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No, the tour of Lake Garda by E-bike is not only for cycling lovers. Especially when Lucky Traveler arranges it! Even though riding a bike for kilometers without any effort seems to be impossible, you will surely change your mind as soon as you experience their E-Bike 100% made in Italy. Moreover, along the way you will have the chance to taste local wines and flavors, typical of this rich territory… let yourself be surprised by the postcard-like views you will pass by one after the other, caressed by a gentle breeze.

Stefano, together with Sara and Valerio, realized this innovative project: a sport association dedicated to cycling tourism. Their passion was the inspiring muse for the creation of a bike experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. The many and different paths follow the shores of the Lake Garda, about to reach the cities of Verona and Mantova in the future. Vineyards and blooming villages  will surprise you with sceneries that look like straight out of a fairytale.

You will be accompanied by a multilingual guide, throughout the entire itinerary. Every single landscape, each stop along the way will unveil incredible secrets, which will be revealed to you along the way. 

Lucky Traveler


Before finding out in detail the places to visit in Lake Garda along all the way, let me introduce you to the team and the mission of Lucky Traveler.

A famous book by Jon Krakauer argues that “Happiness is only real when shared.”  Stefano, Sara and Valerio know perfectly how working together for a common goal leads to a pleasant working environment… Then think about how happy you can be, whizzing along with those you love, breathing in harmony with the nature that surrounds you.

Let people fall in love with the environment, the territory and its wealth: this is their motto. Have you ever tried to hug a tree? As soon as your body surrounds the trunk, you almost feel like you’re floating in the air, while your legs get lighter and lighter. You will definitely get the chance to try it on whatever route you decide to face. If the plants are happy, surely you will be too!

In addition, the team collaborates with many companies that choose to produce in an environmentally friendly way. For this reason, in almost all the  planned itineraries, wine and local product tastings are planned. The unique and 100% Italian flavors will enrich your experience, making it authentic and unforgettable.

The synergy that is created between human beings and nature is unique and, above all, not easy to grasp. Have you ever noticed that there are some places where you perceive a different, regenerating energy? Lake Garda is exactly one of those.

All the different places to visit on Lake Garda share a mild and sub-Mediterranean climate, which promotes the productivity and fertility of the territory.

now what? Well… All we have to do is get on the saddle and start cycling!


The perimeter of Lake Garda is stunning: it is no less than a 158,4 km coastline! Keep in mind that it is the biggest lake in Italy. The cycle-pedestrian path that surrounds its shores entirely has not yet been completed. By car it’s approximately 2 hours long, whereas by motorbike 4. Consequently, it is really difficult to calculate the time that it would take by bike. Be wary of those who say that it takes 6 hours

This is why Lucky Traveler‘s e bike tours have van average length of 25 to 30 km. Even the best tips you might have heard by word-of-mouth could never match the beauty of the tours personally envisaged by the team.

Giro lago di garda in bici

You have no less than 4 different itineraries to choose from. No worries: in every single trip, breathtaking places to visit on Lake Garda at least once in your life are waiting for you.

The first two tours will lead you to the discovery of Sirmione, reaching the countryside of Peschiera del Garda or the town of Desenzano.

The first one is a special tour, dedicated to the discovery of religious and cultural tourism. That’s not all: it will give you also the opportunity to take a closer look at some of the wine productions sited in the lower lake area. In fact, starting from the Talent Kitchen creative hub in Sirmione, you will start cycling towards a full immersion in the vineyards.

Along the way, lush views and the territory of Lugana will surprise you. Before you know it, you will be in front of the suggestive Sanctuary Madonna del Frassino. After visiting one of the rare places where the Virgin appeared, surrounded by a spiritual silence, you will move a little further on… where the natural oasis of Laghetto del Frassino is located. A small reserve of inestimable value.

Afterwards, you will return to Sirmione at around 12.30 p.m. It will be an original morning, in order to recharge the batteries.

If, on the other hand, on you day-off you want food to be the protagonist, I suggest the “Bike Tour Colline Moreniche: Bike & Lunch“. The starting point is Rivoltella, riding along the lake… until you reach the historic center of the so-called “pearl of the lake”, which is Sirmione.

Did you know that the poet Catullo felt madly in love with this village, still one of the most popular places to visit on Lake Garda? The Scaliger Castle is one of the most majestic in the area.

