Horse riding on Lake Garda

The moments spent in contact with nature regenerate the soul and are good for the heart. Time seems to stop, and you suddenly feel more serene. Just like when you put your hand on a horse’s face, and you look each other in the eye… One of the first steps to prove he can trust you. Only then you can leave for a wonderful horseback ride on Lake Garda, nestled in the woods beyond the shores. Looking for where to go horse riding on Lake Garda?


At Agriturismo Morso46, located in the countryside of Gavardo, you can book a riding experience for the whole family. Not only that: whether with a group of friends or with your better half, you can still participate in an exciting tour on horseback. Want to give the experience to someone? You can also book the tour for one person!

To lead you there will be a guide. Together, you will enter the surrounding woods, where the only sounds will be the sounds of nature. The hooves, the singing of the birds, the rustling of the leaves: you will be in the beautiful woods of Valtenesi. The horse ride in this farm near Lake Garda will last 1 hour. On your return, you can always opt to stop there to enjoy some typical local dishes.

If you book the experience for the whole family (Family Horse Riding package), children will stay at the riding school. They will have a great time attending a horse preparation and riding lesson. Upon your return, a tasty snack awaits you!


Here is all the necessary information about the horse ride in Gavardo, one of the places to visit near Lake Garda.

  • The horse ride in the woods of Valtenesi lasts 1 hour and can be booked on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, starting from Agriturismo Morso46.
  • The farm is located in Località Limone n. 46, in Gavardo (BS).
  • You can choose to book a horse ride near Lake Garda in the morning or afternoon, at 11:00 and 16:00. The individual price is 35 € per person.
  • The riding experience is bookable for adults and children over 14 years.
  • For the family package (Family Horse Riding Experience), the tour is only available at 16:00.
  • There are two types of family packages: 2 adults + 1 child (6-12 years) at the price of 95 €, or 2 adults + 2 children (6-12 years) at the price of 110 €. The snack for children at the end of the experience is included in the price.


  • For riding it is recommended to wear long pants and sports shoes.
  • On warm days, bring a hat with you; if there is a risk of rain, remember to wear a raincoat instead.
  • Agriturismo Morso46 is open all year round, but the walks are held weekly throughout spring and summer, until the end of October.

If you are interested in booking a horse ride on Lake Garda at another time, contact us in private. We will answer you as soon as possible: info@gardavisit.it

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