Where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda


There is nothing to debate about: Italy is homeland of the greatest food ever.

It’s scientifically proved that if you eat well, you will always feel at your best. Didn’t you know that Feuerbach was used to say that we are what we eat? Maybe we should trust him, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, whenever I have to choose, it ends with me being uncapable of taking a decision. I am quite sure this is because of the endless variety that you can find in our country… That’s why I have been recently thinking about creating a little guide of the Italian gastronomy. If you were asking yourself where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda, keep reading to discover what it could be the best for you.

Here, you will not only recognize both Venetian and Garda flavours. This is the best thing about Italy… Anywhere you may go, you will never lose the chance to taste the real pizza or some fresh sea fish. Furthermore, the Brazilian and Japanese tradition are very appreciated by the local people. Have you ever tried a “Carbonara di Lago”? Or the “Brazilian Sushi”?

If your answer is no, well, maybe all you have to do is dig just a little bit deeper. Not all the best ones are located in the town centre. Sometimes, to find the best quality, it’s better to look in the most hidden places. Therefore, there are also the luckiest ones, with an irreplaceable view.

You could also get the chance to explore the best places to visit on Lake Garda, in its southern part.

I am going to tell you each one of them. I am aware there are many options to choose but remember: you can read this article any time you will need it!

Where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda


At first, I should begin with a place that never gets me disappointed and where you will feel like home. I am 100% “arilicense”, hence Amici Miei is my favourite “tipicoteca”. Ps: if you don’t know what it means, you should check the related article. It is a trattoria and pizzeria, only a few minutes away from the historical centre of Peschiera del Garda. If you would like to explor the Venetian tradition, you are in the right place.

Just in case you are wondering, they created the famous Carbonara di Lago. Anyway, I also suggest you the “Luccio in Salsa” and the “Trota”. If you are in the mood for something else, try the horsemeat. However, what about gnocchi? If you love them, you have to go on Friday, for a delicious handmade lunch.

I know, it seems impossible to choose where and what to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda…However, we just begun!

Let’s start with this hypothetic scenario: you are late, and you have to eat as soon as possible. You would like something of a great quality, without spending a lot. The best option for you is the Osteria in Strada, right in front of the main harbor. Meat and fish burgers, fish and chips and much more…You are spoilt for choice!  If you didn’t try Mozzarelle in Carrozza with anchovies or Lake Mixed Fried, you don’t’ want to miss it, trust me! Secondly, not far way there is the classic Osteria, where the daily menu changes almost every day.

Let’s move to the “hinterland”, to another place to visit on Lake Garda: Colà di Lazise.

In the Corte dal Castello, you will be more than welcome. It is an enchanting agritourism located in the peaceful silence of this little town. Any suggestion for a traditional itinerary among the local flavors? Well, you have absolutely to try the Tortelli al Lavarello, with grains of pistachios and olives in case you would like a first course. On the contrary, you could also taste the Petto d’Anatra with citrus. Anyway, I recommend you the vegetables, as starter or as side meal. It’s Marco’s mum special recipe. In the waiting time, enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

Where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda
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Is there any better feeling than the fragrance of some homemade bread? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an easy outdoor breakfast or a quick takeaway. You will never be empty-handed by choosing the bakery Panificio Brizzolari. Fresh bread, brioches and many typical Italian cakes. As arilicense, I can tell you that the “Brizzo”, that’s how we are used to call it, is always a saving grace whenever you are in the mood for pizza. Personally, I love the Erbazzone: a delicious Reggio Emilia specialty, made of chard. During my hard workdays at the Infopoint, I just need to taste it to recover myself.

Moreover, if you are near to Lazise, you can stop at the “Bottega di Corso Cangrande”, a little store located in the homonymous street. Here, simplicity is the key to every bakery product. It seems like going back in time, visiting an old bakery. Once upon a time, locals were used to run into the nearest bakery to buy the first handmade bread of the day! Anyway, you are lucky: here, every day they prepare bread, pizza and many kinds of cakes and bakery products. Whatever will be your choice, it will always be a genuine one.

Let’s come back to Peschiera: not far from the historical centre, there is a real pastry heaven. If you are not a morning person, don’t worry: the Torta della Nonna croissants last endlessly. It’s unbelievable, but anytime I come to this place I usually take a lot to choose. You will find artisan ice creams, also lactose-free and gluten-free, pastries, pancakes… Is it somebody’s birthday and you haven’t bought anything yet? Well, here they bake many original cakes: trust me, it’s a very appreciated gift, especially in Italy. They will be opening soon in another place in the centre, where to have brunch surrounded by the impressive Fortress Walls. Now, you will find them in Via Milano.

Only for a few seconds we have to say goodbye to the places to visit on Lake Garda to go to Verona, the city of love!

