What to do on Lake Garda when it rains

You have probably been dreaming about this moment for months… Your luggage is ready, as it is your bucket list. Holidays are finally here, but? Suddenly, you spot some threatening dark clouds, covering the sun. Don’t worry, I will give you some suggestions about what to do on Lake Garda when it rains to be prepared also in this case.

I wouldn’t call it a bad luck, you know.

Before getting mad, letting the grey of the sky turning you blue, think about how many other opportunities you have now. Are you fond of history and culture? Do you feel like you need some extra relax? Whatever your choice may be, I’m sure that in the following lines you will find some useful tips.

As you may know, Lake Garda is the biggest lake of the entire Italy. If you have a car, you will be able to reach every destination. Nevertheless, if you don’t have it, there’s no problem. I will talk about both the Northern and the Southern part of the lake. In this way, there will always be a solution for you.

Even without our beloved sun, there are many places to visit on Lake Garda. Let’s explore a few of them together

What to do on Lake Garda when it rains


Moving from the southern to the northern side, we will discover the most interesting and important museums of all the lake (and beyond)!

First, let’s start with the places which made the history of our wonderful country: San Martino and Solferino. Are you up to live again the bloody fights of 24 June 1859, which led to the Unification of Italy?

Thanks to the combined ticket, at first you can visit the impressive San Martino Tower. Coming to the top, enjoy the 360°-panorama around you. Have you ever thought it was possible to spot so many things in the far distance? Secondly, you can travel to the near Rocca di Solferino: below the fortress, there is the museum. Going inside, you will be surprised by the most important arms and weapons, dating back to the Second Independence War.

Moving to Peschiera del Garda, you will find on your way the Santuario della Madonna del Frassino, a beautiful sanctuary. It’s neither only a museum nor a simple church. The sanctuary itself is wonderful, but why is it so important? Maybe, you didn’t know about a true miracle that happened right here. To discover the story about this place, you can follow the pictures, hanged on the cloister alleys. In fact, it is told that in the 1510 the Virgin Mary appeared where now the church stands.

Surely, you have already seen some photos of this one…It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit near Lake Garda.

There’s another marvelous sanctuary hiding through the rocks of Monte Baldo, on the east side of Lake Garda…I’m talking about the Santuario della Madonna della Corona.

It takes only 45 minutes by car to go there, starting from Peschiera. This church is a little treasure surrounded by nature, attached to the impressive rocks of the mountain. Haven’t you heard? Therefore it is told that those who will come to this place, will feel the joy of leaving light-hearted. You can usually reach the sanctuary by foot. Nevertheless, if it rains, there is a shuttle bus taking you just in front of the stairs of this open-air religious museum. To discover how to visit this place at its best, check the related article here. link.

Moreover, on the east side of the lake there are also the Olive Oil Museum in Cisano and the Wine Discovery Museum in Lazise.

The first one gives the opportunity to discover how they produced the olive oil in the past and nowadays. Particularly here the DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Garda is truly treasured. The excellent quality of this product is officially certificated, but you will just have to experience it by yourself after the first taste!

Secondly, I suggest you live the sensorial Masi Wine Experience in the Wine Discovery Museum. In case you’re wondering, it’s about a true journey through the five senses while exploring the world of wine. It’s not simple to describe the feelings that this museum can give…Anyway, this is exactly one of the moments where words are not necessary.

Could you ever imagine that there were so many options to choose? I’ll tell you more about what to do on Lake Garda when it rains: in Villafranca di Verona there is the Nicolis Museum. If you are fond of vehicles, this place is a must. You will admire the evolutions of the transport in the last two centuries: but also, cameras, typewriters and so much more.

Don’t worry, there are many places to visit on Lake Garda when it rains also in the Northern part. Keep reading to explore them.

