Best SPA and thermal wellness centers on lake Garda

Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be, every now and then, to accept the need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the usual routine? Before reaching your limit, think about it: it would be so easy to stop and return to shine. I bet you’re already imagining yourself in total relaxation in one of the best SPA, Wellness centers and/or thermal baths on Lake Garda… And you’d be absolutely right because remember, your happiness comes before anything else.

Wellness Centers and Thermal Parks on Lake Garda

1. Aquaria Thermal Spa and Terme Virgilio
2. Aquardens
3. Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri
4. Gardacqua
5. Garda Thermae

The Best Hotels with SPA and Wellness Centers on Lake Garda

1. Eala Resort
2. Grand Hotel Fasano
3. Hotel Caesius Terme & SPA Resort
4. QC Terme Garda
5. Hotel Lido Palace
6. Quellenhof Luxury Resort
7. Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda
8. Splendido Bay Luxury Spa Resort
9. Resort Le Ali del Frassino
10. Park Hotel Imperial
11. Corte Regia Relais & Spa

Hotels with SPA, pool, or in-room whirlpool on Lake Garda

1. Hotel Lago di Garda
2. Parc Hotel Flora
3. Enjoy Garda Hotel
4. Bellavista Hotel Deluxe Apartments
5. Parc Hotel Germano Suites & Apartments


Thermal baths are always the perfect choice, especially when the weather forecast plays tricks on you. While a storm may rage outside, you wouldn’t even notice, wrapped in the warm embrace of the spa. From large thermal lakes to whirlpool tubs with a view of the lake, in this article I will tell you all about the best (thermal) wellness centers and SPA s around lake Garda! First, I’ll describe the most beautiful wellness centers, and then we’ll move on to elegant hotels with exclusive wellness areas. Some of these accommodations even boast a full-fledged thermal center.

Lastly, for those who seek privacy, I’ll reveal where to book a room equipped with the finest comforts. It will be just like being in a spa, without you having to lift a finger. At most, you’ll only need to take a few steps to move to the terrace.

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda, some of the most beautiful spas in Italy are hidden away… It will be up to you to decide which one is the best.


1. Aquaria Thermal Spa and Terme Virgilio – Sirmione

Welcome to the pearl of all islands and peninsulas: Sirmione, a small treasure nestled among the waters of Lake Garda. Here lies the Boiola spring, which gives life to the sulfurous salsobromoiodic thermal water of Aquaria, the main location of the Terme di Sirmione.

Aquaria Thermal Spa is the perfect place to indulge in a sensory experience. It’s a remedy for the respiratory system! The outdoor pools, overlooking a lush garden and directly on the shores of the lake, are accompanied by the sauna area. Turkish baths, Finnish saunas, and emotional showers alternate with moments of complete relaxation in the themed rooms of the wellness center. My advice is to experience Aquaria Thermal Spa at sunset… The experience will be even more magical.

If you are looking for a wellness center on Lake Garda for physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments, you can visit Terme Virgilio. Also located in Sirmione, for over 130 years now, they specialize in the treatment of specific pathologies and offer specialized medical visits. Notably, they are known as the “thermal baths of health,” suitable for the whole family, including children.


2. Aquardens – Pescantina

An exclusive Day Spa near Lake Garda, located in the largest thermal park in Italy – a dream that comes true, thanks to Aquardens! Following the gentle current of the River, you’ll be transported to the Grotta della Fonte, passing through the heated outdoor pools. Inside, you can immerse yourself like ancient Romans in the Caracalla baths or experience a true Saltworks.

Aquardens in Pescantina, near Lake Garda, stands out as one of the best wellness centers with thermal baths and SPA for both adults and children.

In fact, on weekends, you’ll always find the kids’ club ready to entertain the little ones! You can relax and enjoy a cocktail by the poolside. Moreover, saunas from all over the world await you in a splendid open-air village, providing a unique experience.

Are you also constantly thinking about how much better you would feel if only the tension in your back could melt away? The Massage & Beauty area will cater to your needs, allowing you to pleasantly feel every part of your body again. Especially for Valentine’s Day, Aquardens offers exclusive SPA packages for couples each year.


3. Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri – Colà di Lazise

One of the most beautiful SPAs and thermal baths on lake Garda is hidden in a dense vegetation, a natural oasis housing a charming wellness center… I’m talking about the Thermal Park of Villa dei Cedri set in Lazise.

Here, you won’t find the typical outdoor pools, but actual thermal lakes. In a simply paradisiacal atmosphere, evoking enchanted fairy tales of the past, time stands still… Allowing you to float in the warm waters of the park. An elegant greenhouse, nestled in the harmony of nature, provides a stunning backdrop.

Scattered around, you’ll find small whirlpool tubs, waterfalls, neck fountains, and geysers. Imagine that the smallest lake already existed in the distant nineteenth century. And if you wish to complete the experience, you can stay overnight in the elegant Villa bearing the same name. For a romantic dinner, the Villa Moscardo Restaurant awaits you.

Villa dei Cedri Thermal Park offers a unique and enchanting setting, where you can relax and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature while enjoying the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters. It’s a perfect destination for a peaceful and rejuvenating escape on Lake Garda.


4. Gardacqua – Garda

As the name suggests, Gardacqua is a thermal spa located close to the historical center of Garda. A gigantic glass dome is the characteristic symbol of Gardacqua, through which you can catch a glimpse of the blue waters of the large heated indoor and outdoor pools. The SPA at Gardacqua covers an area of a thousand square meters dedicated to total well-being. But there’s a unique feature! The entrance to the hot rooms is only allowed without swimwear. This way, your body can fully benefit from the effects of the sauna.

Did you know that this is an ancient tradition, especially in Nordic countries? Keeping the costume in high temperatures, according to experts, could hinder the release of toxins from the body. Of course, at the welcome desk, you can request a towel or bathrobe to cover yourself in the transitional areas. It’s normal to feel a slight embarrassment the first time; even I thought I wouldn’t feel comfortable… But I assure you that after a few seconds, you’ll have already adapted and will only focus on enjoying the experience.

Gardacqua offers a unique and authentic thermal spa experience, allowing you to fully embrace the beneficial effects of the sauna and thermal waters. It’s a chance to indulge in a wellness journey amidst the stunning scenery of Lake Garda.

Garda Thermae

5. Garda Thermae – Arco

The private SPA at Garda Thermae is perfect if you don’t necessarily feel the need to spend hours in the sauna. Sometimes, even a few moments of relaxation are enough to rediscover your inner energy. The private area consists of a soft sauna, a steam bath, and a relaxation room.

Garda Thermae is one of the most exclusive thermal spas in the entire Trentino region, located not far from Riva, the northernmost place to visit on Lake Garda.

Have you ever heard of the beneficial effects of Hammam? Here, you can experience them firsthand, immersed in a pleasant cloud of humidity. Depending on your needs, you can personally indulge in the total care of your body with the most suitable product.

If you desire a more comprehensive experience, this wellness center on Lake Garda still has plenty to offer! And once again, to fully benefit from the wellness attractions, swimwear is not allowed in the saunas. You can then relax in the relaxation pool or outdoor pools, ending your day beautifully while admiring the suggestive mountain peaks of Trentino.



1. Eala Resort – Limone sul Garda

It is said that Eala Resort in Limone sul Garda is a place where all desires come true… And it truly is. Let’s start with “eala”: it was the name the Celts used for the royal swan. A symbol of elegance, but also purity. It is a luxury hotel, adult-only, welcoming guests aged 16 and above.

A crystal-clear blue pool, blending with the colors of the lake, perched on the edge, is the highlight of this 5-star SPA. The saunas, as well as the indoor pools, boast envy-inducing views as well. The guiding theme in this relaxation journey will be the scents of the region, offering a rejuvenating and multisensory experience.

During the beautiful season, you can even opt for massages and treatments in the serene nature of the Resort’s garden. Eala’s philosophy is to “give the body, mind, and soul the energy to shine”… Can’t wait to experience it yourself?

Gran Hotel Fasano

2. Grand Hotel Fasano – Gardone Riviera

One of the must-visit places on Lake Garda, beloved by the poet d’Annunzio, is Gardone Riviera. It is here that the elegant Grand Hotel Fasano stands.

