How to visit Sirmione


Have you ever entered a town through a medieval drawbridge? Probably not, or not so often.. And that’s one of the reasons why I would like to tell you more about “how to visit Sirmione”!

Many of you might have already heard about a long peninsula in the southern part of Lake Garda… Better known as is the peninsula of Sirmione and maybe one of the most interesting towns of the region. Due to its shape, you will find the historical centre and the beaches in the northern side of the peninsula, where the narrow stretch of land becomes wider. Therefore, the car parking areas are located on the street leading to the centre and the Castello Scaligero Meanwhile, if you’re bored in traffic, you can have fun with “who sees the castle first”!

How to visit Sirmione

Once you reach this majestic medieval construction, cars are no longer allowed. Therefore, you have two options and I suggest you give both a chance. You can continue on foot; a great way to discover the little alleys and hidden corners of the historical centre. The second option is to admire the peninsula on a boat, kissed by the sweet breeze of the lake.

Sirmione is, in any way, definitely one of the places to visit on Lake Garda.

Entering the town, through the drawbridge I mentioned earlier, you will arrive in a fairy-tale-like atmosphere, where art comes to life. Remembering Catullo, James Joyce and the divine Maria Callas, Sirmione has always been a perfect shelter for numerous artists to find inspiration.

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Which is the best period to come to Sirmione? Even though the lake has fascinating colours throughout the year, the spring – summer season is the best, thanks to its warm days relieved by the lake’s fresh air.

Throughout history, many people have settled on the peninsula. Among them, both the Romans and the Scaligeri Dynasty have left traces of their wonderful art works. Let’s learn more about these to discover how to visit Sirmione!

The best to start with is the Castle. This medieval construction dates back to the XIII century and was built by the Scaligeri, better known as the lords of Verona. I recommend you visit it on the inside as it is open to public and offers a wonderful view on various sides of the lake!  

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda, there is also Aquaria SPA right inside the peninsula. An oasis of wellness to restore yourself before getting back to the routine.

Walking slowly through the centre, you will at a certain point reach a little uphill road with olive trees besides it. If you are not yet too tired, I guarantee you that the fatigue will be worth it as it leads you to the entrance to the Grotte di Catullo, whose legend tells them to be the home of the poet. The massive Roman Villa has always been known as a cave, because of the flora hiding some sections, covering it with an aura of mystery.

Today, the caves can be clearly seen, overlooking the lake, still immersed inside green olive groves, in a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. Beneath them, you can admire the heavenly and crystalline water around the Jamaica Beach. If time is your friend, this beach is the place to be, to enjoy the sun and relax with the sound of the waves.

How to visit Sirmione
Credits: Lönhardt M. Denisa


Now we are talking about water and waves, I bet you are asking yourself about boat trip opportunities. Let’s see together how to make your visit to Sirmione complete.

During the high season, Garda Tours awaits you at the Port in front of the Castle. From here, every 25 minutes, their boats leave for an enchanting trip, at only 10€ per adult and 5€ per child! Offering you the opportunity to experience an unusual way to see Sirmione. The boat’s capacity is about 15 – 20 people.

Thanks to the tour around the peninsula, you can also see other places to visit on Lake Garda, like Isola del Garda, Lazise and Peschiera del Garda.

At first, the boat will navigate along the Villa where the famous lyric singer Maria Callas has lived. Offering you a glimpse on the elegant house through the dense vegetation.

Then, you will be lead near the SPA. In fact, you will realize that you are near it when you feel a slight odour of sulphur. Do not worry and take advantage to have a deep breath: it’s the sulphurous water, is a total blessing for your body.

Afterwards, the Grotte di Catullo will appear on the top of the peninsula: would you ever said that they would be that high? At this point, you will be able to see some bubbles between the waves. It means that you are approaching the sulphureous spring, that gives life to the thermal water of Sirmione.

Going back to shore, the boat will slow down to give you the chance to admire every corner of the Castle, navigating under the drawbridge. A real journey through history. We have already arrived at the end of this marvellous dream, but dreams can always come true!



The tour around the peninsula of Sirmione is available for everyone, both adults and kids: I imagine them, open-mouthed, navigating through the waves. On the other hand, you can forget about your (temporary)problems and thoughts… At least for a few minutes, letting yourself go “on the body of water of a transparent lake”, as Catullo said.

Keep reading to discover how to take part in the boat tour, among these splendid places to visit on Lake Garda…

Furthermore, it’s really easy to come to Sirmione. By car, you can take the A4 Torino – Trieste Highway, exiting at the toll booth of Sirmione. Otherwise, you have two other options.

Line 26 of the ARRIVA bus company, connect Sirmione with the other main places on the southern side of the lake, upto the cities of Brescia and Verona.
If you prefer staying on the lake, you can also catch ferries to visit other towns. Every of which has ca. 6-8 departures on a daily base.

Therefore, how can you visit Sirmione at its best? At the end of this article you will know that there isn’t only one answer, but various possibilities completing the one and other, to give you emotional experiences those will never be forgotten.


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