10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda

Are you searching for something new, original, and impossible to forget? Well, you are quite in the right place, I guess! Here you will discover the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda and its surroundings, alone or with your pet friend.

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda and Surroundings

  1. Finding the Ponale Waterfall by SUP or by kayak
  2. Cooking Classes
  3. Riding with Lucky Traveler
  4. Climbing till the top of Monte Pizzocolo
  5. Paragliding
  6. Playing at the Minigolf
  7. Watersports, Parasailing
  8. Enjoying Movieland and the Rockstar Restaurant
  9. Windsurf and Sailing in Riva
  10. Walking from Malga Valfredda to Malga Topei

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda for Animal Lovers

  1. Walking with an Alpaca in Malcesine
  2. Visiting a Farm
  3. Getting to the highest point of Punta Larici
  4. Relaxing at the Braccobaldo Beach with your pet
  5. Scuba diving
  6. Riding a horse with a very special view
  7. Exploring Parco Natura Viva
  8. Learning at the Wildlife Museum
  9. Sea Life Aquarium
  10. Trying the Ice cream Shop for dogs

Lake Garda and Surroudings: 10 Unusual Things to do

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda

1. Finding the Ponale Waterfall by SUP or by kayak

First of all, the stand-up paddle and the canoe are rentable almost in each town of the Lake Garda. For example, in Peschiera del Garda it is possible to doing the SUP around the UNESCO Fortress.

However, there is a hidden place that only a few lucky ones can appreciate. In fact, there are only those two possibilities to reach it. I’m talking about the Ponale Waterfall, near to Riva del Garda. Leaving the town behind, you have to row southwards, following the western rocks. Looking up, you could spot some parts of the Ponale cycle path.

The challenge is to find a little ravine, near to the small Ponale harbor. Once you got it, there it is the waterfall. It is not a trial for anyone but, if you are brave enough… What are you waiting for?

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda

2. Cooking Classes

It is Italy guys…! If you don’t take it to enjoy a cooking class, then where? One of the best things of living in Italy is food, I think we all agree. Anyway, each town has its own traditions… For example, the Southern part of the lake is really close to Valeggio.

The famous Tortellini are produced here, in this place to visit on Lake Garda.

Near to the town there is also Borghetto sul Mincio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In “Giardini di Borghetto” Restaurant, you will learn how tortellini are made, by preparing them all by yourself!  However, cooking together is always an original and unique experience. That is why we are talking about it in the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda.

In case you are wondering, yes, you can also taste them once you have finished. By the way, it is not over yet: do you know Air Bnb? Searching online, you will discover many hosts providing a similar experience. Remember that lake is surrounded by three different regions: each of them has great typical products. Nevertheless, there are also the “Cesarine”, the oldest female cooks’ network in Italy.  They are working in Tremosine, Soiano, Torri del Benaco, Desenzano and Manerba.

Riding with Lucky Traveler

3. Riding with Lucky Traveler

Tale as old as time, riding a bike it is not my favourite sport. By the way, once I had tried the bike of Lucky Traveler, I had to change my mind. First of all, cycling isn’t tiring at all…Actually, it is cool!

The itinerary is usually a staged route. You will meet some local farmers to have a break, while tasting the typical products of the area, for example cheese and salumi. Moreover, there also other cyclepaths on the way to hidden places of Lake Garda and surroundings. What else to say? Haven’t you booked it yet?

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda

4. Climbing till the top of Monte Pizzocolo

I was just thinking about trekking experts… Here is something for you! The itinerary on Monte Pizzocolo. The climb takes 2 hours; however, it is not too difficult to reach the top. If you have the right equipment, it will be ok! “Slow and steady wins the race”, always.

Most of all, you will be so lucky to enjoy the outstanding panorama. Once you got it, allow yourself to take a deep breath, staring at the lake view. It’s like getting on the top of the world. On this mountain there are different hiking paths you can do. The choice depends by your training level. Just remember, before leaving your place, do not forget two essentials: water and food.

It doesn’t matter in which season you will be there. In anytime of the year, this place is a treasure set to be discovered. Whether with the sun or the snow, it will be truly amazing.


5. Paragliding

Finally, we fly to reach the sky…With the paragliding! If air is your element and you are always trying to find a way to leave the ground, have you ever considered to enjoy it?

Maybe, I should say this is the ultimate adrenalin sport. It takes quite a cold head to jump literally into the nothing. However, you will probably enjoy the best view of your entire life. In the Northern side of the lake, the updrafts of warm air can improve your flight, reaching 3.000 metres altitude. Once you reach the highest point, surrounded by soft clouds, you will gently plan down towards Malcesine.

