Tour of Lake Garda by e-bike


No, the tour of Lake Garda by E-bike is not only for cycling lovers. Especially when Garda Bike Explorer arranges it! Even though riding a bike for kilometers without any effort seems to be impossible, you will surely change your mind as soon as you experience their E-Bike 100% made in Italy. Moreover, along the way you will have the chance to taste local wines and flavors, typical of this rich territory… let yourself be surprised by the postcard-like views you will pass by one after the other, caressed by a gentle breeze.

You will be accompanied by a multilingual guide, throughout the entire itinerary. Every single landscape, each stop along the way will unveil incredible secrets, which will be revealed to you along the way. Of course, for the expert ones who feel like it, turning off the electric support might become a fun challenge to experience the real essence of an authentic mountain bike.

Along with the guide, Michael will accompany you. He is the mind behind this project. His passion was the inspiring muse for the creation of a bike experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. The many and different paths follow the shores of the Lake Garda, even reaching another stunning lake, named Ledro. And that’s not all! Vineyards, blooming villages and the immense and luscious green lawns in the botanical garden Sigurtà will surprise you with sceneries that look like straight out of a fairytale.


The departure point is from Nobiltron Estate, located in Bussolengo. A place where the slopes of Monte Baldo meet the hills of Valpolicella.

Before finding out in detail the places to visit in Lake Garda along all the way, let me introduce you to Michael and his estate.

Biologic and biodynamic. This has been Michael’s choice since the beginning. His agricultural company had to perfectly fit the environment. Grigolato family bought the estate 14 years ago, in 2008, with the goal to bring it back to life… the ecosystem has since then been restored and even more valued.

Plenty of chestnut trees enrich with their green foliage the surroundings of the comp, encircling up to nine hectares of land. Thanks to the biodynamic method, the external interventions are minimized in order to reinforce the vitality of the vineyards, olive trees and orchards.

Once you get here, you will have the impression to be breathing along with the nature itself. Have you ever tried to hug a tree? As soon as your body embraces the trunk, you will have the impression to float in the air, while your legs will appear to get lighter and lighter. If plants are happy, I am sure you will be too! When biodiversity is respected and not destroyed, it is impossible not to notice and feel it.

In addition, the cultivation of grapes has been completely reconverted; in fact, they chose to replace the mechanical pruning with a manual one. Of course, also in Nobiltron Estate you will find Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara vineyards. I am sure you have already heard about them: they are the most famous grape types, from which many famous wines of this rich territory are derived. “Chiaretto”, for example, was born right here. And that’s not all! Besides the wine, also grapes, other types of fruit and extra virgin olive oil DOP certified are produced in the local area.

All the different places to visit on Lake Garda share a mild and sub-Mediterranean climate, which promotes the productivity and fertility of the territory.

The synergy between agriculture and nature is unique and, above all, not so easy to reach. This delicate balance promotes a complete harmony between soil and human being. Have you ever noticed that in some places you can feel a different type of energy, as if it was somewhat of regenerating? Nobiltron Estate is exactly among these special ones.

However, the agricultural company will not be the only stopover where you can taste the local specialties. Indeed, Michael is really keen on promoting all the different artisan realities that choose to produce in harmony with nature, just as him and his family. For this reason, in all the planned itineraries, he has scheduled different stops in many oil mills, dairy farms and wineries. Small producers that will contribute to make this experience unforgettable along with their unique local flavors 100% made in Italy.

Now that you perfectly know the departure point for all the different tours of Lake Garda by E-Bike, there is nothing left but to saddle up and start cycling!

Giro del Lago di Garda in e-bike


The perimeter of Lake Garda is stunning: it is no less than a 158,4 km coastline! Keep in mind that it is the biggest lake in Italy. The cycle-pedestrian path that surrounds its shores entirely has not yet been completed. By car it’s approximately 2 hours long, whereas by motorbike 4. Consequently, it is really difficult to calculate the time that it would take by bike. Be wary of those who say that it takes 6 hours… maybe if you would take into consideration only the northern part!

