Things to do with children on lake Garda

Lake Garda has always been one of the most popular and visited destinations in Italy. Thanks to the wide variety of its offer, it allows each visitor to meet their own needs. There are numerous things to do on lake garda with children which is why many families choose it as a destination for their holidays.

In addition to the wonderful beaches, the lake also boasts the presence of numerous theme parks, pedestrian and cycle paths surrounded by nature and several museums.

If you are more interested in a holiday with adrenaline and fun, we recommend staying in Peschiera del Garda, Lazise, Bardolino and Garda near the numerous parks. For a holiday dedicated to sport and nature, visit the villages of Malcesine, Torbole, Riva del Garda and Limone. The towns of Sirmione, Salò, Gardone Riviera and Torri del Benaco are suitable for the more curious, with their castles and museums that will leave you satisfied.

Here are all the fun and interesting experiences to do together with your children.

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Boat trips

At the top of the list of things to do on Lake Garda with children, there can only be a boat trip. Navigating on the waters of the lake is in fact the best way to enjoy its beauties from a different point of view.

We recommend the Sirmione Peninsula Tour which will take you around this thin strip of land that separates the Venetian shore from the Lombard one. You can thus discover hidden corners of the peninsula and steal unique shots. Plus, it’s a great way to show your kids that a border is never an insurmountable obstacle.

The Tour around the Fortress Walls of Peschiera del Garda, the Venetian pentagon built to defend the beautiful town, is also very beautiful. An interesting excursion and often in the company of the many ducks that swim around the ramparts.

Parchi di divertimento
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Amusement Park

As soon as they hear the name of the destination, your children will think of nothing else: Gardaland. The most famous amusement park in Italy that pleases the whole family with a range of attractions for all ages and fairytale settings. However, not everyone knows Gardaland Sea Life, the wonderful interactive aquarium that can be reached on foot from the park. With large themed tanks and a surprising underwater tunnel, it is the only one of its kind in Italy. There you can try out special interactive experiences and games with your children. Furthermore, this is just one of the many other amusement parks to do on Lake Garda with children.

Among the things to do with children on lake garda, I also suggest Jungle adventure in San Zeno di Montagna. Immersed in the breathtaking landscape of the Monte Baldo Natural Park. With routes suspended on ropes and ziplines, fun is guaranteed. The park has six different trails designed for all different ages and desires for adventure. In a dedicated area it also houses a mini-park where children can feel like little Indiana Joneses.

If your children’s dream is to find out how their favorite films are created, Movieland is the right park for them. Here they will be able to enter the backstages and try to feel like protagonists for a day. The park for its attractions and shows is recommended for older children.

Fun in Summer

Fun in Summer

In the summer there are also several water parks perfect for contrasting the hot days with good family fun.

Associated with Movieland is Caneva Aquapark which offers breathtaking slides and winding paths between waterfalls in a Caribbean landscape. The fun for your children is not lacking and is easily accessible by public transport or their shuttle.

Also suitable for children is the Cavour Aquapark, surrounded by greenery and with different settings. On holidays there is an entertainment that organizes games and tournaments and a nice mascot with which to take beautiful photos of your happy children.

Do you prefer doing something calm with your children on lake garda? Take note of the following places to visit.

Cosa fare al Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Nature and animals

Parco Giardino Sigurtà

For a peaceful day in the countryside with the whole family, the Sigurtà Park in Valeggio sul Mincio is the ideal place. The botanical garden with its 60 hectares was awarded as the most beautiful in Italy and second in Europe. They come from all over to admire the blooms of the different species of flowers, in particular that of tulips, which has become a real event. The “Tulipanomania” awarded in 2020 as the best attraction in the world.

The park can be visited on foot in tranquility by dedicating half a day to it or the park offers several alternatives. Golf-carts and bicycles can be rented for independent tours or guided group tours. Otherwise preferred by the little ones is the little train. On a panoramic tour lasting about half an hour, he takes you to discover the most evocative places in the Park. The park’s most interesting attractions for children are the fascinating labyrinth in which to get lost and the educational farm where you will find various farmyard animals.

What to do and see on Lake Garda

Parco Natura Viva

With many more species of animals, some of which are also at risk, is the Parco Natura Viva. The wildlife center hosts more than 1500 animals, divided into thematic areas, with a safari section to be covered by car. In addition, the Park offers families with children numerous recreational activities to study animal life. There is no shortage of play areas and picnics to spend a pleasant day outdoors. The perfect place, therefore, for you and your children, to discover new animals and the importance of biodiversity.

Giocabosco educational park

Moving from the animal kingdom to that of fantasy, the Giocabosco Educational Park in Gavardo (BS) is recommended for children aged 3 to 8. A forest inhabited by gnomes and fairies created to spread environmental education and play in nature through the imagination. An open-air place suitable for children with games and activities to be amazed, discover and get in touch with nature.

What to do and see on Lake Garda

Thermal Parks

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the lake with a little relaxation? Several spas are ready to welcome both you and your children.

In Lazise, Villa dei cedri is a natural spa surrounded by centuries-old trees which is divided into two lakes. In this little corner of paradise, children are also welcome and can swim and play without problems in the large surrounding green areas.

A few kilometers from Verona is Aquardens, a large park of 5200 square meters with indoor and outdoor pools. The structure is perfectly organized for families with children with reserved entrances and changing rooms. In addition, it offers a miniclub service and a children’s area with a swimming pool and slides where they can play safely.

