Discounted tickets: Zoo and Safari on Lake Garda

Parco Natura Viva – What can you do in this zoo and where can you buy discounted tickets?

Much more than just a zoo and Safari on Lake Garda. As a zoological natural park, the main goal is to preserve biodiversity and endangered species. For this reason, the park defines itself first and foremost as a true conservation center. So, what to do in Parco Natura Viva? Let’s find it out together… But not before I’ve given you some essential information for your visit and revealed where to find discounted tickets to spend time in this zoo and safari on Lake Garda.

Environment and nature contribute to a healthy living environment and this is what the park wants to pass on to anyone who decides to spend their time here. Here you can get acquainted with more than 200 animal species whose welfare is constantly monitored. A visit to this zoo and Safari on Lake Garda normally takes half the day. The park is divided into two parts: the walking area, where you can admire about 90% of the fauna; and the Safari part, which can be visited by car.

The species come from all over the world, such that the paths that run through the park are named after the five continents. From the African cheetah, to the Siberian tiger, up to some special areas like Borealia, where you can also see the magnificent reindeer. Every creature you can find on the route has something that makes it unique and this zoo can’t wait to tell you about it!

Discounted tickets: Zoo and Safari on Lake Garda
Credits: Cesare Avesani Zaborra

How do you get to this Zoo and Safari on Lake Garda and how much do the entrance tickets to Parco Natura Viva cost?

  • By car by inserting into the navigator “Località Quercia – Bussolengo (VR)”.
  • With the public transport, Thanks to two ATV bus lines that connect the zoo with the neighboring areas on and around Lake Garda; the ATV line 163 Garda -Verona Porta Nuova; only during summer with the ATV line 479 Borghetto-Affi. Times can be checked at www.atv.verona.it.

Good to know before booking your tickets for Parco Natura Viva

  • Our tickets have no date, so you can decide when you want to use them. The entrance fee for people from 12 years old is €24 instead of €27 and for children between 6 and 11 years old, the entrance costs €17 instead of €19. However, children from 0 to 5 years are always free.
  • With our tickets you go directly to the entrance without having to go past the cash registers.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park.
  • Both the walking area and the Safari are included in the entrance ticket.
  • If you do not have a car for the Safari part, you can book a tour with a Jeep of the park.
  • Discounted tickets at this rate can only be ordered online. You can do this here on the right or top of the article. Once you have filled in the info requested, all you have to do is pick up your tickets at the Tourism Peschiera Infopoint or IAT Tourism Lazise.

Besides the conservation of the species, there are other equally important purposes that make the park one of the places to visit on Lake Garda.


Today, among the ways in which you can help the park in its admirable work, you can not only adopt an endangered friend. The park, wanting to interact with visitors as much as possible, has created a series of projects specifically for educational purposes.

From simple donations to “open-air classroom” days to introduce even the youngest visitors to biology and the study of the microenvironment. Regularly, days for teachers are organized, in order to help them learn more about many different topics for their students.

Doing scientific research and sharing data and knowledge with other conservation programs is another important theme for this zoo on Lake Garda. The aim of all this is and always will be to guarantee the maximum ecological and physiological well-being of the animals that live and are born here.

Read on, because below you can discover the latest sights that this place on Lake Garda has to offer.

What to do at Parco Natura Viva
Credits: Parco Natura Viva


Not only giants: in the House of Giants, many animal species await you that have the property of being very small or large compared to their original “relatives”. Have you ever seen a dwarf crocodile? Or a giant otter? Here you can see animals that you have probably never seen in your life. And you will be surprised to learn that dinosaurs exist: the Komodo dragon is proof of this.

From time to time, this Zoo and Safari on Lake Garda welcomes cute newborns of various protected animal species that are born here. Each visit can therefore offer unexpected new encounters!

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