How to visit Isola del Garda


An island where time stops. A hidden story to tell. The love of many families taking care of this splendid piece of heaven, not easy to reach. Are you wondering how to visit Isola del Garda? Right time, right place!

After the storm, it always comes the rainbow. That’s exactly what happened to the inestimable heritage floating on the celestial waves of the biggest lake in Italy.

You can reach the island only by small boats. This is the reason why, from April to October, there are a lot of guided tours, ready to take you to this marvelous journey.
In a few moments I will explain you everything you need to know about them. Specially, where to buy the tickets and what kind of surprise awaits you at the end of the day.

Before starting, by the way… Aren’t you just a little bit curious about what’s hiding behind this dreaming place? What resides in its soul? You probably are.
First of all, why have I just compared the birth of this land to a rainbow? Well, in the distant 243 A. D., an unexpectable earthquake destroyed the Manerba bay, on the west coast of Lake Garda. The original peninsula was divided into two small lends, surrounded by water. These lands are Isola di San Biagio and Isola del Garda, the biggest and most impressive of the entire lake.

How to visit Isola del Garda
Credits: Gabriele Girelli

However, this place to visit on Lake Garda hasn’t always been identified with that name.

Before recognizing it as Isola del Garda, the past owners seemed to have all the same desire: to celebrate the island by giving it their surname.
Consequently, after the Latin Insula Cranie and the symbolic Isola dei Frati, followed Isola Lechi and Isola Scotti. Then, Isola de Ferrari and Isola Borghese. Today, with the Cavazza family, everyone can visit the island, officially recognized as Isola del Garda. It is located on the western shore, included in the municipality of San Felice del Benaco.
You can’t even imagine what is waiting for you, among English and Italian gardens, a wild nature and an elegant neogothic villa

How to visit Isola del Garda


“A place where no evil winds blow”- that is what Nicola Botano wrote in one of his letters, in the 1460. Before him, many others found a safe place here, into the luxuriant flora of the island.  Shelter at first, hermitage after: also, the Saint Francesco d’Assisi walked on this land. However, it was not the only one. The famous Dante Alighieri celebrated the island as a perfect conjunction between Brescia, Verona and Trento. Does it sound familiar? They’re exactly the three provinces surrounding the Lake Garda!
Since the 1200, the island has been central for the church life. Nevertheless, its story deeply changes with the ownership of the Count Luigi Lechi of Brescia. However, you shouldn’t only ask yourself how to visit Isola del Garda but also why.

Among the places to visit on lake Garda, this island is surely the one with the most of secrets…

Particularly, thanks to the willingness of the Count, they renewed the building located on the island and turned it into something more special. Musicians, intellectuals and artists chose this place as their safe haven, where to find inspiration following their passion.That’s what Adelaide Melanotte decided to do for herself. The famous singer, despite it meant the death of her reputation, moved to the island only for one reason: the love for the Count.All of that happened around the 1800. And then? Time after time, family after family, the island met a new life, becoming the one we know today: a little heaven on Earth.Otherwise, what we can admire today is the result of the loving cares of the owners, until the Cavazza family.Isn’t love the most powerful thing in the world?

Credits: Michelangelo Azzariti


Want to know more? Come here to discover everything by yourself. Keep reading to find out how to visit Isola del Garda…The tours usually leave from the main harbors of the lake. Leaving during the morning or in the early afternoon, the sun will be right up on your head!Then, the colors will be brighter: it will seem like living into a vibrant and beautiful painting. Can you already imagine the villa over there?

You are going to land on a little port. An expert guide will welcome you and lead you through the inebriant and floral essences of the island. Among more than 450 plants, you could meet the mysterious garden keepers.They take care of the place, turning it into an oasis where there is nothing else but serenity. Do not be afraid: they’re just wooden sculptures, but who knows? Maybe their souls live inside them…Your eyes will be following the doodles of the green hedges… Until you may be able to see the impressive pillars in front of the villa, and the flowers running around windows and corners.

Have you ever asked yourself how could it be living as a prince or a princess? Well, this island will be your answer! Here, there is also a Fairy House. A lot of gardens, exotic and wild nature…And beautiful watercolors telling you the story of this fairy tale land.

The next stop of the tour is going to be breathtaking. You will perfectly understand why the island is one of the major places to visit on Lake Garda.

Finally, the best part: the entrance to the lounges of the villa.

It was built at the beginning of the XX century and designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli. The result is amazing, with blending of harmonies and architecture details.Probably, you could feel the time turning back while you arrive to the Venetian – Neogothic hall of the terrace… Here, you will find a refreshing aperitif, with a breathtaking panorama.The roundish pillars are the gateway for two different worlds. The first will be right there in front of you, the endless Lake Garda; for the second one, look up!A fresco full of angels will be staring at you, as soon as you will raise your eyes after the four-leaf clover windows.Then, you will have some free time before leaving, to discover the places of which you could want to know more. The clock is ticking, it’s time to come back.

The boat will take you back to the port where the journey began. Don’t be sad, even if the trip is over, these memories will stay with you forever.

You are probably asking yourself where to buy the ticket for this amazing experience, in one of the best places to visit on Lake Garda.

Credits: Michelle Raponi


First, the price of the tour is from 35 to 46 euro, depending on the port where you choose to depart. There are also some discounts for children until 18 years old!Then, the exploration of the island usually takes 1 hour and a half. As I said before, the price also includes an aperitif on the terrace of the villa… Take advantage of it and enjoy the view!

How to visit Isola del Garda
then? You have a multiple choice. At the Infopoint of Peschiera del Garda, you can choose in advance the day and the most comfortable pick-up point and buy the ticket.Otherwise, book your trip here! You can choose the date you prefer and buy the tour as well.

Please note
: since the tour is by boat, remember that the trip is taking place only if the weather is good.Everything else is just to discover. Hurry up and buy your ticket for this dream trip; let yourself be surprised. Are you ready to fly?


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