Another great and healthy option: The Nutrition Lab in Pedemonte. Vegan products, special flours and different type of sugar to keep following your diet. Did you know that they also prepare low glycemic index bakeries? Finally, you will find the perfect way to satisfy your craving for sweets and pastries without feeling guilty.


More or less, at least once a day there is someone asking us where to eat the real Neapolitan Pizza. The answer is quite immediate: at the Restaurant and Pizzeria La Rocca, located in the wonderful side of the Canale di Mezzo of Peschiera del Garda. While the delicate sound of the anchored boats is breaking the silence, you can enjoy the view of the renewed Officials’ Pavillon. If you are curious to try some of the South Italy traditional food, I suggest you the Scialatielli.

Speaking of pasta: I am going to tell you where to eat the best pasta ever in the southern part of Lake Garda. I am talking about Pasta Salame, a nice workshop of bread, cold cuts, cheese and the typical Italian Pasta. Carbonara, Amatriciana, Parmigiana…What’s your favorite one? Just remember they have only a few places to sit.

Moving towards Colà di Lazise, you will meet Buffalo Steakhouse & Pizza, for meat lovers. Costata, Tagliata, Hamburgers, Picanha and more! Maybe you could also try something you never have experienced before…for example, have you ever heard about meat sushi?  An Italian version of a very famous international meal. I am sure it will impress you, believe me.

Where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda
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Another of the place to visit on Lake Garda is Sirmione, in particular the Temakeria Satya.

I could not talk about sushi without including this Brazilian Temakeria in our gastronomy guide. Fresh ingredients and quality are the secret of their success, together with the commitment of the owners. The original flavours of their cuisine and creative dishes they have invented, made me fall in love with this place. Once you have tried it, you will never forget it. I could never have imagined that a Brazilian Sushi existed… What a “yummy surprise”!

Do you prefer the classic version? Then, coming back to Peschiera, you can stop at the beginning of the street of the Train Station. Recently, it just opened the Japan House. A huge “all you can eat” where to find both quality and variety of choice. I still remember their great Salmon Burger and its sweet taste mixed with oriental flavours. Definitely, my favourite sushi of all time. In any case, at the Japan House there is such a wide choice that you will lose count of how many courses you have ordered.

Furthermore, I suppose you have already tasted a poke bowl. However, where to eat it in the southern part of Lake Garda? The Poke Garden is the perfect place, but just in case, you could also try the takeaway service to enjoy your bowl at the beach, maybe at sunset. You can select the mix you prefer among more than 25 ingredients, or you may also follow their recommendations.

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Our gastronomy tour is taking us to the top of the places to visit on Lake Garda, also recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Obviously, I am talking about Borghetto sul Mincio.

Imagine being together, you and your soulmate, watching the sunset of a warm summer evening. On the background, the delicate sound of water running down the river Mincio. That’s how the perfect date sounds to me, in the splendid Grand Cafè San Marco. The famous tortellini di Valeggio and the most prestigious wines: words aren’t enough to describe the unique experience you will live right there. If you want to leave your sweetheart speechless, this is the perfect place. When it was the last time you did something romantic? Anyway, it doesn’t have to be for a special occasion, as a birthday or your anniversary, could be any day.

There is another location near to the silent sound of water: it’s the Boheme, in Lazise. Your dinner will be fulfilled of emotions, tasting the elegant menu surrounded by a flourishing vegetation and small waterfalls panels. You could choose among both Italian and international courses, whether you prefer meat or fish. If you are a wine lover as me, you have to know that they offer more than 200 labels!

If you find more intimate a rustic ambience, I suggest you the Locanda Gallehus, in Pacengo. During autumn or winter season, your love will be warmed also by the old Venetian chimney located in the main room. A few examples of what you will find in the menu: Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe with truffles, Pizza and many typical products. Such as, the delicate Monte Veronese DOP cheese. If you are with the one you love, it will be the sweetest date. Finally, one of my favourite ones. Now, close your eyes and dream about a fairy-tale place, where the only noise is chirping birds. If you are a romantic person, you will completely fall in love with ArdeaPurpurea. This restaurant is located inside the wonderful Resort of Ali del Frassino, located in the natural reserve of the homonymous lake. Following the small alleys of the yard, here it is the terrace. Prepare yourself to live a delightful high-quality experience, surrounded only by nature.



Are you asking yourself where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda with a dreaming view? Once you are around the lake, it makes sense that you would prefer to have a great panorama. Lulled by a gentle breeze, you can sit and relax in the nice garden of La Plume Restaurant. Food always makes everyone happy. Follow your vibes and you will never make a mistake.

Further, climbing the steps near the restaurant, you will see another beautiful one: Cafè Momus. The name may give you a wrong impression… It is not a bar! It’s a fish restaurant, recently opened, where to taste crudites and the fished of the day. Behind the foliage of the maritime pines, spot the main harbour of Peschiera and its quiet promenade.

Among the places to visit on Lake Garda we have already talked about Lazise. However, there are still some locations to discover in the town.

