What to do at Movieland

Ready for an Oscar-worthy day? If you want to know what to do at Movieland, you’re in the right place. In the next lines we will discover this incredible park inspired by the Universal Studios. You absolutely cannot miss it if you visit Lake Garda.


The park is located on the east coast of Lake of Garda, in Lazise. If you decide to travel by car and you are coming from the A4 Milan-Venice freeway, you can reach it by taking the Peschiera del Garda exit. From the A22 Modena-Brennero, you will have to take the exit Affi. In both cases, you will have to follow the signs for Movieland Park (as there will be many of them). Once you arrive, you can easily leave your car at a small fee in the large parking lot of the park.

If you go to Movieland by train, get off at Peschiera station and hop on the free shuttle: it runs all season long at fixed times. Full schedule available on the website: canevaworld.it

What to do at Movieland


Inaugurated in 2002, it is the first theme park in Italy dedicated to the world of cinema. Along with Caneva Aquapark, Medieval Times, Rock Star Restaurant, Safari Pizza and Night Festival, it makes up the CanevaWorld Resort.

If living in a movie has always been your dream, Movieland is the right place for you! Attractions, shows, movie sets, special effects and lots of fun are on the agenda.

At Movieland you will have the chance to show off your acting skills, take part in incredible shows and get on attractions with riders, actors and stuntmen! But the best thing is that the real protagonist is you!

Once through the entrance, you will be catapulted directly into America, more precisely on Route 66, the famous road which connects Chicago to Santa Monica, near Los Angeles. Get in one of the two-seater cars and speed along the circuit!

From here, you’ll have a lot of choice among the numerous attractions that make up the park.  Adventure, action, attractions for families and children: at Movieland you certainly won’t get bored!

Do you want to find out more about this place to visit on Lake of Garda? Then don’t miss the next lines!

What to do at Movieland


Wondering about what to do at Movieland with your family? Well, to live an adventurous experience among the rapids, do not miss Troncosaurus. Besides being exciting, it’s a real relief during hot days. If you want to live an adventure in the wild west, don’t miss Bandido, a simulator full of special effects for a unique experience. Put on your 3D glasses and get ready to leave with the sheriff!

On the other hand, if you are a fan of the Age of Dinosaurs, there is an attraction that is perfect for you! I’m talking about Pangea, the dirt track that will take you among life-sized dinosaurs.  Get in the jeep to enjoy an adventure!

If you go to the park with your children, you will certainly be satisfied. The attractions are many and varied. Note: Usually I recommend this park for children starting 5 years of age.

A nice and big octopus is waiting for you to carry you along a whirlwind of spins, climbs and descents … fun is guaranteed! If your children love thrills, do not miss Fantasmik: a horror house full of mysteries and creepy tricks!

Movieland is without doubt one of the places to visit on Lake of Garda. Carry on reading more about adventurous attractions the park has to offer.

What to do at Movieland


If adventure is your favourite word, don’t miss Kitt Superjet. Get on the motorboat and get ready for 360° water evolutions. Did you know that pilots are real stuntmen? Yes, just like those of the movies. And for those who have never visited a geothermal power plant… Magma awaits you with fire, waterfalls and earthquakes to let you live a unique and exciting experience!

Fans of action movies can instead get on The Hollywood Action Tower. Defy gravity and get ready for a 90-degree free fall!  With your head in the clouds, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a beautiful view of Main Street. To double your dose of adrenaline, don’t miss Diabolik Invertigo, the only attraction in the world with this theme: a two-way roller-coaster and the first big Invertigo in Italy.

Between all these ups and downs, you will surely need to recharge yourself. No worries, the park offers a wide choice for all tastes. Magma Burger, Moviestar Cafe, Big Stone Grill, Ice Stone creamery and more!

Medusa epic show, Hooray for Hollywood, U.S. Army stunt show


To make this park as epic as possible you find more than 10 shows made possible by 40 artists throughout the season.

Medusa epic show, Hooray for Hollywood, U.S. Army stunt show and Voice’s Magic are just a few of the unforgettable shows you can attend. Let yourself get carried away by the music, the choreographies and the unique atmospheres and be stunned by the daring stuntmen. In some of these shows you could be chosen as an extra, so live the experience to the fullest and show off your inner actor!

For an all-round experience, do not miss the movie sets!

Visit New York’s Little Italy district and marvel at the special effects of U.S. Army

Walk down Main Street which is the most colourful and photographed set in the park thanks to its iconic pink Cadillac.  Did you know that it has been the set of many music videos? 

The famous Golden Gate set, on the other hand, is the scene of incredible feats of the stuntmen, so take your seat and enjoy the show!

In case all these tips on what to do in Movieland weren’t enough to convince you to visit the park, the upcoming events certainly will.



The most expected event is without a doubt the Movieland American Beer Fest: with beers, culinary specialties, shows and games. In September do not miss this incredible eventin perfect American style. You’ll feel like you’ve been catapulted directly into the U.S. Try to believe!

Onthe weekend of October, on the occasion of theHalloween festival, you will have the opportunity to live thrill days. Challenges of courage for children and adults, attractions, shows and themed areas. What better way to celebrate the scariest party of the year?

At this point, I wish your upcoming day out will be to Movieland, one of the most magical places to visit on Lake of Garda. Don’t miss the chance to live a day like a star, I assure you it will be an unforgettable experience!



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