Lake Garda: Boat Trip with lunch

Full day cruise: South Lake Garda Boat Tour

4 REASONS why should you choose the South Lake Garda Boat trip on Lake Garda?

  1. Boat trips are the best way to bond with family and friends
  2. You are able to see much more!
  3. Boat trips will allow you a deeper, and greater touch with the nature
  4. Joing a boat tour is always reason to party!

We are talking about a boat tour of 6 hours… That will set off on an incredible journey among the places to visit on the South Lake Garda.

However, this boat is nothing like the ferries, by the way. To ensure maximum comfort the available seats are just a few. Want to learn more about the program? How and where to book this trip? Keep reading and you will figure it out!


The South Lake Garda Boat Tour’s departure is from Peschiera harbor, at 10:00 a.m. As soon as the sun will be lighting up the sky, the journey will start. It is also possible to get on the boat in Lazise, near the Dogana Veneta. You have simply to choose the departure from there, at 10:40 a.m.

Let’s discover together which places you will be able to visit during your trip.

Firstly, we will arrive in Lazise where you will be able to admire the marvelous Scaliger Castle of the town and the fascinating Dogana Veneta facing the lake. Leaving Lazise behind, you will see Cisano and Bardolino where you will be able to wave at the people walking and cycling along the promenade that takes to Garda. The town has the same name of the lake, meaning “guardhouse”. In fact, the town is jealously guarded by a big rock, that we call “Rocca di Garda”. Right here you will be able to spot a secret gem, hidden by a flourish vegetation… One of the dream places on lake Garda: “Punta San Vigilio” with next to it, the elegant Villa Canossa.

Moving to the West side, the boat will sail along one of the most romantic places to visit on Lake Garda. Even if you are not one of this kind, you will feel the magic anyway, trust me.

Once the boat starts heading west, you will be able to see the enchanting Isola del Garda. During our boat trip around Lake Garda we will not make a stop here, but if you want to visit Isola del Garda you can do so by booking a special tour. Just in case you are wondering how to book them, here you will find the available dates. Moreover, if you are planning a wedding or an exclusive event, the island is the perfect location.

Just a few kilometers away there is another island, called “Isola di San Biagio”. Local people also call it “Bunnies Island”, I think you can guess why. Now, because of the low water level, it is possible to reach it also by foot… But once, the only two ways to do that were taking a small shuttle boat or swimming through the waves.

The Bunnies Island is located in Manerba. Right here, you will spot the second headland of Lake Garda, the “Rocca di Manerba”. Below the promontory, there is a huge Natural Reserve with many panoramic hiking paths.


  • In Sirmione peninsula; known as the pearl of the lake. You will have 1,5h free time to fall in love with this town. To discover the best places to visit in Sirmione I suggest you read “things to do and see in Sirmione
  • To complete this boat trip your other stop will be… A dive into the water!

And oh yes, this boat trip also includes lunch on board! On the menu you find a large plate of pasta to replenish your energy.


The South Lake Garda Boat Tour costs 64 € for adults and +10 years children, 35 € for children between 3-9 years old. Babies are free. You can book the tour directly here, on our website, or you can come to our offices! You find us at the Infopoint in Peschiera del Garda and at the IAT in Lazise. Both offices are open every day.

Don’t forget to bring your swimwear, a beach towel, some water, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. We also recommend arriving at the departure point 10 minutes in advance so that the tour can start without delay.

Are you looking forward to do this boat trip in the Southern part of Lake Garda? I have already tried so… Now it’s your turn. As Johnny Depp says in “Blow”: “May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face!”

To check for other boat trips on lake Garda, I invite you to click for our list!


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