Wine tasting in Peschiera del Garda

Let me introduce you to Le Morette

You are on holiday on lake Garda and you have chosen to visit a local winery in Peschiera del Garda for a wine tasting?

It doesn’t matter which country you come from, the Lake Garda area is renowned for a thousand reasons, but wine excellences are among the most important. You have surely heard of wines such as Bardolino, Amarone and Lugana. The entire lake is surrounded by vineyards and numerous wineries. If you are in the lower lake area, you cannot fail to taste the renowned white wine. But which cellar to choose among the many? Let’s get to know the Le Morette and see why you should choose it for your wine tasting in Peschiera del Garda.


The Lugana territory

First of all, I would start by letting to know better the produced area of the famous Lugana Doc wine. As you may already know, these soils are clayey, with a high salinity due to mineral sedimentation. We combine this characteristic with the mild climate of the lake and obtain the perfect ingredients to get high quality wines.

It is also for this reason that this area is considered a small miracle among the “Terroir Viticole”. And this is not only true for wine, but also for olive oil, another typical product of Lake Garda area.

Wine tasting in Peschiera del Garda

Le Morette: the family, the cellar and a philosophy of excellence

As many other companies on Lake Garda, Le Morette is family-run and was founded over 60 years ago thanks to Gino Zenato. The company was initially dedicated to the production of rooted cuttings for viticulture, but Gino decided to support it from the beginning with his own wine production.

When the management passed to his son Valerio in 1981, the production was enriched with valuable wines, immediately characterized by a strong personality. This is how the company began to obtain its first awards, definitively paving the way for quality wine production. A marked minerality and structure are two important distinctive features, interpreted according to an elegant and refined style.

To date, Cantina Le Morette has reached its third generation, with Fabio and Paolo continuing the family tradition with passion and enthusiasm. I am not exaggerating if I say that we can consider it one of the most dynamic realities of the Lugana DOC production area.

Over the years it has expanded, reaching 32 hectares of vineyards divided into three estates. You can find two in San Benedetto di Lugana and one near Palazzo di Sirmione.

The last winery, inaugurated in October 2013, is clearly a symbol of commitment and dedication: a building that encompasses both tradition and innovation. It was built respecting the parameters of eco-sustainability and technological innovation, with large green spaces surrounded by vineyards, in an area of ​​10 hectares.

Among the many places to visit on Lake Garda, it is clear why you should choose this company for your tasting, but I would like to tell you a few more details…

One of the things that distinguish a company is certainly its philosophy. An important pillar, which in this case has its roots in the solid bond with the territory and its balance. This allows me to ask you a curious question.

The meaning of the name that this winery has chosen

If the answer is no, I’ll explain it to you right now. It is a particular species of Mallard which nests in the nearby Frassino Lake. The company has chosen this animal as an identifying symbol for its beauty and elegance, but above all for what it symbolizes. I refer to the deep respect for nature and care for the environment, two cornerstones of Le Morette.


Let’s get to the point and let’s discover together the three different experiences that this winery has reserved for its guests.


If this is the first time you approach the world of Lugana and Bardolino, with this option you will find a tour designed especially for you. First of all, you will be able to learn about the history of the winery and the Zenato family and then understand how their wine is made. In fact, the route will start from the vineyards, thus deepening the company philosophy and touching the company’s love for the territory.

You will be able to admire the innovative architecture of the cellar, created with a view to sustainability and low environmental impact. Finally, you will conclude the visit with the underground cellars and the aging barrel. Now you are wondering: but when do I taste wine? Don’t worry, this tour includes four wine excellences, two white and two red.


A more classic tour designed for those who already know the world of wine, in particular for lovers of the famous white wine. You will immerse yourself in the heart of the territory and learn about the various shades of the Lugana DOC Cru. On this path you will be able to experience the nature that surrounds the estate and learn about the origin of the Turbiana grape, the undisputed queen of the territory.

Also, during this tour, you will access the underground cellars and the aging barrel, to be able to contemplate the barrel-vaulted structure. You will also discover the aging potential of Lugana Le Morette thanks to a targeted and complete tasting of 4 Lugana wines.


If you are a true lover of Italian wine, you cannot miss this experience with, as protagonists, Lugana and Valpolicella Classica. It will be a real journey to discover the wines “Le Morette” and “Corte Volponi”, a passage from the Turbiana white grape, to the land of reds and Corvina grapes.

A path that will describe the procedure for the production of Amarone. Above all, you will be able to touch the drying of the grapes and admire the aging cellars. And what about the tastings? At the end of the visit, you will taste five wines representative of the two estates.

Wijnproeverij Peschiera del Garda


Now that you know the experiences, you just have to choose. One last thing. The selection of wines that I have listed may change according to the season and availability, but don’t worry, you will never be disappointed. Furthermore, if you wish, an accompaniment of local cold cuts and cheeses can be added to each experience with a small addition.

The visit can be carried out in a group with other visitors and will last about 1 hour and a half, but if you are already with a large company, contact us and we will organize the perfect tour.

Now I just have to wish you a good visit to this wonderful place to visit on Lake Garda… cheers!


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