Annual events in Verona

The best time to visit a city? It can be according to temperatures, tourist season, offers or… to events! If you wish to discover the annual events in Verona, you are in the right place! 

Is there a better way to fully get to know a city than by attending local events? In the following list you will find the most important ones and some useful information to wholly enjoy these unmissable experiences. I bet that the wide choice will not disappoint your expectations. 


Let’s start with the one of the first events of the year.

There’s no place like the city of love to spend some time with your sweet half on Valentine’s Day! Verona truly gives herself to this special occasion, planning every year the event called Verona in Love. What is it about? A program full of emotions and many appointments, including all the main beautiful places of the city, following the only main theme of love. During these days, all the retailers, restaurants, libraries, squares and so on work together to give you a unique experience.

Among the initiatives, you can’t lose the National Contest for young artists, about original love songs. Many young songwriters will present their tracks, composed by themselves and talking about love.

Five things to see in Verona
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The tradition wants this event to be the most waited and attended by local people: Carnival time. Did you know that the Carnival of Verona is one of the most ancient in Italy? It dates back a long time ago: the first one took place in 1531!

Tradition wants also “Venerdì Gnocolar”, as called by Venetians, to be the day in which organize a big parade of masks and allegorical floats. It’s the last Friday of the Carnival time. To lead the parade is always “Papà del Gnoco”, in English meaning “the father of gnocchi”, representing the main custom of the tradition.


These fairs had to be added to the list of the annual events in Verona, as they have become really important both on national scale as international. Firstly, the Vinitaly, the most famous one. Every year, usually during spring season, it takes place the biggest international event of wine and enology. More of 35 countries will be there, represented by as many exhibitors: each one will give you a taste of their excellent local products. Besides wine, you could discover different technologies and wine making equipment. Moreover, you will be able to explore other specialties, such as olive oil, spirits, bear and delicious gastronomy.

Then, another important exhibition: the Marmomacc. It’s the most important world exhibition of marble and of all the machining needed in the processing. Why takes place right here this big event? Verona is part of one of the major Italian business districts for the production of marble, stone and granite.
Since a long time, this tradition has been fortified. During the years it gave life to many and many businesses working on local and imported materials with the most advanced technologies.

Lastly, we shall conclude this chapter with another pillar of the Veronese culture and tradition: Fiera Cavalli. The passionate ones will already know what I’m talking about: this event dates back to more than two centuries ago. In 1772 there was the first building process of a fair for horses, mules, donkeys and hinnies. For more than 100 years, there have been taken place many horse competitions and trades, until 1898. That was the year of the first edition of Fiera Cavalli and Agricultura.

However, the year in which everything changed was the 1950: the exhibition became international and the main one in the world.

As I said before, there is another famous event in this amazing place to visit near Lake Garda. It doesn’t need any formal introduction, I guess.

Festival dell'Opera nell'Arena di Verona
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The Arena Opera Festival is that kind of event that if you are fond of music, you must not lose. For any reason! In my opinion, I think that anyone should attend one of these shows, at least once in their life. Why? Because of the atmosphere, the lights, the orchestra, great actors and singers: all of that, inside the spectacular scenario of the Arena. We’re talking about the biggest open-air opera theatre in the entire world, with a maximum capacity of 15.000 people.


If you are coming to Verona in the middle of September, get ready to go back in time and have fun with the Tocatì. This big festival is about the traditional games of the city, for both adults and kids. Everywhere you will go, you will find some spots in the centre where to play.


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” …We have arrived at December, when the cold whether comes and the streets are full of lights, creating a magical atmosphere.

Every year, Verona hosts the traditional Christmas markets in Piazza dei Signori.

Moreover, there is also the beautiful Exhibition of Nativities inside the Arena.

If besides the annual events in Verona, you wish to know more about the things to visit in this amazing city, I invite you to read my article about things to see in Verona in one day.


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