Parking and transfers in Venice

Why choose Marive Transport

The wonderful Venice is closer to the lake than you think, and our visitors are well aware of this! There are various ways to reach it and we have already talked about it in other articles: by train, by bus or with our organized tour. In addition to these, however, many visitors prefer to move independently and reach Venice by car. If this is your case, I would like to give you some tips on parking and transfers in Venice.

The best solution which I highly recommend is Marive Transport, with its Ferry and Parking service. A safe and convenient way to leave your car and reach the iconic Piazza San Marco by ferry.

We believe that to be able to enjoy the visit of Venice it is important “to be able to have some peace of mind”. That’s why this choice will allow you to fully enjoy this place to visit near Lake Garda.

Parking and transfers in Venice
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Let’s get to know the territory

Maybe you love traveling by car because you think it is the most comfortable way to travel, but did you know that the beautiful city Venice is completely car-free? Being built entirely on tiny islands connected by myriads of bridges, we are talking about a city that most guides rightly so define as “banned for all types of cars”.

So, what to do? Don’t panic, because if on one hand it is true that the centre can only be explored on foot or by water, on the other hand it is still possible to get to Venice by car. If you arrive from Lake Garda it is very simple, just take the A4 highway. It is so easy that many tourists actually choose this solution. The hardest part is finding a parking space in Venice, as everyone wants to leave their car as close as possible.

So, what is the result? Extremely expensive and always fully packed parking lots. There has t be a solution … And indeed, there actually is. First of all, it is good to inquire before departure and strategically choose where to park in Venice. The options are truly various. As said, you can park nearby to be immediately in the heart of the city or just outside to save a little money. Another idea could be to park even further away and perhaps arrive by boat.

I am sure that among our articles you will find the best way to get there and visit it. But if, as we have said, the option that best suits your holiday is the car, I will give you some tips on how to make the best out of it.

Parking and Transfers in Venice

Venice is considered among the most beautiful cities in the world and with Marive Transport you can reach it easily and comfortably.

Whether you want to visit the wonderful lagoon city in a day or stop for several days, Marive Park can be the ideal solution. You will be able to park there every day and reach the heart of the city in just 20 minutes of navigation. Thanks to the scheduled service you can take the ferry within walking distance to the parking lot.

It is also very important to underline the professionalism of the Marive team. The qualified staff will welcome you at the terminal and explain the ferry service in detail. What if you have more questions? At the infopoint you will find the answers you are looking for, as well as a dining area complete with everything you may need.

Parking and transfers in Venice


Innovation, experience and knowledge of the territory. These are the three main characteristics that distinguish Marive Transport from other companies.

If we then combine them with a company policy based on love for the lagoon, respect for the environment and care for its visitors, we obtain the perfect company to rely on. You can take advantage of public and private services, according to your needs.

Among the public services you can find the Mestre-Venice Linea Rosa, active every day with hourly departures. Just think that this service was created in 1970 and is still the only water connection service between Mestre and Venice. For this reason, it is not only used by tourists, but also by local residents and workers. In addition to this Marive has a collaboration with Ca’Foscari, in particular with the Department of Economics, with the aim of making it easier to reach the campus. Finally, with the SNV Line, reserved for ticket holders to the Salone Nautico, you will run every 90 minutes from 9am to 8pm.

On the other hand, you can find several private services. Among these you can take advantage of water taxis, defined as “real floating lounges”, with an active service 24/7.

In addition, with Gran Turismo Services, satisfying groups of tourists or agencies will be very simple. But to be able to enjoy a truly carefree day, the most important point is safety. So, to give you the guarantee of a safe, comfortable place adjacent to the scheduled services, the company provides a guarded and video-monitored car Parkin lot.

If you own an electric car, you will have the opportunity to use the charging service located inside the parking area. If you aim for convenience, Marive Transport offers you the All-inclusive service of parking + ferry. You can easily reach Venice and organize your visit by booking your boat.

Venice is a splendid place to visit near Lake Garda. I am sure I have given you a lot of information and advice to ensure that driving there does not become a nightmare but a dream. Enjoy it!


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