garda, where you will find the ATV164 bus (all year round) and ATV483 bus (in summer) that will take you to Lazise. There, you will need to change buses and take the ATV163 line that reaches the Thermal Park.
  • By bus. From Lazise, the ATV163 (all year round) and ATV479 (in summer) bus lines depart for Colà.
  • By camper. Near the Thermal Park, there is a camper stop area, precisely called “Area Sosta Camper – Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri.” It is located at Via Possoi, No. 64.

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What to do at the Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri?

The thermal waters spring from two layers, one at a depth of 160 meters and the other at 200 meters, creating a beautiful panorama of fountains and waterfalls. You will be surrounded by ancient plants and trees as you immerse yourself in the Main Lake and the Small Lake, allowing yourself to relax completely. The temperature of the lakes is around 33-39 °C and 29-30°C, respectively. All around, there are marble basins with cold water for cryotherapy.

In addition, you can also access the Serra, an elegant iron and glass structure. It is one of the most recognized examples of a winter garden in the Verona area. It is located next to the main lake, and inside, you will find a heated relaxation area.

Nearby, there are two splendid places to visit on Lake Garda: Villa dei Cedri and Villa Moscardo.

Villa dei Cedri, in neoclassical style, has 27 rooms for the park’s visitors to stay in. If you are curious about the prices of Villa dei Cedri rooms, I invite you to check directly on their website. On the other hand, Villa Moscardo embodies the structure of a pre-Renaissance manor house. Here, maintaining its original features and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a restaurant has been established.

Fun fact: do you know where the name “Villa dei Cedri” comes from? Well, there are more than 150 species of cedars in the area. If you visit the Garda Thermal Park in the autumn-winter season, you will be surrounded by their fragrance.

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Useful information about Villa dei Cedri and the discounted tickets for the Terme di Colà:

  • Here on our website and in our offices, you will find discounted tickets for a full day at the Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park for only €39.00 for adults.
  • Children with a height between 1.20m and 1.50m pay €23.00.
  • Children with a height below 1.20m enter for free.
  • Tickets are open-dated. You can choose when to use them.
  • The ticket includes access to the Thermal Park and outdoor bathing. Access to the wellness center requires a separate ticket.
  • Parking is not included.
  • You can purchase inside the park: swimsuits, swim caps, towels, bathrobes, and slippers (rental is not available).
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • You can bring your packed lunch.

What to bring to Villa dei Cedri? Swimsuit, towel, bathrobe, and slippers. If you forget something, it is possible to purchase it on-site, but rental is not available.

The Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park remains open even in case of rain and during the winter season. You will, therefore, have many opportunities to enjoy this paradise!


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