Three things to see in Brenzone

Brenzone and its villages, a Lake Garda’s jewel

Today I tell you about this little place on the Lake Garda, a village of the Veronese river, which is often underestimate: Brenzone sul Garda. Situated near Malcesine, this village shows a particular identity by which you can live a relaxing holiday and playing watersports too. You will enjoy a dive into the lake’ s limpid blue water at every hour because of its very regenerative temperature. Let me explain you the three things to see in Brenzone.

Imagine you in this pleasant place where you can hike on the foots of Monte Baldo with an amazing view of the Lake. You won’t believe it!

If you are supposed to try sports such as sailboat, windsurf or diving you are in the right place. In these activities are included water skiing, sup and kayak; let’s not forget the sites to play beachvolley, paragliding and tennis.

Or why don’t you discover the territory in a slow way by renting an E-bike, accompanied by a professional tourist guide? There are simply infinities possibilities to make such a tempting holiday.

First of all, let me introduce a bit of history before we immerge in this place to visit on Lake Garda…

Do you know that the origin of its name comes from Brenni? A german tribe who took up residence over Baldo mountain, from where they climb down to the Lake making raids and vandalisms. The territory was also occupied by the Romans who came here defending the north.

The first documents which attest the identity of Brenzone sul Garda datet the second half of the twelfth century, when Federico Barbarossa came to Italy.

During the medieval times, this village and the Gardesan area turned into different dominations: the Scaligera, the Viscontea, the Carrarese and the Republic of Venice. It was in this period that in Brenzone born and took place important families, who are still present.

Indeed, Brenzone is formed by various little villages and many districts whose name is often similar to the surname of some inhabitants.

These are all jewels of this place to visit on Lake Garda which reveals a unique identity. Let’s scroll down and discover more about it!

Three things to see in Brenzone
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How can you reach Brenzone?

Before I tell you the three things to see in Brenzone, I would like to give you some help to reach this place.

If you arrive from the North, you can take the Highway A22 of Brennero and take the exit to Rovereto Sud. In alternative, arriving from the South you have to take the Highway A4 and exit to Peschiera and then drive along the Gardesana street.

If you are in another place of the Veronese river of the Lake, you can easily reach Brenzone with the lines of the ATV Buses. This is for sure an ecological way, in alternative to the car which will let you enjoy the beautiful landscapes at the same time.

Another possibility to reach Brenzone is by ferry. A memorable experience that gives you the possibility to feel the thrill of a trip skimming over the water of the Lake Garda. You must know that it is only possible to buy the ticket on the same day of the departure.

An alternative green way to discover Brenzone is by bike, but I won’t reveal you anything about it, because I’ll tell you later.

Continua a leggere l’articolo per scoprire di più su uno dei luoghi da visitare sul Lago di Garda, ora arriva la parte più interessante…


1. The villages of Brenzone
2. The cycle path of Castelletto and the beaches
The beaches
3. The small island of Trimelone

Three things to see in Brenzone
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1. The villages of Brenzone with its city center and the churches

As I mentioned you, the city town is formed by 24 villages located along the Lake’s rivers and up to the slopes of Baldo mountain. That’s why it seems to be one of the biggest town halls of Lake Garda.

I have some information for you about the main villages for the first of the three things to see in Brenzone.

The historical centers with their little street, the little ports and the small churches, represent a uniqueness with no comparison, whom villages are loved a lot by the tourists.

Let’s start with Castelletto, one of the more known and the biggest country too.

The village developed spontaneously over the years, such that the public structures like the church, the bell tower and the cemetery are on the edges. The city center is characterized by houses of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, build one each other and connected by arches and courts.

The heart of the country is formed by a labyrinth of cobbled roads, by which to the intersection is typical to find a capital or a water spring. All of the streets merge in a small square, the Olivo Square. Indeed, if you proceed to the little port you will find all the restaurants and the shops.

Of particular interest it is the medieval San Zeno church, dating back to the twelfth century. Once entered, you will get dazzled from the painting cycle of San Giovanni Battista, a jewel of the Veronese Romanesque period, characterized by Mantegna pieces.

