What to do at Leolandia

If you are looking for a day of fun and carefreeness for you and your children Leolandia is the right choice!

In this amusement park near Lake Garda magic will become a reality thanks to the attractions, shows and animations of the characters of Leolandia.

Let’s find out what to do at Leolandia, but first let’s see how to get to the park.

What to do at Leolandia

How to arrive to Leolandia

Leolandia is located in Capriate San Gervasio, in via Vittorio Veneto 52, province of Bergamo (Lombardy).

By car you can easily reach it through the A4 Milano Venezia motorway and exit at the A4 Capriate toll booth.

By train you have to get off at the railway stations of Bergamo or Milan and from there take a bus untill the Caprate San Gervasio stop.

All right, now that you know how to get there, discover how to have fun in this magical place to visit near Lake Garda.

What to do at Leolandia

What to do at Leolandia: the attractions

With the rides and shows of Leolandia the fun is guaranteed.

The attractions are suitable for young and adults, for a complete enjoyment.

Depending on the experience you want to do and the age of your children, the theme park offers different routes divided into 3 categories: emotions, fun and adventure.

“Emotions” is the most suitable path for younger children and cartoon lovers.

“Fun” offers attractions for both young children and grown up children, while

“Adventure” is recommended for those who want to live a more adrenaline-filled experience.

Check the site to discover all the rides included in each route!

The shows

To meet the characters of Leolandia you can watch the amazing entertainment shows. Here are some titles that your children will love: “The award of Ladybug and Chatnoir”, “Masha and Bear: the circus of the forest”, “Play with Bing”.

But the fun continues… here’s what else you can see in this place to visit near Lake Garda, which is also the number 1 theme park in Italy!

What to do at Leolandia


Born in the late ‘70s from the idea of Guido Pendezzini. Minitalia contains the most important Italian monuments with the aim of creating a reproduction of Italy in miniature and enhance the beauty of our beautiful country.

What to do at Leolandia

Friends Animals: the farm, the aquarium and the reptile section

The Leolandia didactic farm is perfect to entertain your children with their favorite animals and immerse them in the green areas of the park.

At the aquarium of the amusement park your children will see more than 880 different species of fish.

If you are brave you can take a look at the reptile section, where there are 80 species of spiders, reptiles and amphibians.

Keep reading to find out what to do in Leolandia if you are a future mother or a person with disabilities.

Services for pregnant women and people with disabilities

Leolandia wants to make its amusement park accessible to everybody, offering exclusive services for every guests’ need.

The park allows also future mothers to live the magic of the park by creating rides accessible in total safety. Attractions such as the Mediterranean fleet, the Thomas Train and the Pioneer Wheel are some of them.

Nursery service, stroller rental and dining options equipped with child seats, baby food and bottle warmers were introduced to help mothers taking care of their children.

Finally, in the Leomappa Accessibilità (downloadable from the Leolandia website) you can find out which rides are suitable for people with physical or cognitive disabilities.

This place to visit near Lake Garda is not just a fun park. Discover below the initiatives implemented by Leolandia to protect the environment.

Values: Sustainability

Since 2010, the theme park uses 100% of energy produced from renewable sources: the rides of Leolandia work thanks to photovoltaic and wind systems.

Since 2014, they use only biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware, which have to be thrown in the damp with the help of GnamGnam. These four characters are greedy for waste and teach children how to separate the different sections. They also have allowed to collect 25 tons of organic waste in 2018.

The more than 1000 species of trees in the amusement park are classified by name and surname through an identification plate. The label simplifies the census and control of plant health.

So, we have come to the end of the presentation. Now that you have all the infotmation, you just need the ticket! Are you ready to spend a fun day in one of the most loved places to visit near Lake Garda?


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