A guide to discover how to move around in Verona: City Sightseeing

In this article I would like to tell you about an interesting option you have to move around in Verona. I am talking about the Sightseeing bus in Verona. A perfect solution to visit all points of interest the city has!

Verona is a fascinating city located just a few kilometers away from Lake Garda. A jewel crossed by the big river Adige, where history and literature meet. We can say without hesitation that Verona has gained his fame, mainly thanks to Shakespeare’s play about Romeo and Juliet.

The city of love in many ways, but primarily because of its capacity to let its visitors fall in love with its streets, art, history and architecture.

Your visit to Verona will be a real dive into history, a journey through 2000 years that will remain in your heart. Ponte Pietra, l’Arena, il Teatro Romano and Castel San Pietro are just some of the hundreds of things you will be able to admire. If you are asking yourself if it is possible to visit all these beauties, I can only highly recommend you consider the City Sightseeing hop on hop off bus!

Continue reading and I will give you a couple of reasons to show you why it is a good way to move around in Verona.


It is highly recommended to those that do not have much time. The cheerful touristic bus is one of the best ways to move around in Verona and to enjoy the entire Scaligeri city without worrying about the distance between the points of interest.

The City Sightseeing Concept was created in 1999 in Spain. Nowadays there are over 100 destinations around the world offering this service. Some of the cities that have chosen this concept are Amsterdam, New York, Budapest, Rome and… since 2008, also Verona was added!

Throughout time, City Sightseeing has grown bigger and bigger: Like I just mentioned, there are many cities that organize this Hop on Hop off tour. It is interesting to know that it is not only by bus. Some cities like Venice offer this service by boat. And thanks to the audio guides you also continue receiving information during your walk!

Verona is one of the places to visit near Lake Garda and there is much more to know about how to move around its streets and monuments.

Don’t expect it to be an ordinary organized tour, City Sightseeing is much more. Its philosophy is to hop on hop off whenever you prefer and to visit the city independently. To get to know more about the history and curiosities of the city you are visiting, City Sightseeing offers an audio guide in 12 languages.

Most buses are double-decker structures. The choice is yours to enjoy the ride indoors or with the wind in your hair upstairs. Don’t forget to say hello to passersby, a must to complete the experience!


With City Sightseeing, you no longer have to wonder how to get around Verona! The service offers two different lines, A and B, both departing from Piazza Bra, the beautiful square where the Arena is located.

Both routes have a duration of 55 minutes, but as I anticipated, you will decide when and where to get off. The real convenience of this bus is the fact that your ticket has a total duration of 24 hours, if not 48 hours! So, relax and enjoy your day.

An important information: remember to print the voucher once you have made the purchase on the site!

Read on for more information on how to get around this city to visit near Lake Garda.

You can get on at any available stop, just show the voucher to the staff the first time to receive in exchange the ticket valid for 24 hours/48 hours.

During this experience you can decide to get off at the point of interest you prefer visiting, enjoy it and then get on board again.


Line A and Line B can be taken with the same ticket, making it more convenient for you to visit as much as possible.

Line A leads to Giardini Pradavel, up to the Medieval Walls and the San Zeno district, and then heads towards the Adige-river and Castelvecchio. On this route you can admire the Basilica of San Zeno and the TEATRO ROMANO, an unmissable stop on your tour!

Line B goes to the eastern part of the city and stops in one of the most panoramic and splendid places in Verona: Castel San Pietro. From here it is possible to admire the entire city and the elegant curl of water crossing it: the Adige River. Surely one of the most photographed places the city has. The bus then continues through the streets of the center, where the Casa di Giulietta and Piazza Erbe are located.

Do you need more reasons to consider City Sightseeing Bus, to move around Verona?

Piazza Bra is where both lines start and end. Chosen because it is the real hotspot of this city thanks to the main parking lots and regular bus stops near it. In fact, most people arrive in Verona and start their visit right in this square.

And “during rainy days”, many ask us? Well, these busses also run when it rains! Indeed, they represent an excellent solution for visiting the city in peace and shelter. Now that you know everything about City Sightseeing, I’m sure you know exactly how to get around Verona. Get started with the city map ready in your hands , it’s time to decide your itinerary!


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