Venetiana sustainable cruise in Venice


The sustainable Venetiana cruise is a new way to explore the wonderful city of Venice from the lagoon in harmony with the territory. Venetiana was born from the union of different local tourist and experiential services which put available their skills to give life to this ambitious project.

Autoguidovie, active in the transport sector since 1908, has used all its passion and experience along with Veneziana Motoscafi, one of the main boat companies in the lagoon.

In addition to these big names, another well-known company called Dolomitibus has helped with the selection of the main sights for the guided tours.

Last but not least, Senato Hotel Milano, characterized for its attention to customers and detail-oriented, makes sure that the experience is pleasant for all its guests.

Venetiana offers the perfect combination of a unique and unforgettable experience in the Lagoon. With the aim of creating a service that is not just a transport but a way to discover the most unknown side of Venice and with the real local lifestyle.



Venetiana is a project that combines tradition and modernity, with a particular attention to sustainability. Between land and water, the visitor’s encounter with the lagoon is neither invasive nor destructive towards the fragile city. The innovative boat built by Venetiana in fact sails with a patented hull that reduces the wave motion. An important technique to preserve the stability of the city foundations, without giving up on comfort and elegance.

Moreover, with the ticket you also get access to the App created by Venetiana itself which offers geolocalized audioguides written by Venetians. These can be used during your visit on land to discover the city in an original way as a real local, far from the busiest routes and nearer to the smallest hidden corners.


Venetiana sustainable cruise in Venice

On board of the panoramic ecoboat you can discover all the unforgettable places of Venice. With a hop-on hop-off ticket lasting 24 or 48 hours you will be free to get on and off the two navigation lines at your leisure.

Line A, starting at S. Lucia station, leads to Tronchetto, San Marco and Zattere. In Murano it coincides with Line B, which then leads to Punta Sabbioni and the island of Burano. Not to be missed is that of Murano. In fact, included in this ticket you will also have access to a laboratory of the island to attend the typical processing of glass. The service is available from 09:00 to 20:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


The boat route offers a place to discover at every stop thanks to the audioguides made by Locals who accompany you on board and on land. Whether it’s the first time or one of the many, the proposed paths created by the city’s connoisseurs satisfy all needs. Taking you to discover more than 100 points of interest. From the visit to the authentic Venice with Toso Fei, to the most fascinating spots made available by the Cooperative Guide and perfect on you Instagram feed. Among the various tracks of the audioguide you will also find a path for children enriched with a nice treasure hunt or some tours in less traveled streets.  All guides can be heard comfortably from the App, do not forget to bring your headphones.

What more to say than to come aboard Venetiana, the sustainable boat trip in Venezia! Your ticket is just a click away! Are you ready to take the best pictures of Venice and live the most local experience possible?


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