Advertising on Lake Garda

Why advertise on Lake Garda?

Advertising on lake Garda: In order to be appreciated and loved, a brand or a business must be seen and known by as many people as possible. In order to do this, a ‘showcase’ like Lake Garda has a force to match many others.

That the tourism sector is the beating heart of the economy of this area is a well-known fact but let us give some figures. According to the figures released by the Chamber of Commerce, last year there were 26 million tourist presences in the municipalities of Lake Garda and its hinterland.

Being present with one’s own advertising on the lake, therefore, means being seen by millions of people, potential customers interested in the area.

As many as three towns on the lake are in the ranking of the top 25 Italian municipalities in terms of number of presences registered in accommodation establishments. These include the town of Lazise and Peschiera del Garda. Undoubtedly facilitated by communication routes, motorway exit and station, nearby parks, and their prestigious historical and cultural heritage.

Who do we address?

GardaLanding has the official management of the tourist information offices in Peschiera del Garda and Lazise. Every day our multilingual staff meet the needs of thousands of travellers at the Tourism Peschiera Infopoint and at the IAT Tourism Lazise. Visitors come to discover Lake Garda and find out about services, restaurants and hotels, events, and cultural happenings.

Not only to know what to do and what to see in the places to visit on Lake Garda.

We are the point of reference for every tourist also in cases of needs: medical, logistical or technical. For this reason, many territorial realities, even those not strictly touristic, have chosen to be present and visible in our offices. Moreover, since we are open all year round, we also provide information and assistance to locals, inhabitants of Peschiera, who come to ask us for news. Are you a business, an accommodation facility, or a restaurant? You are in the right place to advertise on Lake Garda.

Why rely on GardaLanding for your advertising on Lake Garda?

In our many years of presence in the area we have created synergies and collaborations with the main service providers on Lake Garda. We know who works in our territory and the specific needs of visitors, which is why we can recommend and study the most suitable communication and advertising strategy for each kind of project.

Our goal is to promote small and large businesses that offer quality services and products that enhance the value of the Garda territory. We aim to introduce the people behind the work, the commitment, and the passion invested in production and creation. Through the various means and channels at our disposal, using the most appropriate ones, we want to convey the values of the company’s brand. Spread trust and promote craftsmanship and authenticity.”

How to advertise on Lake Garda with Gardalanding


Every year, we compile and print TIPS, a tourist guide in three languages (Italian, English, and German), with 100,000 copies distributed to all visitors at tourist offices and accommodation facilities in the Garda territory.

The guide includes municipal maps and key historical and tourist information about the most important places to visit around Lake Garda.

Plus, all our recommendations on what to do, what to see, where to eat, and where to stay. Your business could be among them!

TIPS is the tool for disseminating information about the territory that our tourist offices convey to tourists on a daily basis. Placing an advertisement within its pages means being in their hands throughout their stay on Lake Garda and would provide your business with great visibility.

GardaLanding Social Network and the website GardaVisit!it

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to spreading and sharing the beauty and culture of the Garda territory through various channels at our disposal. We are present on the main social platforms Instagram and Facebook, where we daily publish photo and video content.

Foreign tourists represent the most significant portion of tourist visits to the Garda territory. Even before arriving, visitors often gather information online to better organize their vacation. For this reason, we work on our website www.gardavisit.it, creating constantly new articles, optimized from an SEO perspective, and translated into five languages.

In this era, there is a growing trend towards widespread digitization, and for this reason, it is essential for businesses to be present online with rich and detailed information. But above all, it is important that they are valued and described on websites that can capture and meet the desires of current consumers and tourists.

Create your advertising campaign on lake Garda!

We will take care of your online visibility quickly and professionally. Depending on the activity to be promoted, we will advise you on the tools and delivery methods that best suit your needs.

Curious to learn more? Write us and tell us about your company, and we will be available for ideas and a quote.


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