For this reason, the trails by E-Bike of Garda Bike Explorer are various and divided among the areas of the lake. Even the best tips you might have heard by word-of-mouth could never match the beauty of the tours personally envisaged by Michael.

You have no less than 4 different itineraries to choose from. No worries: in every single trip, breathtaking places to visit on Lake Garda at least once in your life are waiting for you.

The first two tours will lead you to the discovery of Bardolino and its surroundings. If, to get started, you prefer a mid-day experience, I strongly suggest you Chiaretto On Bike!

Starting from the estate, so from Bussolengo, at 9.30 A.M., you will begin with a brief visit to the vineyards and the olive trees of the property. Right away you can taste the Olive Oil DOP of Garda, produced directly by the company, while tasting cheese and salami, typical of the area.

Together with the guide, as I mentioned, switching between Pastrengo and Calmasino, you will get to the colorful City of Bardolino. On the way, you will immerse yourself in the lush nature and in the aromas of the wines of Bardolino DOC. A stop for a small refreshment is also planned, before going back to the estate at 1.00 P.M.

It will be a pleasant time to spend the day in a unique and original way, in order to recharge your energies. If you’d rather take a day-off on the pedals, staying close to the lake, I suggest you the Tour by E-Bike with Visit to the Vineyards and Tastings. The experience will start in the same way as the previous one. After exploring the vineyards and tasting their delicious oil DOP, the adventure really begins. Just before Bardolino, you will have the opportunity to admire Lazise, a precious little village facing the lake.

Lazise is a small village, among the favorite places to visit in Lake Garda. The Scaligero Castle, even though not open to visitors, is one of the most impressive architectural structures of the area.

Good things come in three: after Lazise and Bardolino, you will get to Garda. You can see its Rocca even from a big distance, between the lush vegetation. To top it off, you will arrive in Marciaga, the final stop of the itinerary. Once back, approximately at 4.30 P.M., you will round off the tour with a tasting of Chiaretto and Bardolino DOC, together with salami and different local cheese. 

Tour of Lake Garda by e-bike


Are you looking for a way to escape the summer traffic noise? The Tour of Villages and Blooming Gardens is the one for you. This tour of lake garda by E-Bike includes a very peculiar stop, already included in the price: the botanical garden Parco Sigurtà.

This huge natural park has received numerous awards, among which are the “most beautiful Park in Italy” and “second most beautiful Park in Europe“. Location of many television commercials and programs, for example Masterchef, the park is the result of deep dedication of Sigurtà family. Beyond the love for Nature!

No matter the season of your visit to the Park with Garda Bike Explore, you will always find some blossoms… even in high summer. The departure point for getting to the park is again at 9.30 A.M. in Tenuta Nobiltron. Here you can visit the vineyards and taste the Oil DOP of Garda together with delicious local products.

This time, the stopover for a brief refreshment is scheduled in an ancient dairy farm surrounded by nature in Sommacampagna. From here you will continue toward Valeggio sul Mincio, passing through one of the most enchanting and magical places. I am talking about Borghetto sul Mincio, which has been declared one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Watermills, love locks clamped onto bridges and fences, small waterfalls… your gaze will be lost in the breathtaking landscape.

Have you ever experienced stepping back in time? Do not forget to memorize even the smallest detail of this enchanted village. You do not know when and if you will have again the chance to come back here! And before you know it, you will be cycling back to the park from where you will take the road back. The tasting of their best wines DOC of the area is the best way to say goodbye to you and your adventure companions.

Have you ever wondered which places to visit on Lake Garda are located on the northern part of the lake? Now it is time to find out!

The last tour organized by Michael is a dip in the blue, the E-Bike Tour of the northern part of the lake. Are you ready to take photos of breathtaking landscapes? Rucksack on your back and let’s go!

I decided to save the longest trip for last, given the fact that the departure point in Nobiltron Estate is at 8.00 A.M. and you will come back at 6 P.M.  However, keep in mind that you will be together with an expert guide both of history and cycling for the entire trip. Which means that if you have any worries, do not let them stop you. All you have to do is to confront your fears… Most of the time they are just limits that we set in our own minds and for thus we deny ourselves the chance to live unique experiences and lifelong memories.

