Lake Garda: most beautiful equipped beaches

For a comfy getaway, you’ve got to dive into the well-equipped beaches of Lake Garda. These will provide you with all the services you need for an unforgettable vacation. Check out my top picks to make the most of your time by the shores of Lake Garda!

Lake Garda: most beautiful equipped beaches
Lido delle Bionde in Sirmione – Credits:  Roberto Garofalo (IG e FB)

Lido delle Bionde in Sirmione

Craving a bit of comfort? Look no further than the Lido delle Bionde beach – it’s the epitome of comfort and easily accessible: just a leisurely 10-minute stroll along the picturesque road from the city center. Don’t worry about the name – no need for dyes or wigs; it’s not an exclusive beach. The peculiar name is tied to its location between Villa Cortine Park and the remains of an ancient Roman villa. Originally called “biunda,” meaning enclosed place.

Spend an entire day at the Lido, where time seems to slip away effortlessly. And it’s not just for beach bums – for those seeking a bit more adventure, there’s the option to rent SUPs and pedal boats. Explore the coast and make it back just in time for a picture-perfect sunset happy hour.

Spiaggia delle muse in Sirmione

The path to Lido delle Bionde unveils another hidden wonder — the Spiaggia delle Muse. Tucked beneath the castle walls, this charming spot is accessible along the Rocca. Imagine this: a picturesque haven, a romantic beach adorned with smooth white pebbles and crystal-clear waters, complete with a scenic walkway leading you to the very tip of the peninsula. It’s not just a journey; it’s a stroll through pure enchantment.

Lido di Lugana in Sirmione

As we head towards the Veneto region along the coast, we come another of the equipped beaches on Lake Garda: Lido di Lugana. A beach haven tailor-made for families – here, the little ones can have a blast in their dedicated play area, while parents can leisurely enjoy a glass of the famous wine that lends its name to the beach. All while seated comfortably at the beachside restaurant. Cheers to family-friendly fun at Lido di Lugana!

Lake Garda: most beautiful equipped beaches
Credits: Harry Knight

Lido Desenzanino and Spiaggia Feltrinelli in Desenzano

Arriving in the city via train or boat? Your first beachfront stop should be Lido Desenzanino – a free beach along the lakeside towards Salò. This lido is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and the delightful option to indulge in a scoop of gelato or sip a cool beverage at the beach bar. As night falls, the lido’s restaurant offers the opportunity to savor an exquisite seafood dinner, best enjoyed from one of its two lake-view terraces. Beach vibes and culinary delights, all in one spot – that’s Lido Desenzanino for you!

Venture just a stone’s throw from the city center, and you’ll stumble upon the hidden gem of Spiaggia Feltrinelli. Here, you can rent canoes and pedalos for your own aquatic adventure. Nestled in front of the Riviera Hotel along Lungolago Cesare Battisti, this beach is open to the public. Feel the sand between your toes or opt for some extra comfort with rented sunbeds. Spiaggia Feltrinelli is where lake exploration meets lakeside leisure!

Spiaggia D’Oro in Desenzano del Garda

For an extra touch of comfort, there are some equipped beaches worth considering on Lake Garda, starting with Spiaggia d’Oro. This beach provides all the amenities for a stress-free day – rental of sunbeds, umbrellas, and pedalos. Need a quick refresh? Bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms are at your service. Add to that a well-maintained green lawn featuring a bocce ball court and beach volleyball, a beachside bar service, and a splendid panoramic terrace. And when the sun sets, the beach transforms into a disco pub for the younger crowd. An all-in-one experience awaits at this golden beach!

Spiaggia Liner and San Michele in Moniga del Garda

Discover the hidden gems of Moniga – Liner and San Michele, two free-access gravel beaches just a hop away from the city centre. As you wander towards the harbor, you’ll find these beaches, partly equipped for your convenience. And fear not, fellow road-trippers, ample free parking awaits just a short stroll away.

But Moniga has more to offer than just stunning shores. Ever heard of its charming nickname, the “City of Chiaretto”? If the name doesn’t ring a bell, head to the beach kiosk to remedy that. Picture this: a chilled glass of Chiaretto rosé, the perfect companion for a sun-soaked summer day.

Spiaggia La Zattera in Rivoltella

In Rivoltella, you’ll find Spiaggia La Zattera, tucked behind the Aquila d’Oro Hotel. This beach isn’t just a patch of sand; it’s a fully equipped paradise with sunbeds and umbrellas for your ultimate relaxation. And when it’s time for a break, the quaint kiosk is your go-to spot for a refreshing pirlo. Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering what a ‘pirlo’ is, you might not be in on the local secret. It’s the Desenzano way of saying ‘spritz‘ – the drink of choice for the beach-loving crowd that flocks here in the lively afternoons.