On the northwest coast, in Gardone, there is the ancient dwell of Gabriele D’Annunzio, a famous poet and writer. Today it is known as the “Vittoriale”. Here’s my personal opinion: I have always thought that this dwell is one of the most beautiful museums of the entire Lake Garda. Inside this villa, it will feel like traveling through time and the only constant will be art. Concluding your visit, you will probably ask yourself if it was just a dream.

Let’s move to Riva del Garda, a town set right on the top of the lake. Here, there is one of the sites of the MAG. The Alto Garda Museum, with archaeological findings, paintings of important artists as Francesco Hayez and a lot of history. Moreover, there are always temporary exhibitions about nature and landscapes of the Lake Garda. If you are curious to explore some secrets and more history, you’re in the right place.

Perfect for a day of fun for children, the Children’s Museum in Verona. Fun, however, that never forgets the importance of the creative learning . As a matter of a fact, children can try their hand at workshops and interactive activities, to discover how the world works, as well for human life.

Last but not least, I suggest you the MUSE in Trento. If you have a car, it’s very easy to reach. Firstly, where does its name come from? The word “museum” derives from the old Greek language, meaning “The House of the Muses”. The Muses were the protectors of art and science. MUSE is where especially science is celebrated at its best. Even if scientific subjects were not your favorite ones at school (as it was for me), I assure you will live an incredible experience.

Is it just me or when it rains it is easier to get in the mood for food? Follow me, let’s see which other places to visit on Lake Garda are perfect for this desire.

What to do on Lake Garda when it rains


Did you know that the Lake Garda is the place of birth of premium wines?

Born in the natural background together with the traditions of the producers, carried on with love and attention. In fact, it’s usually about historical companies that made up over years a very unique tradition. That’s how a rainy day could become the perfect way to taste some local products.

What to do on Lake Garda when it rains is no more a problem with the Masi Tenuta Canova. As I said to you before, the winery opened a multisensory museum. Anyway, it’s not over yet. If the bad weather comes unexpectedly, you could always choose to visit their Wine Shop. Otherwise, you may try the Wine Bar, for a typical food & wine tasting: I suggest you the Amarone, it is their specialty.

Have you ever tried a true organic wine, 100% produced around Lake Garda? The Roccolo del Lago in Lazise is the perfect place. A lovely winery, surrounded by nature, where to find not only wine, but also organic oil and their typical food products, as cheese and salami. In case you’re wondering, yes, there is a shop to buy the ones which will become your favorites.

If you are in the surroundings of Peschiera del Garda, you can enjoy a guided visit of Le Morette winery, managed by the Zenato family. Every day, here, you find a guide ready to explain you all the history and the curiosities of their products. Moreover, you will have some wine tastings, especially of Lugana, our white wine.

In case you prefer trying some typical gastronomy, I have something for you. Let’s go to other places to visit on Lake Garda!

If I say Valeggio sul Mincio, I am sure you know what I’m going to talk about. Have you ever heard about tortellini? Close to Valeggio, you will find Borghetto sul Mincio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Right here you can test your cooking abilities, making this delicious meal of the local tradition.

Have you already checked the weather? If you already know it will rain, you could book in advance a funny cooking class at the restaurant Giardini di Borghetto. You will discover all the secret ingredients to prepare perfect tortellini. Of course, at the end you will taste your creation: I’m sure it will be delicious!

The northern side of Lake Garda is also a place with a special gastronomy. I bet you have never tried the Tremosine local cheese. This little town is full of farms and dairies where to taste and buy the exquisite Formagella.


What’s your first thought when it begins to rain? Mine is to find a warm place, where the bad weather won’t turn my mood bad. If it is the same for you, the solution is to have fun!

In the southern Lake, you will find some big malls where you can go for a shopping spree.

In Verona, you have two options. The Adigeo, near to the city centre and the Grande Mela, at only 20 minutes by car from Peschiera del Garda. In case you didn’t know, at the upper floor of this last shopping mall there is also a cinema, a bowling and some pool tables. If you are in a good company, time will fly… And maybe, when you will step outside again, it will already be sunny.