On Lake rivers on the northern border with Malcesine, along Gardesana Street, you will found Assenza, with its typical residential unit with port type. Its little center is situated around the square, which is, since forever, the meeting point of the population. A small break there will give you the possibility to know some elderly inhabitants, grateful to tell you interesting things about the village.

Let’s go ahead discovering the villages of Brenzone…are you excited to know what this place to visit on Lake Garda deserves you?

Absolutely not to be missed is Campo, an ancient medieval town, surrounded by the nature and one of Italy most beautiful villages. It is perched/ castled on the slopes of Monte Baldo, 200 meter high, surrounded by beech and olive trees. Starting from the Fifties, Campo was struck by a sharp depopulation caused by the poorness of the communication roads and is remained uninhabited. This lets the village preserver its ancient beauty, remaining unchanged since nowadays. But pay attention, you can reach Campo only buy foot or with the mountain bike from the paths starting from Marniga, Magugnano, Zignano and Fasor.

On the North of Castelletto there is Marniga, a typical rural city quarter of Benaco, near the Lake’s river. it is founded along the main routes: one arrives in Campo and the other arrives in Castelletto. The village is characterized by dense built houses, narrow alleys with mill pavement and big steps that arrives in the city town from the Lake.

Magugnano is the municipal capital and the town hall. It represents the typical model of the 900 followed by the urbanization of the lake. Walking through this village you will recognize that the most ancient center is developed along the river, around the small port. As a matter of fact, it was after the construction of the Via Gardesana, that Magugnano has enlarged along the main street.

This are some of the most typical districts of this first suggestion to what to see in Brenzone that I wanted to highlight. Do you begin to understand why this is one of the places to visit on Lake Garda which is absolutely to add to the list?

Then we continue with Castello, one of the most loved and captured places situated directly over the center of Porto. The houses that follow the conformation of the territory, developed on more levels and connected by narrow alleys with cobblestone pavement. This is such a peculiarity of this place!

If you love churches and panoramic views, you can’t miss the church of San Giovanni Battista. It was built around the second half of the 1400s over the promontory oriented in the direction of Lake Garda.

The facade of this beautiful building/ site reflects in the lake rising upwards. The church has only one central nave with three chapels on the right and three on the left. It was rebuilt many times over the years working on the new version of altars and entries.

Moreover, if you are here for a day trip, I suggest you also to visit the church of Sant’Antonio Abate, located in the contrada Biaza. It has medieval origins too and it reveals interesting paintings, such as those with the illustration of San Cristoforo. Once entered in this beautiful medieval jewel, you would see the nineteenth- century altar piece representing Sant’Antonio Abate adorating the Virgin. The Saint was, among other, the patron of the breeder of bovines, which once were very present here.

Three things to see in Brenzone
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2. The cycle path of Castelletto and the beaches

As I announced you before, if you love the bicycle or walking in the open air, this is the paragraph dedicated to you!

Yes, because included in the three things to see in Brenzone, I have selected for you the wonderful north-east cycle and pedestrian path starting from Navene.

It is situated 6 kilometers to the North from Malcesine and arrives in Castelletto di Brenzone, which is 10 kilometers to the South from Malcesine.

The path is accessible both during the summer and during the winter, because it is beautiful in every period of the year. Moreover, is easy and suitable to all, adults and children. It is above all a great way to travel along the various villages that sorrounds Brenzone.

The cycle- foot path is 40 km long, but don’t be afraid, it is very easy to go through!

You can’t imagine how many possibilities you will discover. You will feel the breeze of the Lake in your hairs while riding and you have the landscape in front you at the same time. Both by foot and with the bike you will enjoy the relaxing and calm rhythm of Lake Garda daydreaming. Imagine also a regenerative break in one of the many bars situated along the street. You can taste the great Lake’s fish or drink an aperitif under the sunset.

During the summer period you must absolutely take a dip into the lake along your trip. So here is a list of the three beaches of this place to visit on Lake Garda, which you have to discover one by one!