Lido di Lonato – Credits: *Evelyn Ghidini* – *evelyns_profile* 

Lido di Lonato

Escape the hustle and bustle at Lido di Lonato, stretching approximately 380 meters, it offers free-access gravel beaches and pristine, crystal-clear waters. This little slice of natural paradise is a haven for couples and families seeking a serene escape. Imagine this: lounging on rented sunbeds and deck chairs with a chilled beverage from the charming lido kiosk. Take a moment to soak in the beauty of Lake Garda and the unmistakable silhouette of Monte Baldo – a view that even the untrained eye can appreciate.

Lido di Padenghe

One of the most popular equipped beaches on Lake Garda is Lido di Padenghe, a gravel and pebble beach. Here, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, and enjoy some snacks from not one but two cozy beach bars. And when evening approaches, a delightful restaurant awaits you to conclude your day with a delicious meal.

This beach is a sunny paradise, ideal for cultivating that golden tan to flaunt upon your return. But let’s not forget the little ones – beyond a generous application of sunscreen, venture towards the marina. There, you’ll discover shaded benches and tables, creating a perfect retreat for the whole family.

Spiaggia Romantica in Manerba del Garda

As suggested by the name – Romantic Beach (‘Spiaggia Romantica‘) – this sun-kissed beach throughout the day is a favorite among couples in love, and not only them. Thanks to its east-facing location, the beach basks in sunlight from spring through fall. Designed with ample spaces and top-notch amenities, it’s a dreamy escape for families as well. Mealtime is a breeze here, with a beachside bar and a restaurant that caters to both lunch and dinner.

But the adventures don’t end on the shore – just a short stroll away lies the tourist harbor, ready to whisk you away on a delightful lake cruise. One name, one guarantee – this beach is where every sunlit moment transforms into a cherished memory!

Lake Garda: most beautiful equipped beaches
Porto Torchio – Credits: Mara Salvetti – Maddalenalaghibrescia_lovers (IG)

Porto Torchio in Manerba del Garda

Venture a little further, and you’ll discover the allure of Porto Torchio Beach – a gem with all the comforts and culinary delights you could wish for. But there’s more to this beach than meets the eye; it’s a gateway to the renowned Isola dei Conigli (‘Rabbit Island’). Right from here, hop on a water taxi and set sail for San Biagio Island, its true name. A handy tip if you’re on the lake with your own boat: at this beach, you have the opportunity to refuel, ensuring a smooth continuation of your cruise!

Spiaggia Porto in Moniga del Garda

This beach is located less than a kilometer from the centre of Moniga del Garda, near the port. It’s a gravel beach equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. If you’re coming with your significant other and looking to carve out a moment of peaceful intimacy, this is the place. Along the beach, you’ll find small hidden coves nestled among the reeds, where the sun’s rays reflecting sparkling on the water create a romantic atmosphere.

Baia del Vento in San Felice del Benaco

The small bay is nestled between the panoramic Punta di San Fermo on the right and Punta del Corno on the left. The beach, with its fine gravel and sand, is surrounded by lush olive trees and offers a breathtaking panorama of the lake. Equipped with all the amenities, if you’re a snorkeling enthusiast or into water sports, the Baia del Vento is your ideal spot. The beach is a favorite among young surfers, making it a perfect place to make new friends over a delicious seafood dish at the restaurant.

San Felice del Benaco – Credits: Giorgio Galeotti

Spiaggia Porto San Felice and Spiaggia Gardiola in San Felice del Benaco

Connected to the Baia del Vento by a beautiful cycle path nestled among olive trees, Spiaggia Porto San Felice is located in the Spizzaglio area. The beach is pebbly and offers the option to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, even though it’s a public shoreline. Additionally, you can rent canoes, paddleboards, and pedalos here to explore the magnificent coast.

If you’re simply seeking some relaxation, fear not – you can enjoy a splendid view of the nature reserve of the Rocca while comfortably lounging on the beach. Not far away is Spiaggia Gardiola, smaller and quieter, perfect for little ones and seniors. This gravelly, unspoiled beach has several shady spots to rest. Within less than 200 meters, you’ll find a convenient parking lot to leave your car and various dining options.”

Spiaggia del Mulino and Mokai Beach in Salò

The first beaches along the stunning Lake Garda that you encounter from Salò’s city centre, are these two. Both are free, gravel-and-pebble beaches. Spiaggia del Mulino is also known as Spiaggia Conca D’Oro, named after the nearby hotel. The beach provides sunbed rental services, but alternatively, I recommend laying out on the wooden piers near the beach. Extending towards the lake, you’ll feel embraced by the crystal-clear waters. However, beware of the splashes from those using the piers for diving!