For the reopening of the property in 2023, the wellness center has been completely renovated. The SPA is open to the public and, of course, to all hotel guests. Over 3,500 square meters of pure relaxation, immersed in the uniqueness of luxury. The indoor pool will be surrounded by white and suggestive columns with imperial charm.

Attention to detail is a recurring theme that can also be found in the treatments offered. In addition to the traditional common areas, the massages stand out for their techniques, scents, and philosophies… You only have to choose the one that inspires you the most! Moreover, here you can discover the evident benefits of Ayurvedic treatments, a holistic medicine that works on both body and mind.

Hotel Caesius Terme & SPA Resort

3. Hotel Caesius Terme & SPA Resort – Cisano di Bardolino

Ayurveda, also known as the “science of life,” is the principle behind the treatments offered at Hotel Caesius in Cisano. Thermal baths, wellness center, and beauty (SPA) center are just a few of the exclusive areas within this Resort on lake Garda. The structure that houses the indoor pool resembles the ancient Roman villas. Once you immerse your feet in the water, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back in time, forgetting all the daily worries.

You can choose between the classic Finnish and Mediterranean saunas or try the so-called “Calidarium,” the Turkish bath… In addition to the Frigidarium and emotional showers. My favorite moment after a day of absolute relaxation like this? Wrapped in a soft bathrobe, I always indulge in a herbal tea to be lulled by its delicate flavors.

4. QC Terme Garda – Calvagese della Riviera

It’s incredible how just hearing the name QC Terme raises the bar of expectations suddenly! I imagine you have also heard of it. In Northern Italy, in particular, the Terme di Bormio, located in the Stelvio National Park, are highly appreciated. But what if I told you that now you can experience the same heavenly experience right here, in their new wellness center on Lake Garda?

Even I had a hard time believing it, but it’s true. In Calvagese della Riviera, nestled in over 140 hectares of greenery, you’ll find the marvelous QC Termegarda. Housed in an elegant fifteenth-century villa, they will be the escape you’ve been dreaming of.

But that’s not all… You will also have the opportunity to stay in the five-star Resort, made even more fascinating by the numerous wall frescoes that decorate its rooms. In no time, you’ll be transported between reality and fantasy, in a realm of infinite serenity.

Hotel Lido Palace

5. Hotel Lido Palace – Riva del Garda

Among the hidden gems of the places to visit on Lake Garda, the thermal baths of Hotel Lido Palace stand out. A common ambition of tourists arriving on its shores is to visit the town located at the northernmost tip: Riva del Garda. Right here, behind the lush gardens of Lido Palace overlooking a blue water mirror, lies a splendid luxury SPA.

The wellness center is divided into two parts, one “dry area” and one “wet area”. Besides choosing which one you prefer to find peace of mind, the SPA also offers the opportunity to participate in yoga and meditation sessions.

Not only will you rejuvenate your body, but also your soul. Cultivating your mental well-being is of utmost importance! And for this reason it really deserved to be in the of the best (thermal) wellness centers and Spa on Lake Garda.

In Riva del Garda, in particular, you can clearly feel the influence of the two most important winds of the entire lake: the Ora and the Pelèr. If you wish to add a healthy dose of fun to relaxation, the Resort’s team will guide you to the perfect watersport experience for you.

Quellenhof Luxury - Best SPA and thermal wellness centers on lake Garda

6. Quellenhof Hotel & Resort – Lazise

The Quellenhof Resort is so large that it doesn’t just have simple sauna areas… but actual “worlds“! In addition to a natural swimming pond, perfect for spending romantic moments as a couple, the outdoor pool offers an enchanting panorama. Among the lush foliage of olive groves, you’ll see the mountain peaks towering over the lake in the background, and catch a glimpse of its shores.

Today, many people understand the importance of environmental conservation. However, it’s hard to find a facility that embraces sustainability principles with the same care as Quellenhof in Lazise. From its private hydroelectric power station to innovative cooling systems, water conservation, and photovoltaic panels. Every detail matters, and each small change, when combined, can make a difference.

In particular, in the “sauna world,” the areas dedicated to the Finnish sauna, biosauna, and Turkish bath are exclusively open to adult guests. And to top it off, how wonderful is it to treat yourself to a relaxing rejuvenating massage?