Malcesine is surely one of the places to visit on Lake Garda offering many cool activities.

Paragliding is also possible in the Western part of the lake, especially in Toscolano Maderno. In case this sport is your routine, on Monte Baldo there are many take off spots to fly over its colourful valleys.

6. Playing at the Minigolf

It didn’t seem that difficult to give you a list of the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda when I started…! For me, this one is about how to spend some time with my family in a very different way.

For that, the Minigolf has a special place in my heart. My parents and I are used to play at least one game every year, always in the same place. Usually, we choose a late summer evening, because of the perfect weather.

I don’t even remember how it started, but I am glad we made it a family tradition. You already know how to play, I guess. Anyway, in the Minigolf of Bardolino, the different steps to take to win are original and creative. It’s impossible not to have fun. Me and my family usually call each other with strange nicknames to score our points… Trying to use them in real life as well, for the entire day! It is a nice thing to do, especially if you are with your friends.

Obviously, there are many other minigolf in many other places to visit on Lake Garda. It doesn’t matter where, but who you are with!

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda

7. Parasailing and Watersports

I think it is time for watersport lovers to stand up… Meet Gardawake Watersports, in Lazise and Bardolino. By the way, if you never tried them, there is always a first chance, isn’t it? One of their best players is the Flyboard. Basically, it means flying over the lake. It takes just a little to find the right balance, after that, the following 15 minutes will be living in your mind forever.

If you are with friends, you could try together the Banana Boat or the Sofa, or finally, the Crazy Disk. Speaking about them, you will be leaded by a fast boat, speeding up on the waves. Maybe, I could say that the most famous activity is the Parasailing. One of the 10 unusual things you must do on Lake Garda! Again, it will seem to fly over water, but this time you will be sitting down on a parachute. A boat will drag you through the wind, running on a transparent lake.

Cosa fare a Movieland

8. Enjoying Movieland and the Rockstar Restaurant

What’s the secret for a long-lasting relationship or friendship? Having fun together and…Eating together! That is exactly what you can do in Canevaworld Resort. Besides the waterpark, when the summer ends there is still Movieland.

It is about an amusement park, completely inspired by the best cinema movies of all time. A few examples of the attractions? the inverted Diabolik roller-coaster, the splashing Kitt Superjet and the Pangea Tour, where who drives it is you. Furthermore, looking around what you will see will only be stuntmen, dancers, singers… Every day, in Movieland, there are incredible shows.

However, here it comes my favourite part: your experience will be complete only if you stop and dinner at the Rockstar Restaurant. I have been there as a child, but I definitely remember it all too well.

Now, let’s imagine together all your favourite foods, in just one place: pizza, cotoletta, fried chips and much more. I could spend an entire page writing down all of them. Well, we shall say that Rockstar Restaurant is food lovers’ heaven, shouldn’t we? It’s like an all you can eat, where you pay a fixed price to get how much you want. I have never said it to no one, but… I am freaking out to enjoy it again.

9. Windsurf and Sailing in Riva del Garda

Among the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda there has to be a way to challenge the hardest wind ever.

If you agree with me, your place is in Riva del Garda and its surroundings. On winter, the wind gusts are so strong that it’s almost impossible just being sitting on the promenade.

Nevertheless, on spring, autumn and summer, it becomes one of the best places to visit on Lake Garda to practice some windsurf or sailing.

Along the beaches there are many rents and schools, only a few meters away from each other. If you adore being lulled by a soft breeze, sailing is the one to choose. Otherwise, if you love the risk, you could try the windsurf. It is nothing short of wonderful sailing on the waves of Lake Garda, surrounded by such an impressive landscape, surrounded by mountains. You could find yourself far away from the shore and still not being scared.

Do you know the name of the main winds blowing in this region? They are called “Ora” and “Peler”: thanks to them, this is the background of both international and Italian competitions.

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda

10. Walking from Malga Valfredda to Malga Topei

I guess you might have already heard about the chalets called “Rifugio Telegrafo” and “Rifugio Chierego”. They are both difficult to reach if you are not an expert hiker. By the way, you don’t need to be one of them, to enjoy a breathtaking landscape. If you love walking on mountain but you are not able to get until there, don’t worry. You are just like me! I suggest you a great path on Monte Baldo, that you must reach by car. You have to put on Google Maps “Malga Valfredda” and once there, you can park below.

Leaving your car, keep the left road. Let’s take a moment to understand the meaning of the word “Valfredda” … Basically, it means a cold, cold valley. That’s why it is better cover yourself well. Then, you have simply to follow the main path, that is a road. On the left, you will spot the entire Lessinia mountains and the spots from where you can paraglide. During winter season, it often snows.