These piers also make an excellent spot for a lakeside aperitivo while watching the sunset. They are often quite popular, so if you want to secure a spot, head there early. If you’re looking for a more lively evening, then you must head to the nearby Mokai Beach. Its kiosk stays open late into the summer evenings, featuring music and themed nights. The beach is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and showers, and also offers pedal boat rentals.

Spiaggia Casinò in Gardone Riviera

If you’re seeking a chance to relax in the water at the foot of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, Spiaggia Casinò has everything you need for a delightful day on Lake Garda. The beach is sandy and gravelly, and you have the option to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. At Spiaggia Casinò, you’re guaranteed two things: the first one is clear water inviting you for a refreshing dip – hence its Blue Flag status. The second certainty is a serene and family-friendly atmosphere, thanks to the welcoming and kind hosts at the beach and kiosk who ensure a delightful experience for their guests.

Lake Garda: most beautiful equipped beaches
Spiaggia Lido Azzurro – Credits: Ben Bender

Spiaggia Lido Azzurro in Toscolano Maderno

The most famous beach in Toscolano Maderno is undoubtedly Spiaggia Lido Azzurro, equipped with every comfort and located at the beginning of Lungolago Zanardelli. Despite being bustling with activity, I highly recommend this beach due to its abundance of services, especially the Ciringhito – the perfect bar for happy hour. But a word of warning, once you’re there, it’s easy to get lost in the atmosphere. With the expanse of sand and umbrellas in front and a meticulously manicured green lawn behind, you might just find yourself thinking you’re at the seaside!

Lido dei Limoni in Gargnano

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful equipped beaches on Lake Garda, Lido dei Limoni has everything you’re looking for. Here, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and enjoy lunch or dinner at the Light Restaurant right by the lakeside. But that’s not all. Want to know why this beach is so popular and beloved by the young crowd? Undoubtedly, it’s the Lakefront Bar, a favorite spot for romantic aperitifs and those seeking music and entertainment into the late hours. Moreover, if you’re with a group of friends, it might be useful to know that you can also rent canoes, pedal boats, and mountain bikes for an excursion.

Spiaggia al Porto in Tignale

In Tignale, the easiest beach to reach is Spiaggia al Porto. As the name suggests, it is located near the harbor and is free and gravelly. The winds that often blow in the area make it a favorite among windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts. Here, even during non-summer periods with weather conditions less conducive to swimming or sunbathing, you can encounter many young and athletic individuals honing their skills. During the summer months, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach and savor fresh snacks at the kiosk made with local products: olive oil and lemons.

Credits: Falk2

Spiaggia Tifù in Limone sul Garda

If you find yourself near the campsites of Limone sul Garda, Spiaggia Tifù might be just what you need, especially if you’re a sports enthusiast. This gravelly beach offers a fantastic beach volleyball court for you to enjoy. Additionally, thanks to the Sailing Club of Limone sul Garda, you can try your hand at this widely practiced sport in this lake area.

Spiaggia dei Sabbioni in Riva del Garda

The beach where sports and relaxation unite. At the Spiaggia dei Sabbioni, everyone’s desires are catered to. A spacious beach, partially covered by gravel and partially with grass. It’s equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and every comfort. Moreover, it boasts a delightful playground for the little ones and basketball and volleyball courts. Not just team sports; for water enthusiasts, you can also rent canoes and pedalos here.

Al Cor in Torbole sul Garda

Feel the invigorating embrace of the Peler wind at Spiaggia Al Cor, a haven where sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts find their playground. Yet, this beach isn’t just for the active souls – for those seeking tranquility, picture a beach adorned with inviting sunbeds and umbrellas. The fine gravel underfoot complements the lush green lawns that stretch towards the former Colonia Pavese, where you can find a charming playground for the little ones. Spiaggia Al Cor, where the winds dance with excitement, and relaxation finds its serene corner by the lake!

Lido Holiday Beach in Bardolino

Yearning for more than just lakeside tranquility? Look no further than Lido Holiday Beach, where relaxation takes a backseat, and the pursuit of fun is in full swing. This beach isn’t your typical sun-soaking spot – it’s a haven for the spirited and those who crave more than just lounging. Imagine a vast green lawn adorned with sunbeds and loungers, surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the lake. Yet, there’s more – a dedicated disco music space where the nights come alive with lively parties and musical events throughout the summer.

And when hunger strikes, the restaurant is ready to satiate your cravings, serving up delectable delights for both lunch and dinner every day. A word of caution: the water near the shore rises quickly, so perhaps save those nighttime strolls by the lake for sober moments.

Those were the best-equipped beaches on Lake Garda. If you’re looking for the most beautiful beaches on our lake, you can find the list here. Enjoy the sun!

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