After the usual meetup at Nobiltron Farm and a brief walk among the vineyards, you will surelyrecharg e your batteries… you will have the chance to taste typical products of the company, together with oil DOP. This time, we are headed North: before reaching Riva del Garda, located on the top of the lake, you will see Arco and Torbole. A gentle breeze will blow through your hair whereas the blue lake surface becomes narrower and narrower.

You may notice that here lots of sailboats, windsurfs and kitesurfs race between the waves of the lake. There are not so many on the southern part, isn’t it so? This is because here there are favorable winds for this type of sports, for example the “Ora” and “Peler”. Maybe it is not necessary to stress about this, but if you choose this tour, it is better to take with you a k-way or rain poncho. Riva del Garda will not be the final destination: you will be headed even more north!

The tour of Lake Garda by E-Bike organized by Garda Bike Explorer will surprise you by taking you to another wonderful place: Lake Ledro, in a small village called Molina.

The tour of Lake Garda by E-Bike organized by Garda Bike Explorer will surprise you by taking you to another wonderful place: Lake Ledro, in a small village called Molina. Just when you think that you won’t have the energy to continue on, in the distance a green field will capture your attention. Together with the blue waters in the background, this peculiar scenery will give you the right energy boost for the final sprint!

Here you can refresh yourself and, most importantly, get yourself together. When you get back, not only you will taste the usual wines, Bardolino and Chiaretto, but also Marzemino, which is a typical wine of the Trentino region. I will be honest with you, you will be exhausted… but in your heart you will know that it was well worth it.

Tour of Lake Garda by e-bike


If you are like me, you may appreciate some tips of what it is better to take with you for all the different tours. If it is so, keep reading. On the other hand, if you are not used to organize everything before the departure, I suggest you to have a look. Some things are not included.

The secret is primarily to have a backpack, lightweight and capacious at the same time. In it you can put everything you need, including a generous amount of water! If your backpack is waterproof, even better, all the necessary will be safe in case of rain. Regarding this, remember also to take a k-way or waterproof poncho with you. I already suggested this for the Tour of the northern part of the lake, but actually it can always come in handy. Summer storms are merciless.

Lunch is not included, for this reason, bring something with you, just to be safe. In any case, the many tastings along the way and at the end of it will complete your snack and leave you fully satisfied.

Another important thing to consider is which kind of shoes you should wear. For sure, I would avoid smooth-soled or running shoes; trekking shoes are the most recommendable. Comfortable and robust, they will be helpful on any surface and cycling will result to be easier.

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda and more, all the itineraries allow you to visit must-see destinations. So, you can choose the tour also according to the difficulty and your level of preparation.

Actually, the most difficult is the last one I described to you. “Chiaretto on bike”, “Among the vineyards of Bardolino” and “Villages and Blooming Gardens” are not complicated at all. Just pay attention to the duration and how much time they require.


The big advantage of the E-Bikes of Garda Explorer is that they are equipped with a really efficient technical support. If you know people who do not really love bicycles, once tried, in my opinion they might actually change their mind. A loved one who enjoys cycling gets married and you have absolutely no idea what to organize for bachelorette parties/celibacy?

For an unforgettable surprise, Michael is completely at your disposal. You can choose the destinations you prefer, in order to arrange with him a new, thrilling and entirely personalized itinerary. And that’s not all…

How many times have you been unsure about the best birthday gift to give to a beloved person, risking every time to be just plain and ordinary. Instead of the common wellness package, what about a tour of Lake Garda by E-Bike, in good company?

Another fantastic occasion to live this experience is for an original team-building. The development of the right synergy is a lot easier while cycling together.

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the natural heritage that Lake Garda offers us, thanks to the impact of its beneficial currents. They are not only good for the earth, but also for our health. Just as cycling, did you know? You have no more excuses now… writing this article made me want to go as well! Maybe we will meet there!

In case you are curious in knowing more about the cycling paths around lake Garda, we also wrote an article about that!


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