Madonna della Corona somewhere between heaven and earth

Are you looking for spiritual balance and inner peace? Or do you just want to try out the enchanting effect of a timeless place in an eternal reverent silence?

Well, the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona, located Spiazzi, (hamlet of Ferrara di Monte Baldo), is undeniably one of the most impressive yet tranquil places in Veneto.

A wonderful church set on the rocks overlooking the Adige Valley in a majestic way. The place-to-be for moments of prayer, inner reflection and light-heartedness.

Madonna della Corona somewhere between heaven and earth
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Its legend and history

Now you must be asking yourself… Why so much effort to build a church in such an unlikely place? And so of course, there is reason behind this decision… It all happened in the mid-sixteenth century, with a miraculous appearance of a statue depicting the Madonna. According to this legend, this inexplicable event, happened in the very place where the church stands today, turning it into a popular pilgrimage site.

The term Corona (Crown) was instead chosen for the sanctuary’s position, which is jealously guarded by an uninterrupted chain of mountains.

Over the centuries, the building has undergone several modifications and reconstructions to get to the present structure, built in 1975

Madonna della Corona somewhere between heaven and earth
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How to reach it

In order to reach the sanctuary on foot, we recommend taking the ancient path “Sentiero dei Pellegrini” (Path of Pilgrims). Also known as the “Path of Hope” which starts in Brentino Belluno. The same path has been crossed for centuries both by sincere believers and discouraged people in search of hope and faith.

This path is completely surrounded by nature and characterized by an altitude difference of about 600 meters and a staircase of 1500 steps. By choosing this path, you will be able to identify yourself with those pilgrims of the past: heavy feet and light-hearted. Despite the considerable altitude difference, this stairway can be generally faced even by less experienced travellers, but it is not advised for strollers and wheelchairs. For those who want to get to the sanctuary without too much imagination and effort, there is a large car park 10-minute walk away.

The church

The church

If the fatigue did not take your breath away, the amazing view you will see once you arrive at the church doorstep, will definitely do so! It is impossible to remain indifferent to the greatness that faith has brought to this small corner of the world.

The façade and the bell tower of this structure carved in the rock are in neo-Gothic style and are characterized by an orange and white color. Colors that recall those of the rocks surrounding the sanctuary. A combination of architectural style and colors that even before entering evokes a sense of harmony and balance. Like a connection between body, soul and nature.

The interior is in classical style in the shape of a Latin cross and is characterized by sculptures, ex-votos and by the holy Stairs. The latter is a reproduction of the stairs that are to be found in Rome, near the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano. According to the tradition it should be climbed on one’s knees, while reciting a prayer for each step.

However, the most meaningful detail of the interior of the church is the amazing left wall, made up of the white mountain rock itself.

Madonna della Corona somewhere between heaven and earth

Why choose Madonna della Corona

A visit to this place will give you a feeling of mystic peace of mind. A surreal silence will shroud every breath of yours, erasing any distraction, even if just for a moment. And also, you will have the chance to stop for a few seconds, out of time and far from the superficiality of every-day life.

Between heaven and earth

One last advice: once you have climbed the steps and reached the panoramic terrace, close your eyes and breathe deeply. You will feel as if you were somewhere between heaven and earth

There are many versions of the birth of the sanctuary, from the most disenchanted to the most unbelievable. We do not know how things went back then, but we like to think that everyone can find his most convincing version. Here you will discover some of the most interesting passages of one version of the story.

Madonna della Corona somewhere between heaven and earth
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History or legend? faith, in 5 steps!

  1. In 1522 a group of angels took away a statue of the madonna from the muslims. then, they transferred it to a hardly accessible place on Monte Baldo.
  2. After the appearance, the statue was taken to Spiazzi so that people could worship it. but it mysteriously went back twice to the place where it was first seen.
  3. For the first 20 years, the only way to reach the church was to let oneself down with a hoist and some ropes.
  4. One night, a huge tree rose from the rock. the „madonna’s tree “bended on the chasm, allowing to build a stone bridge upon it, in order to reach the sanctuary.
  5. Nowadays only a small relic of the madonna’s tree, which was said to have miraculous properties, is left. the reason is that believers used to cut out some pieces of it for the sick

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