Secondly, near Brescia, there are the Elnòs Shopping Centre and the Leone di Lonato mall. If you are not easy to please, I suggest you the first one because of the multitude of shops. Moreover, in every shopping centre there is always a special area for kids to play.

Nevertheless, for both adults and kids there are the amusement parks, certainly unmissable places to visit on Lake Garda.

When you think about what to do on Lake Garda when it rains, Sea Life Aquarium should probably come to your mind . Only a few steps away from Gardaland, the aquarium is one of the best solutions on a rainy day. Under the Ocean Tunnel, your mind will be somewhere else. Sharks, jellyfishes and the most incredible fishes will become your friends, reminding you the impressive biodiversity of our oceans.

What if the rain comes during the evening? There’s no problem. Medieval Times is waiting for you to travel through time! You will go back to the 1092 and be hosted in the Ruritania Reign. A four knights’ tournament will be a perfect show to enjoy your dinner, like a true King.

Concluding, to do something different than usual, on the northern side you will find many climbing centres. It doesn’t matter you’re not an expert. There are lot of people coming here to learn how to do it. Seize the moment!

Tour Verona
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If the bad weather is only on the lake, you could catch the train to some other cities. The nearest ones are Verona and Venice, if you are on the east side. Moreover, if you know in advance that it will rain, you can come to our office, in Peschiera del Garda.

In fact, every Tuesday and Friday there is a coach-guided tour to Verona, the city of love. Moreover, on Tuesday and Thursday, it is to Venice, including a taxi boat transfer to Piazza San Marco. Both of them are subscripted in the UNESCO heritage. It is not simple to tell which one is more beautiful. However, you can also book the tour directly here, on our website.

From the west side instead, you can easily reach Brescia and Milano. The train is the best way to get there. Once in Brescia, I recommend you walking through Piazza della Loggia and visiting the Castle. From here, there is a wonderful panorama. Otherwise, Milan is the main city for fashion: many luxury shops await you here. But it’s not over yet. Take a moment to take some pictures in front of the Duomo and to visit this marvelous church. There, time will seem to stop for a while.

It doesn’t matter if the weather will be clear. In any case, discovering the history, art and culture of the cities is still fascinating.

What to do on Lake Garda when it rains


One last option if you ask about what to do on Lake Garda when it rains could be a relaxing SPA day. Image yourself surrounded by the thermal water of the pools, while a gentle rain falls on your cheeks…

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda, thermal parks are those you must experience.

Did you know that the biggest thermal park is located near Verona? I’m talking about Aquardens. Caves, Caracalla pools and an outside Lagoon are only a few of the many things you can enjoy here. Moreover, there are also the Sauna Village and the Spa Lounge, completing this splendid wellness oasis.

Close to the lake, in Colà di Lazise, you may spot another beautiful park through the trees’ shadows. Here it is the Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri. Fully immersed in the nature, the wellness centre is composed by two thermal lakes and many whirlpools. Thanks to the underwater lighting, the evening atmosphere becomes more and more magical and dreamy.

Have you ever heard about the thermal water of the Aquaria Thermal Spa in Sirmione and its benefits? This is because it is sulphury! It helps your defense system and it hydrates your skin, keeping your airways free. I suggest you trying both the swimming pool and the sauna on the outside. You will relax in front of an unforgettable view.

Otherwise, if you are located in the North of the Lake Garda, there is the elegant Wellness Garda Thermae Centre. Many pools and saunas, from the Finnish one to the steam bath will be the perfect choice for regenerating yourself. Your body will thank you later!

I think that now you are well prepared in case the bad weather comes during your holiday. Obviously, I took it for granted, but you can always try one or more of these options during a sunny day.

Remember: after the storm,tehre will always be a rainbow…and that will be the moment you have to take a look at the lake. Why? Just trust me…and enjoy the colours!

What to do on Lake Garda when it rains
Parco Termale del Garda

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