After a well-earned ice cream, let’s go back for lunch at Bruschetteria “Nose”. Here you can taste unconventional bruschetta with local ingredients.


Are you looking for a way to escape the summer traffic noise? Then the Tour of Lake Garda by E-Bike will take you to explore one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Borghetto sul Mincio.

The departure point is from Porto Vecchio in Peschiera del Garda, where the start of the Mincio Cycle Path is located. The 44 km long cycle path goes directly to the UNESCO town Mantua. However, you will not have to ride it entirely. After about fifteen kilometers, a picturesque medieval village will stand out, ready to be explored. Watermills, love locks clamped onto bridges and fences, small waterfalls… your gaze will be lost in the breathtaking landscape.

Have you ever experienced stepping back in time? Before you leave, memorize as many details as you can of this enchanted village… You do not know when and if you will have again the chance to come back here! After discovering every hidden nook and cranny, it’s time to go to Cantina Gozzi, located in the hills of Monzambano.

A rich tasting of wines and local products will help you regain the energy . You will be ready to go back.

Have you ever wondered which places to visit on Lake Garda are surrounded by mysterious secrets? The next one is exactly one of those…

The last tour organized by Lucky Traveler is an adventure between impressive mountain landscapes. A perfect chance to take unique photos of breathtaking vies. Backpack on your shoulders and off you go!

This time the starting point will be in Brentino. The wind will tickle your face as you speed past the mountains of the Adige Valley. Once in Avio, you will visit the ancient castle together with the group. The green hills all around create a magical atmosphere.

It is not a proper tour of lake Garda by E-bike. Still, this particular route has great charm. That’s not all! Before going back, Bongiovanni Farm will open its doors to welcome you with a special tasting. Local products, such as wine, cold meats and cheeses, will be the icing on the cake for one of you best days ever. At 1.30 p.m. you will return to Brentino.

I will be honest with you, it is definitely the most challenging tour… Maybe that’s why it is my favorite? I’m sure that, once is over, you will be aware that is was really worth it.

Bike tour around lake garda
Lucky Traveler


If you are like me, you may appreciate some tips of what it is better to take with you for all the different tours. If it is so, keep reading. On the other hand, if you are not used to organize everything before the departure, I suggest you to have a look. Some things are not obvious.

The secret is primarily to have a backpack, lightweight and capacious at the same time. In it you can put everything you need, including a generous amount of water! If your backpack is waterproof, even better, all the necessary will be safe in case of rain. Regarding this, remember also to take a k-way or waterproof poncho with you. It can always come in handy. Summer storms are merciless.

The included lunch depends on the type of tour. In any case, the many tastings along the way and at the end of it will complete your snack and leave you fully satisfied.

Another important thing to consider is which kind of shoes you should wear. For sure, I would avoid smooth-soled or running shoes; trekking shoes are the most recommendable. Comfortable and robust, they will be helpful on any surface and cycling will result to be easier.

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda and more, all the itineraries allow you to visit must-see destinations. So, you can choose the tour also according to the difficulty and your level of preparation.

Kids under 16 years can still do the tour, but with a muscle bicycle. The cost varies depending on age, but minors, however, must always be accompanied by at least one parent. There are also discounts for over 65s. The service is also accessible to people with disabilities, if they have their own bike.


A loved one who enjoys cycling gets married and you have absolutely no idea what to organize for bachelorette parties/celibacy?

For an unforgettable surprise, Lucky Traveler is completely at your disposal. You can choose the destinations you prefer, in order to arrange with him a new, thrilling and entirely personalized itinerary. And that’s not all…

How many times have you been unsure about the best birthday gift to give to a beloved person, risking every time to be just plain and ordinary. Have you considered a totally personalized tour of lake Garda by E-bike? You can choose the best time for you, the duration of the route and the different stops along the journey.

Another fantastic occasion to live this experience is for an original team-building. The development of the right synergy is a lot easier while cycling together. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the natural heritage that Lake Garda offers us, thanks to the impact of its beneficial currents. They are not only good for the earth, but also for our health. Just as cycling, did you know?

In any case, remember that you will always be with a guide, who is an expert not only in the area but also in cycling. So , if you have fears that hold you back, ignore them and face them… Often, fears are just limits that we set for ourselves and that preclude the most beautiful experiences.

You have no more excuses now… writing this article made me want to go as well! Maybe we will meet there!

To more about the cycling paths around lake Garda, we also wrote an article about that!


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