7. Lefay Resort & SPA – Gargnano

“The well-being of a person cannot be separated from environmental well-being”: this is also the guiding principle of the wellness center on Lake Garda, Lefay Resort & SPA. You may have heard of it already. It was the very first tourist company in Italy to sign an agreement to completely neutralize CO2 emissions.

The uniqueness of Lefay is also found in its wellness method, coined directly by its own team. Chinese and Western medicine blend together to bestow harmony and serenity to both body and mind. The SPA is strictly adults-only, perfect for those seeking a wellness center on Lake Garda immersed in tranquility. The indoor thalassotherapy pool is a must-try, so beautiful that it has been called “the Moon of the Lake.”

Surrounded by a calm silence and the warm waters of another modern indoor pool, you can contemplate the breathtaking view through large and transparent windows…

Lake Garda and its picturesque places to visit will seem both so close and, at the same time, far away, nestled in nature’s embrace.

8. Splendido Bay Luxury Resort – Padenghe sul Garda

Let the sun illuminate your face, suspended in the crystal-clear waters of the pool at Splendido Bay, with your eyes directed towards the sky. If you happen to be here in the summer, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the solarium: the wait will be rewarded with a perfect tan.

Are you looking for an even deeper state of peace? Inside, you will be welcomed by the Zen pool, with a hydro-massage corner and chromotherapy. The SPA is enriched not only with saunas but also with emotional showers with refined essences and an icy cold ice waterfall. Just what you need if you want to silence all worries in an instant!

Overlooking directly the shores of the village of Padenghe, Splendido Bay was also featured on “4 Hotel” by Bruno Barbieri, (a very known and loved tv serie in italy) winning the competition. Moreover, its restaurants “Aquariva” and “il Rivale” are highly renowned throughout the western area of the lake… So, if you find yourself here, don’t miss the opportunity for a dinner of the highest quality!

I hope you’re enjoying the suggestions! The beauty and tranquility of Lake Garda make it a perfect destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. I’m here to help with any other information or recommendations you may need. In the next few lines I will give you my last recommendations of what I think are the best wellness centers and (thermal) SPA s on lake Garda.


9. Resort Le Ali del Frassino – Peschiera del Garda

One of the SPAs that I have loved the most is undoubtedly the one at Le Ali del Frassino. The inner serenity I feel every time I am surrounded by the sounds of nature is incomparable… Yes, because the Resort Le Ali del Frassino is located on the edges of an untouched nature reserve. It is situated right on the shores of Laghetto del Frassino, an oasis to be preserved and protected, surrounded by vineyards and countryside in Peschiera del Garda.

If it were up to me, I would literally spend hours by the pool with a view of this paradise. By the way, this pool is exclusively accessible to the Resort’s guests. The wellness area can also be entirely reserved by appointment, but it is also open to the public. Its peculiarity lies in the natural stone with which it was built. To appreciate it, try entering the emotional shower or rejuvenate yourself with a brisk ice waterfall.

You will also find a Finnish sauna, a biosauna, a double Turkish bath, and a whirlpool tub. Perfect for immersing yourself and being pampered by the bubbles, while the water continues to change color.

Park Hotel Imperial

10. Park Hotel Imperial – Limone sul Garda

Nestled in a valley surrounded by the greenery of nature and embraced by a gentle breeze, the Park Hotel Imperial stands tall. Within the property, you will find an amazing wellness center with a wide scale of treatments.

Located in Limone, one of the places to visit on Lake Garda, the Park Hotel is renowned especially for its TAO treatments.

TAO is part of Chinese medicine that, through innovative techniques, allows the body to restore its Vital Energy. In addition to beauty and wellness recovery paths, the SPA also includes an Aromarium. Curious to know what it means?

The Aromarium is a warm steam bath enriched with beneficial natural essences for the body. It will help purify the body from all toxic substances, including stressful and negative thoughts. In addition to this, you will find a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, and various emotional showers. If you love being in contact with nature and its lush blooms, you cannot miss moments of serenity in the large outdoor pool… The view will be unparalleled.

