Salò: Isola del Garda tour (1h)

Salo: tour of the islands. Discover the details of the boat tour of the islands, departing from the Gulf of Salo to explore the Isle of Garda.

Explore the wonders of Lake Garda with an unforgettable boat tour of the islands from Salò. Embark on a unique experience that will take you through the waters of the enchanting Gulf of Salo, surrounded by breathtaking panoramas and soothing tranquility.

You will be rocked by the gentle waves of the lake as you embark on this mini cruise to discover one of Italy’s most fascinating natural gems. Explore the details of this exciting boat tour from Salò to the Isola del Garda (Garda’s Island) and uncover the hidden treasures that await you along the way.

Salò: tour of the islands
Salò – Credits: Edoardo Botez

The stops of the boat tour

Sailing along the waters of the Gulf of Salò offers a delightful experience, rich in history and breathtaking panoramas. Let’s explore together the stops on this magnificent journey.

The journey begins in Salò and passes Villa Portesina, built in 1911. Then it heads towards Porto Portese. You’ll have the opportunity to admire the charming fishing village with a rich history.

On the horizon, you’ll see the imposing Capo Corno, separating the Gulf of Salò from the picturesque Baia del Vento. From here, you’ll catch a distant glimpse of the Vittoriale and Mount Baldo.

The waters surrounding this promontory are renowned for their beauty and chromatic variety, creating a unique visual spectacle reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Salò – Credits: Edoardo Bortoli

Sailing along Capo San Fermo, a beautiful promontory extending into the waters of Lake Garda, the journey continues towards the famous Isola del Garda, a jewel nestled in the lake. The island is renowned for its sumptuous villa and marvelous gardens. Since 2001, its owners, the Cavazza family, have opened the island for guided tours. Additionally, it can also serve as the perfect location for your wedding! During the circumnavigation, you immerse yourself in an extraordinary natural setting, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and breathtaking panoramas.

Subsequently, the route turns back towards Salò, passing along the opposite shore of the gulf. You’ll have the opportunity to admire Palazzo Terzi Martinengo, built in 1556. This historic building served as the personal and political secretariat of Benito Mussolini and was the headquarters of the armed forces of the Italian Social Republic during World War II. The journey concludes upon returning to the embarkation pier, skirting the lakeside promenade.

Salò: tour of the islands
Isola del Garda – Credits: Gabriele Girelli

Information about the tour of the islands

  • The Isola del Garda boat tour from Salò has a duration of 1 hour.
  • The tour is available every day, from April to September.
  • The departure is at 1:00 PM.
  • The price is €30.00 for adults and €10.00 for children aged 4 to 10.

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