The enchanting peninsula Punta San Vigilio

Punta San Vigilio is certainly one of the most evocative spots on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The western side of the peninsula is where the current from the North meets the calm waters of the South. The eastern side of Punta San Vigilio is part of the Gulf of Garda and is the point that draws the most attention. A place that, thanks to its geographical peculiarities and its ancient buildings, seems to have stood still in time. In fact, the traveler today as then, who arrives on the peninsula from the small harbour, is greeted by the following inscription engraved on the entrance arch: “Lasciate gli affari e gli affanni alla città” which means: “Leave business and affairs to the city”, underlining the tranquility and serenity of this enchanted place.

Punta San Vigilio can be reached by taking the Gardesana by car or when the water level is low, by following the lakeside walk starting from Garda. (This generally happens during summer.) We do not recommend reaching it on foot through the Gardesana as it is busy and has no pedestrian or cycle path.

The enchanting peninsula Punta San Vigilio
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The Peninsula

Punta San Vigilio is made up of Villa Guarienti-Brenzone, built in the 16th century by Michele Sanmicheli, a small harbor and the fairytale-like “Parco Baia delle Sirene” (Mermaidsbay). A bay with an equipped beach and a lake front pool.

Once you reach the picturesque harbor, you will be pervaded by a feeling of peace. This place is characterized by its simplicity, soft colors and the presence of the historic Locanda San Vigilio. An accommodation that has been hosting people from all over the world for 600 years and even hosted many illustrious persons. Today, thanks to its beauty and its extraordinary views, it is one of the most requested locations for organizing events and more … it is also one of the most popular destinations for photographers and painters.

Next to the Locanda, you will find a small church, an Italian garden with statues and a building characterized by arches and pillars.

The enchanting peninsula Punta San Vigilio
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Did you know that…

Behind the peninsula, between Punta San Vigilio and Garda, you will find Monte Luppia, famous for the many petroglyphs spread all around it. We recommend that you visit it through the path which starts from Via Castei. But if you’re really interested in the petroglyphs, please, pay attention: the breath-taking view on Lake Garda will try to distract you in every way possible!

Take note

A ticket is required between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM to access the Baia delle Sirene. Parking and a sun lounger with umbrella are included in the price. After 18:00 admission is free. The price varies according to the exact time: for adults it lies between 5 € and 13 €, for children (3-12 years) it goes from 3 € to 6 €.

If you want to admire Punta San Vigilio from the best perspective, we suggest participating with the South Garda Lake Tour, available from May to September. A boat trip around the southern part of the lake to see the most beautiful sights. The enchanting beauty of Punta San Vigilio is the reason why we generally choose this spot to have a refreshing swim. (If weather and streams allow us to do so.)

South Garda Lake Tour


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