What to do at Caneva Aquapark

The sun is shining, and another warm and sunny summer day approches.
You don’t know if you want to relax or have a fun day with your family or friends?
Read this article and you will discover what to do at Caneva Aquapark. In this amusement park, you will find what you were searching for: seeing is believing!

What to do at Caneva Aquapark

Where it is and how to get there

Caneva Aquapark is part of the CanevaWorld Resort, which also includes Movieland. The park is located on the east shore of Lake Garda, a little south of Lazise.
There are many different ways to reach the Park from Peschiera del Garda.

If you don’t have a car, there is a free shuttle bus that brings you from the railway station directly to the park.
Another way to arrive to the park is by using the public transport. You can take the ATV line 164 that departs from Verona, stops also in Peschiera, and then arrives in front of the park. As an alternative, you can take the ATV line 483 that links Peschiera to Malcesine.
If you have a car and you’re coming from the highway A4 Milan-Venice take the exit on Peschiera. The park is just 10 minutes away. If you are driving along the motorway A22 take the exit on Affi.

Only a few minutes divide you from an amazing day full of freshness and fun!

What to do at Caneva Aquapark

What to do at Caneva Aquapark

The park offers attractions for all ages, tastes and for every level of adrenaline. It is your decision to organize the day as you prefer!

Caneva Aquapark is surely, along with Movieland, one of the must-see places to visit of Lake Garda.

If you want some relax, with the hope of going back home with a suntan, some amazing reserved areas waits for you. You will find also some exclusive news, that I will tell you later…

Firstly, don’t forget that during the warmer hours it is better to take refuge in the shadows! Give yourself a pause in one of the many dining options or at the Tropical Bazar. There you will find everything you need for your stay, but not only! Bring home some gadget in order to remember this experience!

What to do at Caneva Aquapark

Here you can find the best itinerary!

If you and your family want to live a memorable day at Caneva Aquapark, here you can find the best attractions that you must try!
Do you want to know which is the fastest one? As you enter the park, you find Tri-splash: challenge your friends on the three parallel slides. By walking towards the center of Caneva you must try Volcan Kamila. Choose the best position to slide as fast as you can…be quick before the volcano erupts. 

Now you are ready for the Mini Black. It is a dark slide, so fun that you will want to continue do it forever. But be careful: you never know what is hidden in the shadows!
Do you prefer an attraction that involves all family? Miss Betty is the only mechanical boat of Caneva. Enjoy its quiet style but be careful, it is dangerously at the mercy of the waves!

There are countless adventure that you can share with your family or friends in one of the places that you must visit on Lake Garda!

Are you brave enough to try some of the most exciting waterslides? Here I tell you the 5 adults must-do attractions in Caneva.
Start with Super Splash: this attraction offers, to the most courageous, the experience of a breathtaking descent. The mats make your fall even faster! Use the double slide and challenge your friends!
Do you think that was fun? So maybe you are ready to try the most thrilling attraction of the park: Stukas Boom. The trapdoor under your feet will open and a second later you’ll be in a free-fall from 35 meters high. Will you dare to do it?
Just around the corner you’ll find the Crazy River! Face its 11 pools, switch from one to the other during the “craziest” descent of the park! 
Now you probably would like to relax, but wait a little more! Just two steps away from the Crazy River there is the Black Hole 2. Have you tried the Mini Black and now you feel ready to deal with an even more fast slide? Then try this descent into the dark. Are you really ready to face the unknown?
The last attraction that you absolutely have to do in Caneva is Twin Peaks, the only rollercoaster of Caneva. A double tube to share with your partner will guide you during the various up and downs.

With this guide of what to do at Caneva you have all the information that you need for an amazing day! But is not finished yet, the park is full of beaches and relax zones. Continue to read if you want to have all the necessary information to enjoy one of the best places to visit on Lake Garda!

What to do at Caneva Aquapark

Enjoy the relax area!

It is the moment to tell you the most exclusive news, the Exclusive Balcony, an elevate terrace where you will be cuddled by every comfort!
If, instead, you prefer to enjoy your moment of relax in a Caribbean beach or in a green area, reserve a seat at Malibu Beach.
To live a thoughtless day, reserve a Cabana. You will be in a private area, where not only lots of comfort are waiting for you but you’ll be in front of Shark Bay!
If, instead, you want an easy relax area, let yourself be kissed by the freshness of Shark Bay. It is a pool surrounded by deckchair and beach umbrellas, the perfect place to relax and have fun with its spectacular waves!
Another area where you can take a break between an attraction and the other is Blue Lake. It is the closest pool to the children area, an oasis of relax in Caribbean style. While you relax you can keep an eye on your kids!
The options are many. Choose the relax area that suits your needs.

I hope that after this brief guide on what to do at Caneva Aquapark you have all the information that you need to visit it!
Remember: Caneva opens at the ends of May and is one of the funniest places to visit on Lake Garda. Now you just have to buy the ticket!
Prepare yourself for an incredible summer!


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