After one hour, you will meet a crossroads. You have to take the street that goes below, reaching a hidden refuge. That is Malga Topei and from that point, if the sky is clear, you will admire our beautiful Lake Garda.

10 Unusual Things to do on Lake Garda for Animal Lovers

Walking with an Alpaca in Malcesine

1. Walking with an Alpaca in Malcesine

We have already met Malcesine. Anyway, let’s find out what else is hiding in one of the places to visit on Lake Garda, near the Monte Baldo.

I explained you how to reach the top of Monte Baldo moving with the cable car in the article “10 best things to do on Lake Garda”. Once you get there, a fluffy surprise is waiting for you… The alpacas! They are the sweetest creatures; don’t you think so? They are so soft that I would love to hug them forever. Coming closer, they will smile in a both clumsy and gently way, while they are focused on grazing the hay.

It is told that they are the most reliable hiking friends and that’s exactly why the ElAlpaca Farm does exist. Booking in advance, you could experience some time with them… Walking near the sky and enjoying the breath-taking view on the lake. Once you will finish your hiking, remember to take a picture with them, to memorize the moment in which you tried one of the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda. It’s hard to tell who will be the happiest one, believe me.

2. Visiting a Farm

I have always thought that the purest creatures in the world are children and animals. It must be for this reason that if they bond together, it usually lasts forever. However, each of us has its inner child… We still can feel that kind of emotions. If you don’t believe so, I suggest you visiting the farmFattoria sul Fiume”.

The name comes from the fact that the farm is very close to Mincio River, the lake outfall. You will try the typical rustic cuisine and a unique ice cream, surrounded lovely farm animals. Horses, sheeps, donkeys, cows and so on. The farm is located in Marmirolo, near to Mincio Natural Park. A peaceful oasis, where you have only to lay down on a soft lawn looking at the sky. Sometimes, it takes only a few seconds to become the happiest.

In case you are a teacher, you have also to know that the farm organises many workshops and games for children. I guess they would have the best time playing together in treasure hunting, don’t you agree? Especially with a great snack made of bread, butter and sugar. An old Italian recipe!

Cosa fare sul Lago di Garda

3. Getting to the highest point of Punta Larici

Let’s talk about one of the astonishing places to visit on Lake Garda, Punta Larici.

Punta Larici is a great spot located near Riva del Garda. From the top, there is a wonderful view of the entire Northern side of the lake, and it is not rare to find yourself surrounded by grey white clouds… The total climb takes almost 4 hours starting from the historical centre of Riva. I also remind you not to start for the adventure during the winter season. It is too dangerous, although you are a specialist.

Anyway, there this is not the only way to reach the highest point. You can also start from Pregasina, a nice town near to Ledro Valley, to take less time: you will be there in only 1 hour. Precisely, this path was created by Italian soldiers indeed, during the First World War!

What I love about Punta Larici is the fact that is located just inside the Alto Garda Natural Reserve. It is a preserved heritage, for its flora and fauna. Especially for this reason, it is forbidden to reap out plants, flowers, mushrooms and whatever you could find on your way. If you are lucky, you could also spot a few animals on the way to the top.

Braccobaldo Beach

4. Relaxing at the Braccobaldo Beach with your pet

Have you ever asked to your dog to come at the beach with you? I can’t help myself watching him running free and having fun, it’s always too cute. In Peschiera del Garda there is a great beach made only for them, the Braccobaldo Beach. After renting a sun lounger for the day, you are ready for diving!

Why a simple dog beach has to be included among the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda?

A lot of local people are used to take their dogs too, spending here entire afternoons. That means new friends and lot of cuddles for your pet! Once you go back home, I’m sure the puppy won’t take a long time to fall asleep. It will dream beaches, balls and a lot of treats…

5. Scuba Diving in the Lake

Do you already have a diving licence? Then, this is the paragraph where discovering which are the best places to visit on Lake Garda to dive.

Could you imagine how many mysterious animals and treasures are hidden in the backdrops of the biggest lake of Italy? For example, the statue of the Silent Christ, in Riva del Garda. This is a quite easy dive, just at 15 metres deep. Secondly, in the Val di Sogno (Malcesine), an ancient relict has sunk in the 1987.

Other incredible pieces are the hidden nativity in Torri del Benaco, which is a little bit difficult to reach and the “Virgin of divers”. The statue is located in Brenzone and it is lighted up every night.

