Lake Garda: Vespa tour

Ever dreamt of a journey that combines the thrill of adventure, the wind in your hair, and the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Garda? Well, hop on a Vespa and get ready for a ride like no other! The idea of embarking on a complete tour of the lake on two wheels promises not only stunning landscapes but also an unforgettable experience. A perfect blend of freedom, adrenaline, and the exploration of enchanting places. In this article, we will dive into the fascinating world of a one-day itinerary for a Vespa Tour around Lake Garda.

Feel the wind on your skin, hear the engine’s roar, and get ready for a journey that’s bound to be legendary. Let’s roll!

Buckle up for a wild ride as we chase the rumble of the engine through picturesque roads, charming villages, and postcard-worthy scenery. Exploring Lake Garda on a Vespa is an adventure that unfolds amidst culture, nature, and the joy of riding along roads that tell timeless tales. Are you ready to join us for this thrilling ride? Helmet on, engine roaring, let’s dive headfirst into the vibrant heart of Lake Garda!

Lake Garda: Vespa tour

The starting point of our Vespa tour on Lake Garda is Peschiera del Garda, home to one of the best Vespa rentals on the lake: Motoragazzi!

Beautiful red Vespas are available for rent at Motoragazzi. But hold onto your helmets because it’s not just about the wheels. They’re throwing in the game-changer ‘DGtal Guide‘, a revolutionary digital app. This resource proves especially valuable for those not familiar with the area. And if you want to uncover hidden gems around Lake Garda without playing navigator roulette, this app is perfect for you!

With their strategically scattered Vespa rental shops encircling the entire Lake Garda, Motoragazzi ensures a speedy and efficient support system. So, gear up for a Vespa escapade that promises to be as smooth as the Italian espresso you’ll be sipping along the way. But, before we hit the road, let’s address the burning questions we get asked the most:

How much does it cost to go around Lake Garda on a Vespa?

The cost of the rental for a day on an amazing red Vespa varies depending on the season, mirroring the ever-changing beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Our experience saw us spending around 100€, a more than reasonable price, especially during the peak season.

How long does it take to tour Lake Garda on a Vespa?

If you’re the speed demon type (while always respecting the speed limits!) and can resist the temptation of pit stops, you could wrap up the whole tour in around 5 hours. That’s right, no breaks—just you, the road, and the wind in your hair. But, for the ones who want to soak in the epic views, snap Insta-worthy pics at every turn, and indulge in a fancy lunch, well, your Vespa adventure could stretch to a leisurely 8/9 hours.

In either case, each minute on that Vespa is a memory in the making. So, rev that engine and let Lake Garda unfold its magic, minute by minute, curve by curve. Get ready for an unforgettable ride!

Lake Garda: Vespa tour
Castle in Torri del Benaco

Discover Lake Garda with a Vespa tour: smart itinerary with DGtal Guide

Once you have picked your preferred itinerary, it’s time to hit the road! I opted for the ‘Best of Lake Garda in a Day’ itinerary, starting from Peschiera del Garda. But hold onto your handlebars because the options are endless! There are routes through the Morenic Hills, Valpolicella, Monte Baldo, and beyond. To unravel the full list of adventures, check out our dedicated section!

The cost of the tour is surprisingly affordable, only €19 in my case. This also includes discounts at restaurants and wine cellars along the route, should you wish to stop by.

Where to ride a Vespa on Lake Garda? Here are the suggested stops for our itinerary:

  • Crossing the lake from Torri to Maderno by ferry;
  • The route along the picturesque Strada della Forra with a stop at the Terrazza del Brivido in Tremosine;
  • Pit stop in Limone for a takeaway lunch;
  • A short stop in Torbole;
  • Stop at Cassone di Malcesine.

Starting from Peschiera del Garda, we rode along the enchanting Gardesana Orientale, hugging the lakeshore.

On this stretch, we couldn’t help but be mesmerized by glimpses of crystal-clear water, brushing past the renowned amusement parks of the area, including Gardaland and Movieland. As we approached Garda, the view expanded, granting us a distant view of the majestic Rocca di Garda before finding ourselves in no time right beneath its towering cliffs.

We continued our journey until we reached Torri del Benaco. To spice things up we decided to take the thrilling (and discounted!) Torri-Maderno ferry crossing, a suggestion from the app. On the ferry, we took in the breathtaking panorama as the breeze caressed us. An unforgettable adventure across Lake Garda, a perfect blend of freedom and spectacular landscapes.

Strada della Forra – © Francesca Ravenoldi – @francescaravenoldi

Once we arrived in Maderno, we followed the route suggested by the app, leading us up the entire length of the stunning Strada della Forra, ultimately reaching Tremosine.

Here, we made a pit stop at the famous Terrazza del Brivido. A relaxing moment that was transformed into an authentic experience thanks to the breathtaking panorama. The Terrazza del Brivido truly lived up to its name, delivering thrills and an unforgettable gaze upon the natural beauty surrounding us.

Important: The Terrazza del Brivido is owned by the Hotel Ristorante Paradiso. That’s why a little something needs to be bought to access it. A perfect excuse to savor the moment with a delightful snack!

Lake Garda: Vespa tour
Limone sul Garda – ©Stefano Valeri – @stevaleri

Refreshed and revitalized, we set our course towards Limone sul Garda, navigating mountain roads, and crossing paths with horses and goats on the slopes overlooking Lake Benaco. Even though Limone isn’t a highlighted stop in the DGtal Guide, we decided to take a detour to explore it, confident that the app will keep us updated on any time delay.

In Limone, we recharge for a little on the beach, soaking in the charm of the historic center. The Focacceria Dal Piasarot won us over with its lemon focaccia, a refreshingly fragrant experience.

Unplanned but necessary, we also made a brief stop at the Porticciolo di Torbole. The tranquility of the place, the Casa del Dazio, the vibrantly colored boats, and the kite-surfing enthusiasts create a unique atmosphere. The charm of the ducks with their little ones searching for food completes the enchantment of this special place.

DGtal Guide then leads us to Cassone di Malcesine, where the world’s shortest river is nestled. A unique fact that makes this stop a small hidden treasure along our captivating Vespa tour on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda: Vespa tour
GardaLanding – Alice near the Aril River

Hold onto your Vespas, adventure enthusiasts! We’re about to spill the beans on Cassone di Malcesine, home to the Arìl Riverthe world’s shortest river, stretching a mere 175 meters. Picture this: a fairy-tale village, inhabited by just a few souls, with the river’s surface adorned by tiny white flowers and plants floating peacefully, guided by a miniature waterfall towards Lake Garda. After treating our taste buds to artisanal gelato, we rev up our engines, aiming to make it back to Motoragazzi in time.

In the grand finale, the app steers us through winding panoramic roads ascending Monte Baldo, leading to a pit stop at a charming bar in San Zeno di Montagna. And here’s the kicker—if your Vespa journey aligns with spring or autumn, brace yourself for a potentially jaw-dropping sunset as you descend from Baldo, wrapping up this unforgettable adventure on a magical note.

With the wind caressing our faces, we bring this unforgettable itinerary to a close with hearts full of emotions and minds rich with enchanting landscapes. The Vespa journey around Lake Garda has unfolded as a voyage of discovery. An adventure where every twist of the road has narrated a different story.

Whether you opt for the allure of summer or the tranquility of other seasons, this itinerary will remain an indelible memory of freedom, beauty, and pleasure on the road. At the end of the day, we returned the Vespa with a smile, knowing that Lake Garda still has much to offer to those ready to explore it with an adventurous spirit!

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