San Martino & Solferino Towers


A few kilometers from Lake Garda you can find San Martino della Battaglia and Solferino, lands of significant importance during the battle of 24 June 1859.

Better known as one of the bloodiest battles during that age.

After this battle, the war activities of the second war of independence ended and the front extended to about 20 km from Lake Garda to Castel Goffredo.

Today it is remembered as the first real action towards national unity.

vista panoramica dalla torre
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A visit to the tower of San Martino della Battaglia is one of the interesting experiences you can have during your stay on Lake Garda. This tower was built in memory of King Vittorio Emanuele II and those who fought for the independence and unity of Italy.

This tower is located on the highest hill of San Martino and it is very much admired for its imposing appearance and its artistic qualities.

Another important attraction is the Fortress of Solferino, defined as “The Spy of Italy“, for its strategic position. A 23-meter-high construction built in the year 1022. It is set on the highest hill of Solferino and used to preserve remains recovered from the battle.

At the Rocca’s feet you find the Solferino Museum with an exhibition inside of cannons, weapons, uniforms and relics of the historic battle of 24 June 1859. In the Museum there are captions showing the most important events and characters of the historical event.


An experience through the amazing landscapes of San Martino della Battaglia and Solferino, starting from the tower and the monumental complex of San Martino, it continues to (the fortress) Rocca di Solferino.

Places able to show the big past of this areas, places that will remain in history for example because of the foundation of the Red Cross by Henry Dunant after the battles that were fought here.

History awaits you!


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