How to travel on the Lake Garda?



If you’re looking for how to travel on the Garda Lake, with its thick bus network, ATM company provides a complete and efficient service.

The “Azienda Trasporti Verona” (Verona transport company) deals with the public transport in the area of Verona, both urban and extra-urban, covering the whole territory.

Thanks to these routes, it’s possible to get around the centre of the famous city of lovers, but also to reach our stunning lake.

If you’re staying on the Garda lake Veronese coast, you should know that you can easily get to all the main parks nearby.

The summer line 479, working from Monday to Saturday, connects Affi with Lazise. This route enables to reach without changes well-known destinations such as the famous Parco Natura Viva.

Yet, for fun lovers there are certainly connections with other famous parks, such as Gardaland, Sealife Aquarium, Movieland and Caneva.

With the lines 164, 482, 483, which follow the Gardesana road linking Peschiera to Garda, getting to these amusement parks shouldn’t be a problem.

For mountain hiking or water sports fans, the Northern part of the lake is perfect and it’s easily accessible with the lines 483 and 484. Thanks to these bus lines you can visit peculiar cities like Malcesine, where the cable car of Monte Baldo starts, or Riva del Garda.

For those who would like to reach the beautiful Verona, for a romantic trip out of town, ATV provides the lines 163, 164 and 185. Therefore, you can go from Garda to Verona comfortably and the 185, running during summertime, allows you to reach the city in only 30 minutes.

How to travel on the Lake Garda


From June, a new line, the 482, arrived, it connects the Catullo Airport in Verona to the Garda Lake.

This line has been created for all the tourists who need a practical and cheap connection between the airport and the towns of the lake. Anywhere you’ll stay, whether in the Northern part or in the south-east area, you’ll find your best solution thanks to ATV.

If you are around Peschiera and Garda, this line, which runs hourly, will be extremely useful. Yet, the Catullo Airport is easy reachable from the Northern part of the lake with the lines 484 (Riva del Garda-Garda) and the 483 (Malcesine-Peschiera).

The 482 enables to improve the existing connection service between Garda and Peschiera with the frequency of three buses every hour.

Moreover, the line 164, which don’t make the service to the airport anymore, succeeds in speeding up the summer connection between Garda, Peschiera and Verona.

While those who stay in Verona or who desire to visit the city before the homecoming, they can use the shuttle service Airlink (line 199). This line connects Verona Porta Nuova station to Catullo airport, and it runs every twenty minutes.


Finally, for those who are fond of mountain bike, don’t worry, ATV has a solution for you too.

Both the lines 470 and the 476 are part of the “Bus Walk&Bike” service.

Thanks to trolleys and bike carriers, the bike tours fans can carry their bikes on the bus to get to the trails in the mountains.

The line 470 allows you to reach San Zeno di Montagna, while the 476 gets you to Spiazzi and Ferrara di Monte Baldo. In Spiazzi, the passengers will find the shuttle 499 waiting for them, and with it they’ll arrive in the breath-taking Madonna della Corona sanctuary.

The bike transfer service includes a surcharge of 2€ on the standard offers, it’s available in ticket offices and it doesn’t require a reservation.


If you catch the bus you help the environment. If you’re looking to understand how to travel around the Garda Lake in a green way, there’s nothing better than ATV. Just think that one bus fit 37 people and for this same number it would take 15 cars, that means more traffic and more pollution.

Furthermore, you can rely on the special services that every summer act to guarantee a more and more wide coverage.

For those who love the opera, with the Arena Opera Transfer, the return to the lake is assured. This bus, leaving from Piazza Cittadella 30 minutes after the lyric show, will take the spectators back to all the localities, from Peschiera to Malcesine. Thus, it’s possible to avoid spending lots of money to get back by taxi or to have to go only by your own car.

Besides for people, couples or families, who come from miles away and who want to take advantage of the holidays in Veneto to visit Venice? You don’t need to go neither by train nor by car, driving all the way and paying a large amount of money to park. ATV offers a summer line that, leaving from Riva del Garda, coasting the whole littoral until Peschiera, continues towards Venice. It runs on Tuesday and on Thursday and it provides a daily tour in this charming city.


Getting around on Garda Lake has never been so easy thanks to the ATV Pass and the App Ticket Bus Verona.

If you decide to stay by the lake for more days, it’s possible to use the passes valid for 1, 3 or 7 days. From the day of the obliteration, these allow to travel by all the buses of both urban and extra-urban lines of Verona and its province.

All the tickets can be bought in the ATV ticket offices or in the tourism offices, but there’s a technological way even faster and safer. Simply download the free Ticket Bus Verona App to have your ticket directly on your smartphone.


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