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Ponti sul Mincio is a small hamlet characterized by the vast countryside and the morainic hills of Lake Garda.

Probably, its name derives from the 12th century because it was near a bridge that crossed the Mincio river.

Although today it belongs to the province of Mantua, in the past it was part of the Verona province.

It was Napeoleon that moved Ponti sul Mincio in Lombardy for military strategy needs.

Ponti Card Audioguides rent
Credits: M. Piavoli


The Scaliger Castle and Forte Ardietti are the main things to see in Ponti sul Mincio.

The Scaliger Castle is a construction of the “Scaligeri”, Lords of Verona with the function of defending the territory and observing the vast valley. It is defined as an “enclosure castle” built between 1260 and 1276.

Its unusual polygonal shape is thanks to its five towers, two of which are real buildings enclosed by walls.

Forte Ardietti, previously known as “Werk VI” was built in two phases in the years between 1853 and 1861.

The Fort was a part of Quadrilatero, a defense system of four fortified cities that formed the center of Austrian military control in Italy.

Until 1918 it was used as a defense fortress and later converted into an ammunition depot where some pieces of artillery are still preserved.

Ponti Card Audioguides rent
Credits: M. Pavioli


Immerse yourself in the natural and panoramically beauty of the Mincio Park, the river and the Morainic Hills.

And not only, to complement your visit, you have the opportunity to purchase the ticket to visit both Forte Ardietti and the Scaliger Castle of Ponti sul Mincio inside.


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