How to visit Verona in a day

Verona, the UNESCO heritage site since 2000 and home of Shakespearean love, is one of the major cities closest to Lake Garda. There are many visitors who, staying on the lake for several days, wish to take a trip out of town, but without going too far. That’s why it’s no wonder that one of the most frequent requests we get is about “how to visit Verona in a day”.

Let’s see together the recommended options to fully enjoy this place to visit near Lake Garda.

VERONA and its main attractions
VERONA BUS TOUR from lake Garda
INSIDER TIPS: Fun Activities in Verona

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As we know, Verona is one of the most famous Italian cities, thanks to its romantic and fascinating architecture, developed along the curved river Adige. With its beautiful buildings and narrow streets teeming with people, such as the main street Via Mazzini, a visit to this city always brings many emotions. But let’s see together what are the main points of interest that you should not miss.

Firstly the famous Arena di Verona, one of the best conserverd Roman amphitheaters still in use today to host several concerts of Italian and international artists. The Arena is set in Piazza Brà, right in the middle of the historical city center. From here you can choose whether you go towards Scaliger Castelvecchio or towards the ancient Roman theater.

How to visit Verona in a day
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If, on the other hand, you decide to go towards the Roman Theater, you will have to cross Via Mazzini, the shopping street in Verona, until you reach the famous Piazza Erbe. Take a walk in this area and also admire the nearby Piazza dei Signori and the nearby Scaliger Tomb. If time is not an issue, I advise you to climb the Torre dei Lamberti and enjoy the breathtaking panorama that awaits you.

Not just art and architecture. Verona is an excellent place for foodies to taste typical dishes and products of the Veronese tradition. Strolling through the center, countless “Osterie” and typical restaurants display a rich menu and as that mealtime approaches, the scents of the kitchens envelop the streets of the city.

For the incurable romantics, it is possible to walk around the famous places of the great love story of Romeo and Juliet. But that’s not all… Verona also has some viewpoints not to be missed, where you can admire the sunset. The most beloved among the Veronese is the viewpoint at Castel San Pietro, accessible on foot via a long staircase or by cable car, a spectacular view of the entire city.

But let’s get back to the main topic. Verona has so much to offer and there are several ways to enjoy this city to the fullest! So let’s take a look at how to visit Verona in one day.

How to visit Verona in a day
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Verona is about 35 km from Lake Garda and can be easily reached by car or public transport. An option would include the buses of the ATV company that connect the villages on the Veronese side of the lake to the center of Verona. Travel time varies from 45 minutes to over 1.5 hours the further north of the lake you are. A faster alternative can be the train, but the only two trainstations on the lake can be found in Desenzano or Peschiera del Garda. An option for experienced athletes is the bicycle, but it is a rather niche option.

Are you interested in discovering Verona, its history and all its beauties without wasting time behind delayed public transport or lack of parking? Consider booking our Verona bus tour from Lake Garda.

In addition to easily reaching the city from the shores of the lake, a guide will accompany you on an interesting tour. Then you have the rest of the time at your disposal to discover the city on your own.

One of the many advantages of this tour is that you can choose from different starting points on Lake Garda and travel comfortably on board an air-conditioned coach. Once you arrive in the city center, you will be left right in front of one of the best-preserved monuments of the Roman Empire: the Arena di Verona. Admire it in all its glory and don’t forget to take some nice souvenir photos.

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From Piazza Brà, your day trip in Verona begins with a 1.5-hour private tour through the characteristic streets of the center. You will pass Piazza dei Signori and see the tombs of the Della Scala family, then Piazza Erbe, until you reach Juliet’s House. Here you can admire the famous balcony under which Romeo declared his eternal love to his beloved.

With the Verona Bus Tour you can start from Lake Garda and have a day to fall in love with the charm of beautiful Verona. With a day trip through the city center you can relive the history of this jewel of the Italian Renaissance step by step. Thanks to the presence of an expert local guide, you will discover the most important treasures this place has to offer.

You will immerse yourself in the history of the city and discover how it has developed over the centuries and the artistic elements that distinguish it. These include the medieval Castelvecchio on one side and the ancient Ponte Pietra on the other.

Once your heart is filled with Veronese art, history and culture, you will have free time for the rest of your visit in the city. Take advantage of it to try the nicest hidden restaurant with local dishes!

Useful to know if you consider booking our guided bus tour to Verona.
  • The Verona Bus Tour take place on Tuesday and Friday. On the way to Verona, the bus will stop only at the pre-arranged stops on the lake, to pick up all the tour participants and then continue straight towards Verona.
  • One of the great conveniences this trip offers is the ability to choose the closest starting point to where you will be staying. The bus stop may even be in front of your hotel or campsite!
  • Making a reservation is quick and easy. You can book directly on this site or at our office and voilà, that’s it. Just show your ticket before getting on the bus.
  • Remember that the tour does not include food and drinks, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem. You can bring a packed lunch or enjoy a delicious meal somewhere in Verona.
  • To participate I recommend comfortable shoes. You don’t want to ruin these good times with sore feet.
  • The tour is available in English or German.

The Verona Bus Tour really is suitable for everyone. Couples in love who want to visit the city of love, families with children of all ages, but also alone. Even single travelers who like comfort can choose this tour to spend their visit to Verona in one day, in company.

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Insider Tips: Fun Activities to do in Verona

Curious about other ways to discover this city near Lake Garda?

  • If you arrive in Verona on your own and want to explore the city, you can use the hop-on hop-off City Sightseeing service. It is a red double-decker bus that takes you to all major sights via two different routes. Go to the dedicated section to find all the information about this service in Verona. You can buy a ticket online on this site so that you can start immediately once in Verona.

Do you already know the most important and touristic places in Verona and are you looking for something fun or different? Verona has endless ways to be visited and with one available day I hope that this article will help you decide what best suits your interests. Below you will find two other suggestions offered by Verona in Tour to visit Verona from new angles!


The culinary tour of the historic center of Verona through a sensory walk is divided into several stages. Let yourself be surprised by the idyllic spots and flavors of the Veronese kitchen. During the visit you will taste typical dishes accompanied by a selection of excellent local wines. Wine tasting of 3 different DOCs included and a cable car ride to admire Verona in all its beauty from above. Sweet end of the day: a delicious organic homemade ice cream.


Softrafting through the city? YES, you’ve readed it well! During this unique experience you will raft through the river Adige and experience an evocative and unusual way to admire the charm of Verona. An excursion of about 7 km that ends at the Antica Dogana where you can admire the open-air museum of the Adige. The last bit of the tour will be on foot to Piazza Erbe to enjoy a rich Italian aperitivo.

Verona in Tour offers many other unusual and fun experiences in and around Verona, check them on their website!


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