What to do at Aquardens

Pampering for a day

Are you in the surrounding area of Verona and want to spend a relaxing day? Whether you’re on holiday or just have a day off, Aquardens Terme is the right answer for you.

Here you will find some general information about this place to visit on Lake Garda and a presentation of what to do in Aquardens.

Aquardens is one of the largest thermal parks in Italy, with an area of over 5000 square meters. You will be amazed by the immensity of the park and the countless services it offers, such as pools and lagoons, caves and waterfalls of salt-bromoiodic water. Inside, there is also a wellness centre, beauty cabins and a modern SPA.

Before I am going to talk about the spa park and the possibilities it offers, I will give you some information about the benefits and properties of its water.

The natural mineral water that flows in the tanks has therapeutic characteristics, recognized by a decree of the Ministry of Health in 2005. Thermal balneotherapy is recommended for those who have arthro-rheumatic, dermatological and vascular diseases, but also for those who want to heal from trauma, such as fractures or dislocations.

I will give you some information about what to do in Aquardens, but first I will explain how to get to the spa park.

What to do at Aquardens

How to Aquardens and other useful information

If you stay in Verona, arriving at Aquardens should not be a problem. The spa park, in fact, is located in Pescantina, in the province of Verona, and is only 18 km from the city. By car, the road to the spa is not far away, it lasts less than half an hour, following Via Statale 12 or Via Gardesane.

Aquardens is connected also with other cities, it is located 25 minutes from Garda, 40 from Mantua and 55 from Brescia.

Why not adding a visit to the famous wine cellars of Valpolicella after being at the spa? Thanks to its location, the spa also offers this alternative, as for the magnificent villages around the lake.

In case you do not have a car, you can reach the park using public transport. In this case, I recommend arriving by train at Verona Porta Nuova station, then get off at the line 173 at Ospedaletto stop. From the bus stop you will have to walk for about 1.5 km, so it will not be too complicated.

Read on to find out what to do in one of the places to visit on Lake Garda.

What to do at Aquardens

What to do at Aquardens

Without any doubt, Aquardens offers many opportunities to satisfy all tastes and age groups. The park offers, in fact, a wide spa area, a rich sauna village, a spa lounge and an area dedicated to massages and beauty treatments. Let’s find out together one by one!

The amazement is assured once you will see the spa area, with its immense size and the suggestive environments it offers. Immerse yourself in the Laguna dell’Energia and in the Laguna Relax, a single large pool that is based on the contrast between opposites, the only way for the totality of being. The blue of the pool, the bar in the water, the invigorating water jets and the beds with the whirlpool make this area one of the main points of the park.

Continuing, you will find Caracalla, a system of pools and waterfalls, that have Roman origins of the thermal baths. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the saline, a pool where the salt-bromo-iodic thermal water joins the salt, leading visitors to a state similar to meditation.

You will also find the Grotta dell’armonia, where chromotherapy combines with music therapy, and the Grotta della Fonte, in direct contact with nature. To feel lighter and facilitate circulation, instead, make the phlebological Kneipp path, a circuit where you alterate hot water to cold.

Are you with kids? No problem, you can get carried away by the waters of the River or go to the Hug and Cuddle area, two pools with only 61 centimeters of depth. This area offers both fun for children and an opportunity to give comfort to parents, who can leave their children at the baby parking.

What to do at Aquardens

My last tip is about the thermal lakes and Isola del Sole, perfect for sunbathing and being lulled by the waters of the lakes.

For adults, visiting the sauna village could be an unforgettable experience, do not miss it! Inside you can enjoy a large Turkish bath, a Celtic sauna, a charming contemporary sauna and an original Russian Banya. In addition, to finish the sauna path with thermal shock, get wet in the Siberian waterfalls, with jets, waterfalls and buckets of cold water. Finally, I will reccomend some areas to relax, such as the Kelo Pool Bar, the Bellavista Relax and the Oasi Beach.

Among what  to do in Aquardens I cannot forget to mention the spa lounge area, dedicated to body care and the cult of beauty. This area is reserved for people over 14 years of age and includes a Turkish bath, a soft Sauna, a Mediterranean bath and Finnish sauna. In addition, the ice waterfall, the emotional showers, the salt room, the relaxation area and the herbal tea area are also regenerating.

For beauty treatments or massages I recommend you to check on the site of Aquardens to better consult their proposals.

What to do at Aquardens

By consulting the site you will also discover some convenient promotions to choose from, to make your stay even more special. If you are interested in the evening entrance you can choose between the promotion “Enjoy night” and that “Enjoy evening”, while for the whole day you can use the “Enjoy Day”. The other proposals concern families, with the “Enjoy Family”, with the supplement Sauna Areas- evening, the “Promo birthday” and the “Summer Menu”.

Sauna village


The last thing to do in Aquardens that I reccomend, is a visit to the park in August during the Italian Aufguss Championship. The event will allow visitors to enjoy exciting Aufguss-shows, music, waving and new looks and at the end the best show will be awarded.

All I can do is to wish you an unforgettable visit to Aquardens, definitely one of the places to visit on Lake Garda!


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