Corte Regia Relais & SPA

11. Corte Regia Relais & SPA – Borghetto sul Mincio

In addition to finding the perfect oasis for your relaxation, are you also planning a romantic getaway with your loved one? At Corte Regia Relais & SPA, you will realize that dreaming big is possible. You will be guests in the charming atmosphere of Borghetto, in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy!!!

Away from the hustle and bustle, you can decide how to pamper yourselves. The best part? The new outdoor sauna with a view on the Mincio River. You will slowly surrender to the gentle sound of flowing water, while time will pass without you even noticing.

Inside, the wellness center features a sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower, and hydromassage tub. The outdoor hydromassage tub, made entirely of marble, is fed directly by the waters of the river. Pretty awesome right?!


Hotel Lago di Garda - Best SPA and thermal wellness centers on lake Garda

1. Hotel Lago di Garda – Torbole sul Garda

In the “Desideria” room at Hotel Lago di Garda, you will discover that sometimes it takes very little for your desires to come true. Overlooking the reflections of the lake, the room has a terrace with a private hydromassage tub that offers an unparalleled panorama.

Torbole is one of the northernmost places to visit on Lake Garda. It is highly appreciated not only for its delightful historic center but also for its mountainous views.

Inside the hotel you can find a small wellness center, called “Limòn SPA.” As you may guess from the name, you will experience a delicate multisensory journey inspired by the beneficial properties of lemons. Why this choice? On the northwestern shores of the lake, lemon trees still grow today and so are part of the traditional agricultural product of this area . For yet another unusual experience, I recommend trying the SweetSpa!

Parc Hotel Flora

2. Parc Hotel Flora – Riva del Garda

Is there really a possibility of having a room with a private sauna and maximum comfort? At Parc Hotel Flora in Riva del Garda, it is! The “Flora” Suite includes an intimate sauna. If you desire a bit more space, you can also access the wellness center of the hotel, located on Lake Garda. Have you ever tried a tropical shower with Maracuja?

In addition to this option, the Superior Deluxe Room features an elegant bathtub right in the main room. Imagine being able to immerse yourself in a warm bath while watching your favorite movie on TV… What could be better than that?

3. Enjoy Garda Hotel – Peschiera del Garda

The Sweet Spa with Jacuzzi at Enjoy Garda Hotel is the romantic dream of every couple. 20 square meters of pure relaxation and 100% Italian design. In addition to the elegant circular bed, the rest of the room is dedicated to the Jacuzzi.

Along with the shower cabin featuring hydromassage, chromotherapy, waterfall, Turkish bath, and aromatherapy, the Sweet Spa is completed with a refined Jacuzzi hot tub. The tub is located on a private terrace with a view of the lake, providing a sweet rest after a day of wellness.

Bellavista Hotel Deluxe Apartments - Best SPA and thermal wellness centers on lake Garda

4. Bellavista Hotel Deluxe Apartments – Riva del Garda

You know when you scroll through your Instagram feed and see postcard-perfect images? With white terraces, panoramic views of crystal-clear waters, and dozens of blossoms framing the scenery?

Well, if you’re looking for a location that resembles those images, among all the places to visit on Lake Garda, I recommend choosing Riva del Garda. Specifically, the Bellavista Hotel Deluxe Apartments.

The Imperial apartment, available as a studio or one-bedroom, offers a little paradise immersed in the harmony of nature and pristine peace. The panoramic terrace has a Jacuzzi hot tub with a view of the lake and is tastefully decorated in a classic yet floral style. I haven’t revealed my top picks so far, but I can’t help but let you know that this one definitely ranks in my top 3.

Parc Hotel Germano Suites & Apartments Best SPA and thermal wellness centers on lake Garda

5. Parc Hotel Germano Suites & Apartments – Bardolino

A Suite with a private pool would have been a dream coming true for the child in me. An entire pool exclusively for you and your companions! The glass doors of the apartment at Parc Hotel Germano Suites & Apartments directly overlook the water.

But don’t worry, you will also find a large wellness center here, just like many others, ensuring you a relaxing stay. For the more active guests, the gym area is always open, so you don’t have to give up physical activity even on vacation.

Now that you have this treasure trove of information and secrets about the best wellness centers and (thermal) SPA s on Lake Garda… You just have to choose which one resembles the place of your dreams the most!


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