Boat Tour on Lake Garda


We are all used to daydream, especially before a vacation. It’s difficult trying not to do it, specifically if your destination is the biggest Italian lake. Can you already picture yourself on board of an ancient ship, departing for an unforgettable boat tour on Lake Garda? Let your imagination run… we’re about to sail away!

I always say that the Lake Garda Cruise is the “cruise of wonders”. It doesn’t surprise me that it is the most requested among the boat tours. Indeed, I suggest you to book your ticket in advance. To be able to experience it, you just have to go to the Info-point located in Peschiera del Garda, or simply click the day you prefer here beside.

The boat was built in 1904… yes, you got it right, the last century! It survived both World Wars, with its original structure. Going inside you will experience the sensation of what it was like being in a pirate ship. You will be surrounded by the cozy scent of wood that covers it from the floor up to the walls, to the ceiling.

After having explored the inside like a real sailor, going upstairs you can decide where to sit for your journey. The boat doesn’t stop along the trip, but you will be able to see each point of interest. It will stop only once, for a refreshing dip in the waves.

In 4 hours, one after the other, they will pass in front of you the most beautiful places to visit on South Lake Garda.

I bet that, at the end, it will be easy for you to decide your favorite one.

Boat Tour on Lake Garda
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The boat “Nave Mincio” is moored at the end of the lake promenade Lungolago Garibaldi in Peschiera. You can recognize it thanks to the small circular portholes and for its green cords. If you look up, you can also see the captain’s cockpit.

Once on board, the first destination is Lazise. Here, it will be simply to spot its imposing Castello Scaligero. It was built to defend the village from whoever would try to upset the harmony that reigned within the walls. Skirting around the beautiful walk that connects Lazise, Bardolino and Garda, here comes the fortress.

The Rocca of Garda is a mountainous relief, located sheer on the shores of the lake. It will be hard not to look up while the ship goes throughout the waves, under the promontory that will overlook it from above. After that, the picturesque Villa Canossa appears. Nestled between the slopes of the Monte Baldo, the 6TH century villa is a private property of the same family. Therefore, feel lucky to have the possibility to admire it from the lake: it’s the only way to appreciate its beauty.

Among the places to visit at the Lake Garda, the next three deserve a special mention. I’m sure you’ve already heard about it!

The boat tour on Lake Garda goes on! We arrive at Punta San Vigilio, where all the worries vanish, and a deep peace overwhelms the heart of whoever comes close. Can you see the Inn and its marina? Its little village can be visited for free, and it’s possible to dine there even without booking in advance.

At this point, the Nave Mincio will change its course, heading West. You will begin to see the unreachable Isola del Garda. Why unreachable? Because the isle is private and is inhabited by the family Cavazza. The only way to visit it is throughout a little private tour that starts from different ports of the lake. If you want to discover more, read the related article.

You’ll notice that you can see its wonderful twentieth century villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli. A lush vegetation surrounds it all around, hiding incredible treasures and secrets. The biggest isle of the biggest Italian lake.

After that, you will see another leafy floating isle. You can recognize the Isola San Biagio thanks to its flowering bushes. This pearl is also known as Isola dei Conigli, because in the past there were these little tiny and fluffy bunnies hopping all around.



The places to visit on the Lake Garda share all little paradisiac beaches. From the boat you will be lucky to be able to take some pictures of the most beautiful ones.

The first one is Baia Verde of Manerba, near Porto Torchio. A myriad of white pebbles create a small strip of land, where you will surely spot someone sunbathing. Lifting our eyes, the fascinating promontory of the Rocca di Manerba will stand out.

If I should list all the wonders of the lake, this promontory would be on the podium. The view of this beautiful natural wonder is incredible. From the Nave Mincio you will be able to appreciate not only the beauty of the Rocca, but also of the big natural reserve below. Sheltered from the sun, several paths lead to tiny coves, where the water is cristal-clear.

We are nearly to the end of this journey, but there is one more jewel left. I’m talking about Sirmione, the Poet Catullo’s beloved peninsula. Huge slabs of stone overlap each other, stopping the most threatening waves at the famous Jamaica Beach.

To control the beach, you won’t find the usual lighthouse, but the ancient ruins of what is said to have been the poet’s real house. Grotte di Catullo will rise on top, exactly above where soil and water meet.

Boat Tour on Lake Garda


The boat tour on Lake Garda with the Nave Mincio is scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 12:00 PM. The ship is located in Lungolago Garibaldi, in front of the Hotel Al Fiore.

Starting from the historic centre of Peschiera del Garda, follow the street for the railway station, pass under the arch of Porta Verona and, before the great roundabout, turn left. Walking lakeside you will see it: in 5 minutes-walk you will arrive at your destination.

It’s always best to be there at least 10 minutes before the departure time, to sails on time. Furthermore, as I mentioned before, the tour lasts 4 hours and can be booked directly here on our website. Otherwise, come meet us at the tourist office, in Piazzale Betteloni n°15.

The full price for adults and youngsters over 10 years is 45 €; 29 € for children between 3 and 9 years. For the little ones under 3, the entrance is free. I remind you that the lunch is included: obviously it will be a typical Italian pasta dish.

Remember to bring the following things with you: bathing suit, towel, a bottle of water, sunglasses and obviously your ticket…

Are you eager to discover all these places to visit on Lake Garda? The cruise of wonders is waiting for you!


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