Among the things to do with the family there are not only parks and entertainment, but also sports, culture and much more. Read on and discover all the possibilities on activities and places to visit on Lake Garda.

Sports and games

For a few hours of leisure, Lake Garda offers various game or sports attractions for the whole family to do together.

Bardolino Minigolf with a fun 18-hole course and a play area equipped for the little ones is one of them. With the inflatable slide castle and the elastic trampolines to make very high jumps in complete safety, fun is guaranteed! The only risk is that your children will want to go back again the following day.

An intriguing alternative for the older ones is Lakescape. The escaperoom in which your complicity and teamwork will be tested. You will have to overcome puzzles and traps in a race against time, will you make it?

As for sport, there are many cycle and pedestrian paths suitable for children to do along the shores of the lake.

Many things to do and see on Lake Garda, continue reading the next few lines to find out more about activities in the area.

Very impressive is the Limone cycle path which passes on a walkway suspended over the water. Another one that we recommend, pleasant and flat, is the one that follows the Mincio from Peschiera del Garda to Mantua, passing through Borghetto. A visit to this village, declared one of the most beautiful in Italy with its still working mills, is almost a must!

If you are passionate about water sports, on the other hand, in the upper part of the lake it is possible to take courses and sessions of various windsports on the water. There are also Sup and pedal boats that can be rented along the shores of the lower lake, you are spoiled for choice!

What to do and see on Lake Garda


Walking in the countryside and discovering the beauty and strength of nature is an experience suitable for the whole family. A moment to relax but at the same time raise children’s awareness of the importance that nature has and how much it must be protected and safeguarded. Among the various natural attractions, the one that strikes children the most are the waterfalls, where the power of water is shown in all its beauty.

Here are the best places around Lake Garda to go with children.

Le Cascate del Varone

A few kilometers from Riva del Garda is the Varone waterfalls park. A walk between two spectacular caves where you can admire the slow and unstoppable erosion of water. Between stairs and bridges at the end of the path you will find yourself in front of a spectacular water jump that will leave you all in suspense.

Parco delle Cascate di Molina

The Molina waterfalls can be another beautiful stop.

Valpolicella is not only a place of excellent wines, but also holds the ideal destination for a nature excursion suitable for everyone, adults and children. The beautiful park of the Molina waterfalls extends for 80,000 square meters and inside you can choose the route you prefer among the three indicated. Then you just have to lose yourself admiring the many waterways that flow between the green unspoiled landscape and the sparkling waterfalls. Before returning, we recommend a visit to the ancient streets of Molina. Small medieval village with mills fed by the waters of the park. It is important to know that the park cannot be accessed with strollers, which must be left at the entrance.

La Cascata del Ponale

In the Trentino area, one of the most beautiful is the Ponale waterfall which flows directly into the lake. The best way to admire it is from above along the path of the same name. The panoramic road, easy to travel and suitable for all, reserves a magnificent landscape that is different at every bend.

Museums to visit with children

For a different and educational afternoon to do with children on Lake Garda there are several museums where you can learn while having fun.

On the Brescia side, the Toscolano Maderno Paper Museum is interesting. Here you can visit the old paper mill and discover the various stages of paper manufacturing. Seeing all the steps needed to produce a sheet of paper also allows you to raise awareness among children to avoid waste. Very fascinating is the interactive station of the museum that allows you to relive everyday life in an ancient paper mill.

In Riva del Garda, on the other hand, it is possible to visit the hydroelectric plant for an experience that will guide young and old to the discovery of clean energy. The guided tour explains in an easy and comprehensive way even to the little ones and the different multimedia installations will capture their curiosity making the visit engaging and interesting. In addition, your children will be able to feel like real explorers wearing protective helmets during the journey through the galleries of the plant.

The castles that will enchant children of all ages

Throughout history, the lake has always been a very coveted place by the lords of the area. Rising in a strategic point of great importance on its banks, several castles and defensive fortresses have been built. Fascinating places to visit that with their majesty leave adults and children speechless.

The most beautiful that we recommend for a family visit on the Brescia side are certainly the castle of Desenzano del Garda and the castle of Sirmione bathed by the waters of the lake. The ancient stronghold of Padenghe can also be reached with a pleasant walk. On the Venetian shore the most beautiful castles were commissioned by the della Scala family. Like that of Malcesine, from which you can admire an inimitable panorama over the entire water basin, the fortress of Torri del Benaco, partially transformed into a lemon house and the Lazise castle.

Historical sites

In addition to the Middle Ages, many other places on the lake have been marked by important historical events or characters linked to the history of our country. Visiting them with your children will make them experience what until now they have only read on the pages of their school books. A great way to make them remember what they have studied but above all to make them feel part of what is the history of Italy, which is very often perceived as distant and detached from them.

Torre di San Martino della Battaglia

The Tower of San Martino della Battaglia is certainly one of these places. The visit will also appeal to the little ones who will run up the steps to get to the top as soon as possible and to the little girls who will feel a bit Rapunzel.

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani is also an interesting place rich in history. The visit can be adapted to the different ages of your children. Perfect for middle school kids who studied the life and works of Gabriele d’Annunzio in those years. For the little ones we recommend avoiding the visit to the poet’s house and concentrate on the large gardens which with the particular fountains and the different models of warship will undoubtedly capture their curiosity.

I really hope that by reading this article you have found out more about the things you can do to enjoy your vacation on lake garda with you children!


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