Lazise Honey Festival 2023


Raise your hand if, as a child, you were afraid of bees! These tiny creatures are actually crucial for the planet and, above all, for our lives. Their role is fundamental in preserving faunistic biodiversity and for honey production, of course. Did you know that the biggest national celebration is about to begin? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Honey Festival in Lazise 2023.

From October 6th to 8th, as every year, stands and initiatives await you to discover many interesting facts about beekeeping and honey. 2023 marks the 44th edition of one of the most important beekeeping events. In Colà, at the Civic Center, a Honey Tasting Course will also be organized. In the historical center of Lazise, on the other hand, you will find exhibition stands along Lungolago Marconi and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. You can explore the infinite variety of products from many small producers and also learn about the equipment used in the activity and take a look at some specialized editorials.

Why, among all the places to visit on Lake Garda, is the honey fair held in Lazise?

Lazise Honey Festival 2023

Curiosities about honey…

Have you ever wondered what honey is made of, precisely? Two-thirds of the product are simple sugars, including glucose. The remaining one-third is composed of water, proteins, and minerals.

Honey must be harvested once it is mature, and this is one of the main tasks of the beekeeper! In addition to beekeeping, the beekeeper is responsible for collecting the fruits produced by the bees. The time of year for honey harvesting is not fixed; it always depends on the flowering seasons and the type of honey that the bees produce. For example, wildflower honey is usually extracted from April to September, during the warmer months.

What to expect during the Honey Festival 2023 in Lazise?

You might be surprised, but honey is not only delicious to eat! To learn more about other uses, during the Honey Festival 2023 in Lazise, you will also find an educational area and the “Wellness Apiary” in the park along Via Prà del Principe. Here, you will discover that honey is also capable of facilitating the healing of small skin lesions, proving that it is not only tasty but also beneficial to our bodies.

In 2023, there will be honey-related competitions, including those for Bee-Friendly Municipalities, the Golden Bee, and the Serenissima Bee. Moreover, numerous conferences and exhibitions on the theme will take place, some of which need to be booked in advance due to limited seating. In summary, in an area of about 2,400 square meters, the most important honey fair in the country will take place—the Honey Days Fair in Lazise 2023 will be open every day from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It’s a perfect opportunity to discover many interesting facts and explore the historic center of beautiful Lazise.

How can you complete your visit to Lazise during the Honey Festival 2023? That’s easy: book the Lazise Walking Tour!

I giorni del miele in Lazise


If you plan to stay in Lazise for this special weekend, you might take advantage of it to discover its history with a guided tour – the Lazise Walking Tour! For instance, I bet you didn’t know that we’re talking about the First Free Municipality of Italy? We’ll explore the points of interest in the village, from the Scaliger Castle to the Romanesque Church of San Nicolò. To organize your guided tour, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are not in a group but still interested in history, I advise you listen to the free audioguides we made on tourismlazise.it!


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