I suppose you may not know where the deepest point of the entire lake is! Indeed, it’s 346 meters deep, located between Tignale and Castelletto di Brenzone. Just think how cold it is down there! Whether you are not this good, there are many diving schools for beginners.

6. Riding a Horse with a very special view

By the way, if you are a real animal lover, you can’t miss an adventurous ride near Lake Garda. If you had already looked for this kind of experience but it turned out to be unsuccessful, I could recommend you the stable Scuderia Castello, in Toscolano Maderno.

However, why including a horse riding among the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda? First of all, I think that the time you spend with these wonderful beings is unreplaceable. It gives you a sense of peace, inside and out. If you have ever watched Spirit the Movie, I suppose you perfectly know what I mean.

Have you ever heard a silence quite so loud? Blowing in the wind, you will run like a bird set free. Immediately, smiling will be the simplest thing. From the stable, there are many itineraries you can choose, some in the countryside, some on the hills. Check your favourite one and set off for adventure!

Scuderia Castello is not the only one offering you this experience. If you search in other places to visit on Lake Garda, surely you will find more, usually in the agritourisms.

Parco Natura Viva
Credits: Parco Natura Viva

7. Exploring Parco Natura Viva

Parco Natura Viva is not only about a zoo… There’s quite more. If you consider yourself an animal lover, this is the perfect place to spend some time with them.

Firstly, you must know that the park is divided into two areas. My favourite one is the journey through the various animal species, by all over the world. Fearsome tigers, teddy bears and the iconic pink flamingos… When you meet the owls, try to spot the lookalike of Edvige, one of Harry Potter’s best friends!

Have you ever dreamed of losing the track of time exploring the African Desert? You won’t need to take a long trip to get there, thanks to Parco Natura Viva. Here, you will feel like you’re driving a real jeep safari into the savannah. Do you see the lions? And the giraffes? If you are a little bit lucky, you may meet them outside the car window, face to face.

Furthermore, I really would like to make you aware of the reason why this park is not a zoo. We can define Parco Natura Viva as a wildlife park and a breeding centre for endangered species. They take care of animals until they will be ready to run free again into their habitat.

8. Learning at the Wildlife Museum

In the wonderful Villa Ca’ Erizzo arises the Wildlife Museum. Ten halls with an incredible wildlife collection of life-size animals’ statues… They are not real, but it seems so. Then, right here you can start for a long trip throughout the five continents. In a picturesque location, you will stand face to face with the frightening Big Five. Could you tell me who are they?

Here for the solution: The Lion (King), the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhinoceros.

Which are you more scared of? The creator of the exhibition is Renato Luca, who travelled the world for years. He’s fond of trips and animals and that’s why, today, the Wildlife Museum is open to visitors. His aim was exactly to make you feel the same things he had experienced in the past. In case you have been wondering for a long time on how tall a bear is or how a reindeer looks like… This is the perfect place to find it out.

9. Sea Life Aquarium

If you are enchanted by the underwater world, among the 10 unusual things to do on Lake Garda I recommend you visiting Sea Life Aquarium. An itinerary map will guide you, first passing through the Ocean Tunnel and secondly to see the Sea Lions playing together. You will also figure out that it is really difficult to pick the most beautiful seahorse.

If you are with children, they will love to play with interactive activities… It’s the best way to learn the ocean’s secrets. If the jellyfish are your worst nightmare, here you may challenge yourself looking at them from only a few centimetres.

As for Parco Natura Viva, this place to visit on Lake Garda has a very special mission.

Indeed, the Aquarium belongs to an international Task Force, protecting and tracking the most delicate species. Such as seahorses and the other fishes of the coral reef. Moreover, Sea Life takes care about the local environment, planning to clean the lake beaches almost every year.

10. Trying the Ice Cream Shop for dogs

As it should be, dogs have their own favourite food. Treats, wurstel, chicken and much more. Anyway, does your dog ever tried to eat an ice cream or something like that? Obviously, I’m not talking about the normal ones, because they are very damaging for their health.

I mean, sweets and cakes made precisely for dogs! You didn’t even know they existed, did you? Same for me, until I have discovered MyDog bakery, in Sirmione. It is an original way to make him or her happy. For the snack time, you could finally eat together.

The little shop is located in via Dante, one of the loveliest places to visit on Lake Garda.

In the shop you can find pastries, cupcakes and pasta or tortellini as well. Even if they seem delicious, it is a bad idea trying to taste them, you have to believe me. For this time, your puppy will be the one with the best food for a snack.

Well, that’s all! Which is the most unusual thing for you? Once you have figured it out, you have just to tryit by yourself!


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