The Lake Garda Tour

One of the increased questions that visitor who comes in our area do is how to do a Lake Garda Tour in one day. Obviously, the answer is not that easy, but don’t worry, we have the solution: a bus tour where everything is organised!

There are many places to visit on the Lake, from the villages situated by the lake shore to the mountains with a breath-taking view. Continue reading if you want to know which ones the mandatory stops are.

The Lake Garda Tour


A lot of history, anecdotes and information about Lake Garda attend you, so let me tell you some that you can find interesting.

First of all, is good to remember that Lake Garda is the largest lake of Italy, with an area of 370 km2 and a perimeter of 158 km.

Maybe you’ve already heard about it, or maybe it’s the first time, but did you know that once it was called Benaco?

Name of Celtics origin but used also during the roman empire, it becomes Lake Garda only in the Middle Ages. It was named after the village of Garda.

Furthermore, by a geographic point of view, it has 25 tributaries, including the Sarca and the Aril. This last one is the shortest river in the world, long only 175 meters. The only emissary is the Mincio river, along which runs the homonymous cycle path.

Probably you also know that the lake is divided in 3 regions: Trentino, Veneto and Lombardia.

Prepare yourself for having a stunning view from every place you’ll visit, from the mountainous north to the gentle hills and the calm of the plain in the south.

No wonder Lake Garda has always been a place praised by many poets, departing from the Latin Catullo. After him many others have lauded the beaty of this amazing places.

But now you’ll be wondering how and what to visit while doing the Lake Garda Tour in one day.

There are so many places you should visit on Lake Garda… With this tour you will manage to see all of them and to stop in some.

The Lake Garda Tour
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The Lake Garda Tour

The pick-up points list is so long and varied that for now I tell you just that they all are between Garda and Limone. In the side part you’ll find more details.

In the meanwhile, let’s see which village you can see thanks to this tour.

First of all, Garda.

Did you know that this name derives from “Warda”, which means “guard”?

If you are not staying there, don’t worry, the city is reachable with both the bus and the ferry.

If you are coming from Peschiera or Lazise, enjoy the landscape while cycling in the path along the Lake.

Considering that you’ll depart from this city, you’ll then continue up to the north. You will be coasting the Lake, and pass in front of Torri and Brenzone, arriving then to Malcesine. This is a place of matchless beauty, with relaxing beaches and point of depart of the famous cable car that arrives directly to the Monte Baldo.

Continuing the trip, you’ll pass Torbole and Riva, the two norther cities of Lake Garda, both very characteristic. For hike lovers is good to know that from this area start some amazing walks. If you are, instead, searching for a place to relax there are several beaches where you can take a break.

On the western coast of the lake, some kilometres after Riva, there is Limone, one of the stops of our tour! An old-fashioned village that, thanks to this stop, you can see taking your time. Don’t miss the Limonaia del Castel and walk around the little characteristics’ streets of the historical centre.

Keeping up with the Lake Garda Tour, you will travel along most of the Brescian shore, passing by Gardone Riviera. In this place you can find the famous Vittoriale degli Italiani, residence of Gabriele D’annunzio.

Then there is Salò, an elegant village that overlooks the homonymous bay. Its name seems to come from the fact that this city was a deposit of sea salt, a very important economic resource. Being it a stop of the tour, you can fully enjoy the history and beauty of this city.


Use the related post in order to have a complete overview of all this places to visit on Lake Garda. You can find Sirmione, Salò, Lazise, Limone and many other and, of course, many curiosities about them.

From here, the tour will continue but the mean of transportation changes. The ferry will take you from the harbour of Salò to Sirmione.

During the crossing, don’t forget to take pictures and enjoy the spectacular view. You’ll see in the distance the villages of Manerba, Moniga, Pedenghe e Desenzano, but the pearl of the lake is waiting for you. I’m talking about Sirmione, which peninsular shape makes it unique in its genre. Here you will have some time to visit the village and its main attractions. The Catullo Caves, the Castle and the several thermal baths are the peculiarity of this place. Enjoy also a stroll in its city centre.

After saying bye to Sirmione the tour continues by bus heading for Peschiera. This magnificent location is surrounded by the Venetian Fortress, UNESCO heritage from 2017. Open your eyes and be ready with the camera on!

Lastly, by going again up in the north, you will reach Lazise, unmissable stop for the Lake Garda Tour. With its famous Scaliger Caste and the walls that surround it, Lazise is surely one of the places to visit on Lake Garda. This is the last stop of the tour before returning to the base. Lose yourself in its characteristic alleys, take a walk along the lake and read the plaque that celebrates it as the First Free Municipality of Italy.

There are many ways to do the Lake Garda Tour. Many busses link the south and the north in both the eastern and the western coast. If you like to organize your travel by yourself take notes and start searching for the bus connections.

In addition to the bus, there is also the ferry that links the different cities on the lake. With this mean of transport, you will enjoy a beautiful view. Anyway, remember that if the traffic problem is solved, the long travel timing is not.  

For all these reasons (first of all the comfort) I suggest you take advantage of this guided tour. You would be able to do the entire tour of the lake in one day. There will be a guide that explains you everything you should know, and you don’t need to worry about the connections.



To resume this wonderful tour in few words we can say that it will permits you to get around the lake stopping in four cities. These are Limone, Salò, Sirmione and Lazise. Thanks to this tour you can see all the villages that surround the lake and the changes of the landscape.

Choose the point of depart that better combines your needs or the nearest stop to your accommodation. There are many pick-up points between Garda and Limone.

Get ready to know curiosity and anecdotes on the various villages around the lake. A guide will explain you everything in English and German.

As already mentioned, the first city you will see is Limone, the tour will then continue until Salò. From there a ferryboat brings you directly to Sirmione. While approaching the peninsula, enjoy the amazing view! After this, you will take again the bus in order to arrive to the last stop of the day: Lazise.

The Lake Garda Tour in one day is possible!

The tour lasts around 9-10 hours, departing early in the morning and coming back at the starting point in the evening before dinner. This tour takes place every Monday.

After having pre-booked the ticket online or in our office, get on board and start the journey.

This tour is for everyone: couples, families, but also for who wants to travel alone but meet new people during the trip.

This is surely the most comfortable and faster way to visit Lake Garda in all its beauty!

Now you have all the information you need in order to enjoy the tour. Do not miss any place to visit on Lake Garda, book now!


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