How to visit Venice in one day with a bus tour

Many visitors staying on Lake Garda often ask us how to visit Venice in a day. A fair question if you think that Venice is not far from the lake and is easily accessible from the main towns of the lake coasts.

The most common concern, however, is always that of not being able to see in a single day all the wonders of this romantic city. If you are reading this article, you are probably asking yourself the same questions and you have the same doubts.

Certainly, there are many unmissable places to see, but with a good organization, there is no need to be afraid, we have the solution!

With the organized coach tour you will have the opportunity to visit Venice in one day following a complete itinerary. You can make the most of your time and see one of the most important places to visit near Lake Garda.

So, if you are here, why not enjoy a day in one of the most beautiful Italian cities in the world?

How to reach Venice from Lake Garda
The Tour to visit Venice in a day
When and how to do the Tour


Venice is a city crossed by water with its islets, canals and bridges. A place to live and visit at a slow pace. No roads or cars, no traffic except that of tourists who come every day to discover this unique and extraordinary city.

It happens to me often that, while I walk around these kind of cities I try to picture how they should have been decades ago… Well Venice is amazing! Try to watch a building and then close your eyes….. The streets, its scents and the mixture of the many different languages and accents you can hear are a great way to imagine Venice hundreds of years ago as an important connection between West and East. With many foreigners coming for commercial reasons.

It is a surprising and lively city, with an invaluable artistic and cultural heritage enclosed between its canals and Gothic-Venetian buildings. However, let’s go back to the big question: how to visit Venice in a day?
How to visit Venice in one day
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Let us start from the famous St. Mark’s Square, the biggest of the city and place where all the major international events take place. It overlooks the main and most important buildings of the city. Among these, the elegant and shining St. Mark’s Basilica, which contains all the Roman, Byzantine and Venetian culture of the place.

Prepare yourself to be stunned at the sight of its golden mosaics adorning the interior.

How to visit Venice in one day
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On the square does not go unnoticed even Palazzo Ducale that once was the seat of the Doge of Venice. Its porch has always been on every postcard in the city, you cannot miss to take a picture here.

The bell tower of St. Mark stands on the square deserving the name of “el paron de casa” (the landlord). Take the time of a climb to the top because from it you can have a panoramic view of the entire lagoon. You can’t help but notice the central column of St. Mark with the Lion…does it look familiar?

You’re not wrong! It is the same winged lion you find in many of the places you’ll visit on Lake Garda. A distinctive symbol of the Serenissima Republic that dominated for a long time even over most of the territory of Lake Garda.

How to visit Venice in one day
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Not to be missed are the Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge, the most famous of the many bridges that cross the canals of the city. Do you know that in Venice there are more than 430 bridges?

No, you will not be able to visit all of them in one day in Venice, that is for sure, but on the other hand, it would not be possible even in a week! Another thing to do absolutely is a navigation on the canals of Venice.

Whether by gondola, boat or ferry only from the water you can see the city in its entire ancient splendor. Those that I have indicated to you are the essential things, the ones that “you can’t go to Venice and do not see”.

My advice, however, is to give you a few hours to walk through the streets admiring everything you encounter along the way. Without the fear of getting lost because, I reveal a secret: wherever you go, you will always find yourself, magically, in St Mark’s Square!

Even with only one day to see the entire city? Yes, because it is the most authentic way to discover Venice.

How to reach Venice from Lake Garda
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How to visit Venice coming from Lake Garda

If you are reading this article to understand how to visit Venice in a day you will undoubtedly want to understand how it is better to reach it.

From Lake Garda you can reach it by car in about 2 hours. You will arrive until Mestre where you can leave your car. Then you have to take the ferryboat to cross the Lagoon and to reach the famous St Mark’s Square

At the same way, you can reach Venice in a couple of hours by train from the railway stations of the main towns of the Lake In both cases at the time of the trip, you must add time to find the parking, the time of ferry travel and the unknown of the traffic and delays.

Do you want to avoid problems and know what is the most convenient and quick alternative to reach this place to visit near Lake Garda?

The Venice coach tour, which includes travel, ferry transport and guided visit.  With departures along all the shores of the lake!

The Tour to visit Venice in a day
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The Tour to visit Venice in a day

Take a group excursion by bus to visit the must-see sights of Venice in a day. Starting from the shores of the lake you can easily reach the lagoon by coach. During the journey, an audio guide will tell you the story and many curiosities about the city, so you will arrive prepared on what you will see!

Once you get off the bus, a private ferry will be waiting for you. It will take you across the Grand Canal to St Mark’s Square. From this main square, you will begin your guided tour of this beautiful city. You will be accompanied through the city center to discover its history and the most important places I told you before

A unique group excursion to visit one of the most beautiful and important places near Lake Garda

Visiting Venice in one day is possible and easy with this tour by bus, but above all, you can customize it! You got it right, I am not proposing you the classic boring and all organized group tour, you can make it the most suitable for you!

Fore sure you will want to admire in person with your own eyes the iconic places that you have always seen in photos and movies. But the city offers so many other opportunities of various interest that you will be spoiled for choice depending on your interests.

For this reason, with this tour in the afternoon you will have free time to do what you love in this wonderful city. Whether you prefer getting lost in the canals and admire the many shops or taking a tour of the bars to taste all their delicious “cicchetti”.

You can have a walk searching hidden and evocative corners to photograph as a souvenir of your dayvisit to Venice. You can take a watertaxi and reach the islands where you can enjoy the authentic life of the lagoon. Take into consideration the watertaxi’s of Venetiana!

If you love art and architecture, you can spend time visiting some of the many museums or enter its beautiful buildings. The surprises do not end there; you will also get a special discounted price for a romantic gondola tour or a guided boat tour!

When and how to do the Tour
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When and how to do the Tour

Here you will find all the information you need to know to do book tour. After reading them, you will not have any more doubts: this tour is the perfect solution to visit Venice in a day!

The departures of the Tour are organized in fixed every week on Tuesday and Thursday. The coach has many pick-up points all along the Gardesana road to load all the members of the group. Just see the pick-up point closest to where you are staying, and you might even find that the bus stops right in front of your campsite!

Convenient and fast. After having pre-purchased your ticket online or at our offices, all you have to do is get on board and leave for Venice! The tour is suitable for couples and families of all ages but not only! Many solo travelers choose it to spend a day to visit in company and make new friends.

After all, discover together one of the most beautiful places to visit near Lake Garda is the best way to make a new friendship!


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