What should I choose among Taverna Marconi and Classique Restaurant? Don’t worry about the view if you are in Lazise. Whatever is your decision, it will be beautiful anyway. Only the prospective is changing. The first one is located at the ground floor of an ancient villa. In the past, the princess Caterina Strauss was used to park here her private boats. The Classique, instead, is at the first floor of the same villa. Over there, in a sunny day, you could be able to see the lands on the other side of the lake.

You know, I am really lucky to live near all of these places, also because I have already tried each one of them! Then, I can recommend you my favourite ones on the menu: at the Plume the pizza with what ferments; at the Taverna the rooster with barbecue sauce. What about the Classique? Don’t’ miss their Millefoglie dessert. It’s a blast of sweetness!


Is there a better way to spend a Sunday lunch than having a barbecue with your best friends? If you don’t know where to buy some fresh meat, I will teel you the perfect place. That is the Centro Carni Colli Storici: a huge store located on the Morainic Hills, in Pozzolengo. It is not easy to find high quality meat. Nevertheless, since 1988, they produce the best one of the neighbourhoods. Moreover, they have many cold cuts, typical products such as honey and saffron; further selling the famous Lugana wine.

Now we have talked about food. But what about wine? Let’s discover the best places to visit on Lake Garda to taste a great glass of Lugana, and more!

You are lucky to be in the southern part of Lake Garda: this is exactly where prestigious wines are made. You will not have to struggle to find them, just follow my tips.

Not too far from Colli Storici, in the vineyards of San Benedetto, you can spot Le Morette. Away from the crowd, stands the elegant winery of the Zenato Family. Their product process is sustainable in every step, so the wine is not only good, but also genuine. In addition to tasting a truly prestigious wine, you can visit the cellar, admiring the birthplace of the best white wine on the lake.

What is the best feeling in the world, for you? For me it is when the sun lights up your face in a gentle way, before sunset. At Roccolo del Lago, in Colà, when the sun begins to set on the horizon, you will feel it too. A place to feel at home, tasting the typical products of their production accompanied by their 100% organic wine. Sitting at the wooden tables just outside the cellar, you can unplug, letting yourself be carried away by the sound of nature. I absolutely recommend you taste salami and olives, perhaps accompanied by the very fine Chiaretto.

Returning to where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda, I was really surprised to have found a solution that harmoniously combines wine and traditional dishes. Indeed, Tenuta Canova di Masi offers an elegant tasting menu, accompanied by a selection of their best wines. You will leave on an imaginary journey, guided by the flavors of red and white wines, from still to sparkling wine. Don’t miss out on their Risotto with Amarone!

Some places to visit on Lake Garda are hidden and less known, but for this very reason they hide precious treasures.

What do you think about when you are immersed in the countryside? Do you also want to roll through the meadows and lie down on a check red tablecloth for a tasty picnic? The Ricchi Winery is born among the vineyards of Monzambano, a small jewel hidden in the Morainic Hills. A place to be children again, escaping from monotony. From the canoe ride along the Mincio river, to relaxation in the wellness center, to picnics organized by the chef of the nearby Relais la Casina. These are just some of the many experiences that you can live in direct contact with the Mantua area.

But speaking of experiences … I bet you have never had the opportunity to participate in a food and wine tour by bicycle, moreover with a guide! There is always a first time: Garda Bike Explorer combines sport, food and wine to give you an adventure out of the ordinary. Tenuta Nobiltron in Bussolengo, will be the starting point for each itinerary you choose, where nature and human beings live in perfect harmony. The Grigolato family is also dedicated to the production of Olio del Garda, which is the perfect condiment for many of the dishes that I have suggested so far.

But there is also another place, on the hills of Desenzano that I reccomend. Here the casaliva grows luxuriantly, giving the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda Bresciano D.O.P. a delicate velvety flavor. Mother nature really gives us so many precious resources, which can turn into the best version of themselves, thanks to love, care and technique! At Frantoio di Montecroce this happens for a very long time.

Finally, we go up in altitude, reaching Caprino Veronese. Did you know that this village is also one of the most curious places to visit on Lake Garda?

The delicate rustle of the leaves and a cool breeze will welcome you to the Vinicio Bronzo Farming Company, a family business born in 1850. Specialized in the production of Venetian tradition still wines, they found great success in the local area from the very beginning. In fact, they produced the wine of the “Colli di Caprino”, the strong point of what, in the early days, was more than a winery. When the beloved “sunny farm” passed to Vinicius, he expanded the property even further to reach the current 16 hectares. Speaking of where to eat in the southern part of Lake Garda, which is the main theme of this guide, I remind you that you will also find their wines in numerous local taverns and pizzerias.

However, it seems true that if we Italians don’t eat, we talk anyway about food… Maybe I can stop here. I am sure you know now how to orient yourself perfectly when you are in the area. If not, remember that you can take a peek at the Infopoint whenever you want.


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