The beaches of Brenzone

In Brenzone you will have a lot of choice between free and equipped beaches. Here you will always enjoy the fresh water and enchanting landscapes under the sunset. Because of the 12 km’s promenade, there are so many beaches that I couldn’t insert in the list of the three things to see in Brenzone.

In these places some hotels or camping give the opportunity to take a break in their beaches with the service of sunbed or deck chair rental. In particular there is a hotel with a wood platform up in the cliffs at the end of the wharf, where you can totally relax.

Near San Zeno Camping or Le Major Camping there are some free beaches in grass and stones that welcome who wants to relax. In this case you must bring with you towel and umbrella because the beaches are not equipped.

Other sites with free beach continue along Garda up to Castelletto, giving an enchanting landscape of the Lake and a total serenity.

On the North of Castelletto you will also find another free beach which is often the meeting point for whom loves to windsurf or kite surf. It is impossible to hide: the lakefront is the best place to admire the most beautiful landscape during the sunset. Nevertheless, many people come here to enjoy Lake Garda until midnight because of its small pubs and bars.

The small island of Trimelone
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3. The small island of Trimelone

This island in the lake, located 100 meters to the coast, between Cassone and Assenza, was an army base since the end of 1800s. This place in included in the list of the three things to see in Brenzone that I chose for you…don’t miss its wonders!

For its strategic position it was the home of a fortress built in the 10th century. The island of Trimelone was also used as outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and as an Armory during the two World Wars.

Precisely here during the first years of the 1900s were conserved over than 100 thousand explosive remnants. They were abandoned on the island or throw into the Lake once all the conflicts were over.

Due to violent deflagrations succeed in the following years, there were organized various reclamation operations. Materialized only in 2005 these allowed the recovery, defusing and removal of more than 26 thousand bombs.

I suppose you are wondering: why is this island included in my visit? Because of the current conformation of this place to visit on Lake Garda…

You must know that the island is an environmental oasis, rich in plant and animal life of the Lake. That’s why there are different species of trees and plant, which have found their habitat here. You can see poplars, oleanders, elderberries, brambles while gulls and cormorants found their ideal place to nest.

It is still possible to see the barracks, the fort and the small quite demolished port. But how can you reach this wild and uncontaminated island? Absolutely by water. Rent a sailboat, a motorboat or a canoe to navigate around its water and you will remain astonished from its uniqueness!

First remember to pay attention, here is forbidden to go fishing and the disembarkation and docking are not possible, because of the presence of bombs.

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We are close to the end of this reading, but first let me suggest you some traditional events in Brenzone. In addition to the three things to see in Brenzone that I just mentioned you, also the events are another good chance to visit the village.

11th of July

During this day, the Madonna del Colera is carried on shoulders through the villages of Brenzone with a long procession. Starting from the parish Church of Castelletto, after the first Mass celebrated in the sunrise, it proceeds in the villages of Boccino, Porto and Assenza. Here there is another Mass. The procession continues to the other small villages of Brenzone coming back to Castelletto to celebrate the final Mass.

In the evening, there is music in the field and the tasting of many typical products such as the delicious “bigoli con le sarde”. The celebration ends every year with the magical fireworks that illuminate the night.

25th November

This day celebrates the feast of Santa Caterina and the feast of oil. It was originally an ancient agricultural feast, related to the traditional livestock market for the return of the grazing of Monte Baldo from alpine pasture. Today it is a funny feast that involves both inhabitants and tourists in the square of Castelletto. During this event you can taste some typical dishes and local products such as bruschetta and hot trippe.

In addition to that, there is also the living Via Crucis along the street from Castelletto to Biaza in the night of the Holy Friday.

While in Campo, during the nights of shooting stars of San Lorenzo, there is “Magical Nights in Campo” with jazz music in the moonlight. During the Christmas Holidays the village hosts more than hundred nativity scenes realized among the deserted houses.

So, these are my suggestions to discover Brenzone, undoubtedly one of the places to visit during your holiday on Lake Garda.

I am sure that with these tips you will know the authentic part of Brenzone and of its villages, so what are you waiting for? Let’s organize your holiday!


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