What to do in Gardaland

Gardaland is one of the most beloved amusement parks in Italy, and one of the most famous in Europe. It is meant to entertain anyone of every age. Get ready to feel the adrenaline and let’s discover together what you can do in Gardaland.


The park is on the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda. It is easily reached by the A4 or A22 (Brennero motorway), exit at Peschiera. From here, you just have to follow the many indications leading to the park, as it is just a few kilometers north. If you will arrive by train, you will be able to find a very comfortable free shuttle just in front of the train station of Peschiera del Garda. The first shuttle always starts 30 minutes before the opening time of the park and will continue every 30 minutes until closure.


What to do in Gardaland
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Gardaland park is part of Gardaland Resort, which is known to amaze us every year with new experiences. The last areas added are the Sea Life Aquarium and the Legoland Water Park, the new family waterpark. If you are searching for an all-round magical experience, you should consider staying in one of the themed Gardaland hotels! 

Once you’re inside the entertainment park, you will notice it is very easy to visit it as it is divided in thematic areas and typology. The main categories are fantasy, adventure and adrenaline.  Each of them with attractions for every age. Inside the park there are also plenty of bars and restaurants, so you can stop whenever you want for a short break. Note: gluten-free and vegan menu’s available.

All these peculiarities make Gardaland one of the best amusement parks to try, and surely one of the most beautiful places to visit on Lake Garda.


What to do in Gardaland
Credits: Gardaland Plus


The Fantasy attractions are generally thought for the youngest, but they are also beautiful for adultswho want, even for some minutes, to feel like a child again. Prezzemolo House is one of the more unforgettable experiences as it offers you the chance to visit the home of its main mascot: The green dragon, Prezzemolo. If you want to have a pause from walking, I suggest you take a trip with the Transgardaland express which has several stops inside the park. If you or your kids love trains, I also recommend you to go on the Monorotaia and the Ortobruco.

We all know children love to meet their cartoon friends and to make this happen, Gardaland hosts Peppa Pig and her house. This area is located right next to the main entrance and it has several attractions: the hot-air balloon, a small train and a small boat trip. Another loved cartoon for the “bigger” children, still part of the fantasy category is Kung Fu Panda, also his attractions will be worth a visit and in certain times you can participate with the Kung Fu Panda Show!


Let’s continue with the adventure category. Most of its attractions involve water so it is an ideal way to have fun and cool down a bit from the hot temperatures. In the map you will find them with the following names: Fuga da Atlantide, Jungle Rapids and Colorado Boats. All combine adventure with a little dose of adrenaline, and they will definitely give you and your family much laughter. These attractions are suitable for everyone above one meter. But to get into detail more about the restrictions you should visit gardaland.it (LINK)

If you are fond of Marvel and Universe DC, you must absolutely taste the new 4D experience of Wonder Woman. You have only to wear the glasses… and go!

What to do in Gardaland
Credits: Gardaland Plus


Are you looking for strong emotions? Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed. Blue TornadoOblivion and Raptor are three of the most iconic experiences in the park and they bring rollercoasters to a higher level. In fact, turns and the vertical descents won’t certainly bore you!

Another experience that you must absolutely try is Space Vertigo. It will bring you at 40 meters of height, offering you a great view for a few seconds… But of course, the reason you should go on this attraction isn’t its view. In fact, get ready to fall down with your seat!

Credits: Gardaland Plus


The waterpark inspired by Lego is accessible paying an extra charge. It is designed for families: people older than 18 can enter only if they are accompanying children under 12. The other minors can freely enter.

Also, inside this area you can find restaurants and bars with a theme, as well as a shop with every Lego object and the set to assemble.

All these attractions aren’t enough? Here are some other things to do in Gardaland!

Credits: Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium Fanpage


The Sea life Aquarium includes 5000 marine species divided in 13 different settings. Some examples of habitats are Lake Garda, the Amazon, the tropical lagoon and obviously the ocean. For children there are interactives areas, to allow them to learn different ways.

This Aquarium is also known for its “Tunnel Oceanico”, a fascinating way to observe these beautiful animals, like sharks, stingrays and from below. You can admire the submarine environment from below, sharks, stingrays and a Napoleon fish.


Do you want to get more out of your day ticket? Remember that during the summertime you can stay until 11 p.m! As soon as the sun will go down, the attractions will be lightened! Going on the roller coasters will be extra fun!

Depending on the period of the year, the park adapts itself with creative decorations. Are you visiting Lake Garda in autumn? Then I recommend you visit it during the Oktoberfest and Halloween days!

Do you love Christmas and everything about it? During the winter period, the park is one of the best places on lake Garda to visit!

In fact, Christmas carols, snow and bright decorations will fill the park with joy. You will also find a skating ring and shops where you will completely lose the sense of time. For a special meeting, bring your children to the magic Village of Santa Claus, who may fulfill their wish.

I hope to have you tempted for a visit, and at this point I can only wish you a beautiful experience in one of the most exciting places at Lake Garda. Feel free to contact us for any need!


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