How to visit Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda the ancient Arilica

You arrived in Peschiera, probably exiting from the A4 Milan-Venice motorway or arriving at the train station and are wondering how to visit Peschiera del Garda.

Maybe you are planning your holiday or a group trip and want to figure out what places to visit on Lake Garda?

In this article you will discover why and how to visit Peschiera del Garda!

Peschiera is one of the most popular destinations on the lake, in fact the town is at 21st place in the list of the 50 most visited cities in Italy.

Each year there are 25 million tourists on Lake Garda, 2.5 millions of whom are in Peschiera.

These numbers undoubtedly highlight the great tourist attraction of the town. Due to the many services, it offers and the convenience in reaching it, but especially to its great historical and cultural heritage.

Since its origins, the city carries its fate in its name. In fact, Peschiera in the past it was called Arilica, a name of Celtic origin that can be translated as “where everything flows“.

A name that identifies it as a dynamic place, a crossroads of commerce and interests, a reality that we can see even today.

How to visit Peschiera del Garda
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Peschiera: an open-air museum

Peschiera del Garda is the westernmost municipality of the Veneto region, it is located on the river Mincio, the lake’s only river outfall.

Thanks to its particular location, Peschiera has been involved in all the main historical events that took place in the area.

From the Neolithic to the First World War, history has left its traces in Peschiera del Garda, making it a true open-air museum.

Visit Peschiera del Garda means taking a journey into the history through the eras of which it was the protagonist.

From a pile-dwelling site to a Roman fortress located on the important Via Gallica, it become a Scaliger castle in the Middle Ages.

During the domination of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, Peschiera becomes, as we still see it today of a pentagonal fortress.

The history continues with the period of Habsburg rule until its role in the First World War as the seat of the Inter-Allied Conference of 1917.

How to visit Peschiera del Garda

How to visit Peschiera del Garda

As you figured out Peschiera is one of the most historical places to visit on Lake Garda.

In fact, only a few Italian cities have so many examples of fortified structures from different eras like Peschiera.

Moreover, the Fortress of Peschiera del Garda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017. It has been included in the list of defensive works of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

To visit Peschiera del Garda on foot and discover all the history of the fortress we created the Peschiera Walking Tour.

A guided visit on foot of about 35 minutes between the ramparts of the pentagonal fortress of Peschiera.

During the visit we will walk along the Venetian walls and in the Habsburg military quarter, to the ancient Roman ruins, crossing all the eras.

Along the way there will be panoramic points from which you can take wonderful photos of the lake. We will also cross the bridge Ponte dei Voltoni: iconic symbol of Peschiera.

A guide will tell the story of the city, starting from its origins as a fishing village to the current era of tourist site. You will also discover a lot of information about Lake Garda and interesting facts. At the end of the visit, you can feel almost a realm inhabitant of Peschiera!

Peschiera Walking Tour

When and how to visit Peschiera

The Peschiera Walking tour is available every day in 3 different languages upon reservation.

For couples and individuals, the tour is organized every morning from April to September. An expert guide awaits participants in front of the Infopoint of Peschiera. The visit ends in Ferdinando di Savoia square, from where you can then reach the many bars and restaurants of the historic center.

Are you a school or a group? Contact us by e-mail and we will organize together the tour at the time and date you prefer, adapting it to your needs.

This guided tour is particularly suitable for a school trip of historical and cultural interest.

Depending on the historical period studied by the students we will be able to make a visit as linked as possible to their school program.

The guided tour of the fortress is a good way to visit Peschiera del Garda by foot as a group.

Friends, colleagues or members of associations every year choose it to spend a moment together.

The ways to discover this place to visit on Lake Garda do not end here!

To visit Peschiera del Garda from a different point of view, there is also the Tour of the walls by boat along its canals. Or, for a romantic moment with your family or your love, you can cross the waters surrounding the fortress aboard an original venetian gondola.

What are you waiting for, now that you know how to visit Peschiera del Garda write us or buy your tickets here!


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